The Writer Faces Difficulties

How many writers have faced the difficulties but have overcame the challenges? There are many writers facing the difficulties but there is one writer in particular facing the most difficult People. “Writers should have pleasant experiences there should be joyfulness along the journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There’s still hopefulness and there are moments when the thoughts of writing are like the best flavored ice=cream. The competition is the reason why some writers have difficulties. ?The constant picking, disagreements, and wasted time trying to dismantle my journey can generate a frown.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There are stories where writers express how they’ve been challenged. There are so many competitors and yes they’ll use disruption in order to make their competition believe that they’re not worthy. Every writer should believe that they’re worthy. There are many ways to be expressive and there are ways to deal with the challenging People. I’m the “you”=Tanikka Paulk writer and hold many titles in which so many refuse to accept. Although there will be the ones refusing to accept “my purpose,” I’m  grateful, and appreciate the ones who have accepted it.

My grandmother use to enjoy writing and producing poetry. There should be joy when writing but there will be some thoughts of how silly some are. They’re refusing to accept what is given. I’ve placed the words here and there. There will be a word which will hold more valued. “I’m so thankful for the person which I’ve considered to be more than a friend.” (Tanikka Paulk). There will always be support to writers even if there is just one other.

Some have chosen to cease their journey due to having to deal with the cynics and critics. There are some worn out because of what they’ve had to face. I’ve been talked about, criticized, and received threats but yet I’m still continuing. There will be a conclusion to the journey when the timing is right. For now there needs to be “productivity” within the journey. The poetic pieces which are dear and the writings which I’ve produced. My ability to continue even when they project war is a blessing.

Here I am so determined to proceed. There is hopefulness within and there are many thoughts of how blessed I am. They’ve tried to take away what God has ordained but God refuses to turn away. God hasn’t forsaken me=Tanikka Paulk and neither has Jesus. My hopes and dreams is certainly to make a difference and to make positive differences. I’ve achieved but there is more to achieve. There is greatness within this body=Tanikka Paulk. There is the belief that I’m deserving of the blessings God has stored.

“Need the Soil at the set Foundation.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Help to Revamp a Site

Business can be tough at times. When a business is prepared for losses and other troubles that can come along with business. They’ll see a business go down hill or suffers a demise. Just because a business is down for a period of time that doesn’t mean that the business will stay that way. Lets talk about online businesses. Online businesses may incur small amounts of money at a time due to low advertising compensations.

In order to make that online business grow again people have to be willing to be active and share the advertisements, blogs, writers or whatever generates income for the site. It may take some time for the site to earn enough income to pay their writers or bloggers depending on what type of site it is. advertisers are unwilling to pay for advertising space on a site that has little traffic. The traffic needs to increase and in order for the traffic to increase. There needs to be some sharing going on.

If all bloggers and writers on the site agree to post and share on social media sites and others sites then a site may have “hope.” Could one imagine what a site owner must feel when their site isn’t flourishing? That an easy thing to deal with.  No one wants their business or businesses to fail. Sometimes they’ll need help from others in order to get their business where it needs to be again. If advertisers are going to dish out their money. They’ll need to see some”growth.”

Just allowing the business to sit isn’t doing the site any good or the site owner. Those who enjoy blogging may write from time to time but lest be real. Bloggers and writers want to get paid. Anyone putting in work wants to receive compensation. As soon as bloggers decide to help with revamping a site then the process can get on its way.

“It’s Time”

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Bloggers can Make a Hefty sum

Blogging is an adventure, there’s all sorts of topics to blog about, bloggers have to love what they do in order to be successful. The money may trickle in at first but with patience and determination one can make a good amount blogging. In order to accumulate a large sum one must find effective ways to gain traffic. The use of free and low cost advertising can be used. Advertising on social networks is a must.

Bloggers make money with advertisers. If advertisers are pleased with the traffic flow then they may want to pay more to advertise on a bloggers blog. A blogger can choose to open up their own blog or they may want to work for blogging sites. There’s bloggers that work for companies and there’s freelance blogging, bloggers work for clients, some enjoy this route while others not so much.

