How to Become Marketable

Marketing a brand or self isn’t difficult but there is a method to the madness. Every person won’t be aware of the proper methods in order to be “marketable.” For some they’ve discovered that they are marketable later in their career or careers. “The key to being marketable is to know what to market and how to market. Some are instantly marketable they could have an eye for the camera and know how to work “the networks.” A true ,marketer will develop the necessary skills in order to produce the best product. Yes persons can become what’s known as “products.”

On the way to Being Highly Marketable huh?

  1. Know exactly what to market. What are the consumers looking for
  2. Learn the techniques to marketing.
  3. When in front of the camera remove all nervousness.
  4. Know when to market oneself or when to market a product or products.
  5. Be assertive when marketing a brand or products.
  6. Face the camera confidently and be prepared for the many takes.
  7. Build strong relationships with marketers and brand presenters.
  8. Communicate with other brand owners, marketers, and business owners.
  9. Do some research about marketing and elevating a brand.
  10. Consider taking the advice from some of the best marketers.

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There are many individuals who are probably unsure about the most effective ways to market their brands. There are some who are afraid to face the camera. Perhaps afraid that their appearance isn’t up to par. There will be staff who’ll know exactly how to present the product and brand. The ones owning clothing stores, lines, and brands should be aware of how to effectively present their clothing line. So many have missed the mark because they’ve rushed trying to get their business or brand in front of the consumers. Know what to do and when to do what needs to be done.

Every brand will need to capture the consumers attention and it’s no different when marketing a person or persons. There are many ways in which a marketer  can present the brand. “Developments” are extremely important when introducing a brand or products. Learn the business and provide the consumers with the best the very best. Be bold and express why consumers should buy or support the brand, person, business etc. There are the many ways to communicate with the audience and consumers.

Some of the marketing involved could be time consuming. Some have became restless because they’ve expected a rapid finish product. There has to be patience in order to supply the best and sturdy brand and products. Rushing could incur a shady brand which no marketer or business owner would want. Marketers have worked with some of the best but they’ve had to put in the hard work in order to produce the glorious product. “I’ve marketed and marketing can be quite eventful however there will have to be many efforts in order to reach the level of success desired.” (Tanikka Paulk)

“This man became highly marketable later in his career.”

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The Increasing of Holiday Sales

Oh boy it’s that time of year once again! The holidays are coming up. There is so much to be thankful for and how many are geared up for the holiday festivities? Oh Thanksgiving will arrive soon and there will be plenty of eats for the families all over the world. Turkey, Dressing, and Mash Potatoes etc. Tables made with the festival decorations. Families gathering together connecting and reconnecting. That’s what holiday’s are for. After the great eats then the shopping can begin.

The shoppers will make their way to the malls and department stores. There will also be the online shopping let’s see if the sales will increase. There should be advertising so that shoppers are aware of the sales. Increasing sales will increase revenue which is needed. There’s the seasonal employment. Time to get ready to give and receive. Store hours will extend close to after “Thanksgiving.” Soon they’ll place Christmas decorations in and around the neighborhoods.

The malls will be filled with the decorations so that shoppers can enjoy their long hours of shopping. The holiday music plays in the background and the children are geared up to ride the little train as the parents wait until the train ride is over. They’ll be plenty of photo booths. Perhaps the jewelry sales will increase. The department stores will place their sales tickets on the racks. Oh what about the holiday sweaters? The airlines will be prepared to increase their ticket sales.

There will be flights from all over the world. There are so many animals in need, needing a special home, perhaps the pet sales will also increase. There has to be advertising so that the sales elevate. The “economy” can use escalating. The car dealerships will prepare for the holidays in order to increase the automobile sales. What about Pontiac? There’s also Nissan. Promotional sales will generate attractiveness because there are so many awaiting discounts.

The sales of electronics will get the attention of teenagers. Play Station, Remote control cars, Nintendo etc. Gamers will be geared to watch the sales so that they pick up their favorite games. Parents will listen to their children wanting a certain toy. Back in the day the Cabbage Patch dolls were on parents Christmas list. Online shoppers will be “awaiting” to see what sales will be on their favorite sites. There’s so much to choose from. Shoppers are ya’ll ready?

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Being Excited About the Brand

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To Discover the Importance of Promoting

It’s extremely important to promoter the business, brand, products and whatever needs promoting. There are some shying away from promoting or perhaps are just waiting for “free business promotions.” Promoting online is highly effective there are many users online. The “potential” customers will check out the brands and perhaps make their selection and that’s how more revenue is generated. Too many just sit back and aste time instead of finding ways to promote their business or brand.

Get Ready to Promote

There are many ways to promote and one sure way is to place the ads on social media. That’s right. Social Media can help a company build traffic and gain customers. what platforms to use? Facebook seems to be a great platform to use when advertising. There’s also other platforms such as Google+. There has to be a decision to choose which platform will be the most effective. Oh yes, lets not forget about Instagram. Yes indeed Instagram is an awesome avenue to use. There are many users on Instagram and therefore there are many waiting to see what to purchase.