Blogging shouldn’t feel like a stressful job. It’s actually a career and a dream for so many. A lot of bloggers work on different assignments and projects. Some are fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, and entertainment bloggers. If it isn’t fun then it may not be worth it. The income is gained through experience. The more one blogs the better they will become.

Once a blogger gets noticed. The jobs and tasks will come to them. When people become familiar with a bloggers work. They may decide to hire the blogger for short term or long term work. Whatever avenue a blogger chooses to travel. They should make sure that they will generate residual income.

If a blogger needs to take time off. They msh do so without worrying about whether they will make money or not. As long as one stays motivated and determined to be successful with blogging or any other craft. They will do well. It may take putting in more hours att times but it will be worth it. Especially if one saves for the future. If people are willing to do what it takes in any craft then they will find success.

Be Prepared for it on Your Travel

You may think what’sthe “it.” The it is scrutiny, heckling, even bullying. It’s not right but it will occur when people don’t understand where you’re coming from. Having an opinion isn’t always welcomed. Anything controversial will receive attention and sometimes the attention is so unwelcomed that one goes off the radar for a bit. Whenever one tries to do something out of the norm, they will face scrutiny, it could weigh on a person if they’re exposed to it too long.

I’ve read plenty of material that discusses about bloggers and writers being scrutinized. Some have continued on their journey while others decided that it was best that they moved on to something else. Being attacked isn’t easy but there’s a good side of it. It creates “development.” One will either grow in their craft or leave it alone. Those who choose to continue on are “the brave ones.”

If one doesn’t have thick skin then they either will develop some or they will be eaten alive. The wolves will come out and try to devour every part of you if you lay down. Blogging is rewarding. It’s adventurous but it can also be a rough field. In order to keep going strong. One has to love what they’re doing. The passion has to be there.

Some writers have found a way to make a hefty living. It can happen but one has to put in some topnotch strategies. A lot of writers have chosen to be anonymous. There’s  nothing wrong with that but if a writer wants to create plays or movies then they will need to get their name out there and that isn’t always welcomed by the public. If a writer continues on then people will start to understand them better and they will become more successful within their craft. It takes a strong person to become a writer and blogger, especially online, it seems that the virtual world has no rules.

Never stop what you love because of critics. In ordet to avoid them. You would have to do nothing at all. If you want to succeed then you will have to conquer many things. You will have to accept the process. It is hard work at times but it’s well worth it. One can’t develop without trials. Those trials will create strength and that’s something writers and bloggers need.

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Some People Really Need a Tune out

If you haven’t gotten to the point wh where you no longer give a hoot what people have to say then you should. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying positive people and caring people but giving time to trolls is a waste of time. We lose valuable time when we allow people that could care less whether we’re breathing some of our world. Some people live their lives trying to block others from their “purpose.”

Anyone who works online will see the trolls trying to gain attention. They’re cynical and they want others to get down on themselves. Some may consider them haters but they may not be haters at all. Some of them are simply looking for some attention. A lot of people have mentioned how annoying trolling is.

Trolling is annoying but one can’t spend their lives worrying about what people say. People can say what they want. Not really. They can criticize, laugh, and try to bring others down. It’s up to us whether we allow them to bring us down. Some thrive off of ruining someone’s day. Misery wants some company.

Sime things have to be addressed but choosing the right battles is important. If it’s total nonsense then it should be ignored. If people are afraid that others will get ahead then they will try to do anything to disrupt your “journey.” It’s amazing what some will come up with.

If you want to enjoy life then you should surround yourself with happy and positive people. Ignoring the trolls will generate some peace. Of course some are very determined to try and weigh others down. How,about praying for them? No one should want to deal with trolls but at some point. One will have to address them.

Finding the best way to address trolling is important. If you handle it wrong then watch out! Anyone who blogs or uses social media knows what trolls can do. Troll seems harsh but it simply means that they follow people in order to provide their cynical comments.

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Long vs Short

Lets be real here, the world wide web is a fast paced environment, people want it quick and easy. They may not want to spend a whole lot of time reading. They want the information and want to move on. There’s writers and bloggers who prefer to write long posts, articles, and to give us detailed information and there’s nothing wrong with that but the fact is, people want to move quickly, they want to be able to browse around and that means spending less time reading.

A lot of people use the internet for entertainment and they would probably prefer not to read long, extra long posts, if they want to move quickly they don’t. That doesn’t mean one shouldn’t provide detailed information, you should but if it’s too long, then it’s a bunch of words not receiving the attention they deserve. I prefer to keep it short. Yes, I would rather read shorter versions of something on the web, I don’t want to read 5 pages when I could have received the information in 2 pages.

Some writers and bloggers get flack about writing short posts or blogs but who wants to stay on one piece for a long time when they could’ve shortened the time? This world is a fast paced one. The web means we need to move from here to here, navigate around, and browse quickly. I’ve seen posts so long that it made my head spin. If it’s too long then the readers will move on.

That means that the writer and blogger has wasted their time on more when they could’ve provided less. Less isn’t always acceptable but on the web it’s the next best thing. People’s attention spans are shorter or should I say, “they seem shorter, it is what it is. They want it like fast food. They want it “quick,” yes indeed. They want you to provide the “action” so that they can go on to the next episode.

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Try to Avoid Cynical Comments

Don’t you just loathe those cynical comments? Those comments that make your eyebrows go up. I’m sure you’ve seen them around. To be honest it’s easy for anyone to produce them. Some may not care how they make others feel. Some may feel that they’re anonymous and that it’s alright to be rude. Well, people do have choices but is it wise to be cynical, they’re using a tactic? What tactic? They’re using the get attention tactic. When one is being cynical they realize that most people will want to respond.

Once you respond to the cynical comment, the person has gained your attention, and then the drama begins. Being cynical is annoying and sometimes people could care less about that. They just feel that they’re doing something that will generate the attention they’ve been seeking. Just because one is being cynical does’t mean that they’re a bad person. It just means that they want some attention and for some reason they seem to think that being cynical is an effective way.

Producing cynical comments can do the opposite. People won’t want to deal with rude comments. They may want to avoid the persons who project them. If one has to be cynical to gain attention then that clearly demonstrates that they have some insecurity issues. There’s ways to get attention without being cynical. If you want to rise above it then try a different approach. Cynical is in the same group as sarcasm. I’m sure everyone has tried to be sarcastic at some point. That too can be annoying.

Some people will go overboard and they will not only be cynical but will try to use other tactics to get to the person or persons they’re trying to get attention from. If one wants to gain attention then utilizing their gifts will work out better. We all have talent and we should allow them to “shine.” “Be kind” and try to improve those comments by using some pleasantness in them.

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Views Rise During the Holidays

If you’re a blogger or writer then you already know how it goes. Working on websites can be unpredictable, one day there’s loads of traffic, and other days there’s barely any at all. That’s how online writing goes. It can be up one day and down the next. All in all it comes together but for many bloggers and writers the frustration can rise with downtimes.

This could have something to do with time zones and people working outside of their homes. Depending on the hours. a site could experience high traffic volumes, this seems to be the case aftet 6 p.m. After 6 is when people usually arrive home from work. After they’ve settled in a bit, they can sit back and navigate through sites, writers and bloggers have no control over this. There’s no need to get bent out of shape. Where there’s a slow day. There’s a high traffic day so we should be thankful for that.

Lets Talk About the Holiday Seasons

Writers and Bloggers should be smiling from ear to ear when the holidays roll around. Why? They should be “smiling” because the money really grows around this time. Yes, yes, yes. The traffic increases during the holidays because people are on vacation and they will want to make their rounds around the web. So writers and bloggers can look forward to some extra cash during the holidays.

Guess what? More cash means you will be in a position to buy extra gifts. Someone will be happy about that. Don’t fret when that traffic decreases before the holidays. Everything will balance out.Writing and Blogging are great careers and when it’s down, we tend to get nervous, but we have to understand that businesses experience fluctuations. Just think about the positives and everything will turn out alright.

Save What you can

Knowing that traffics slows down and that there will be periods where the money trickles in. That simply means that we will have some saving to do. If there’s some emergency cash then we will fair better. Slow traffic is something online workers have to deal with but there’s a lot of bright sides to the business.

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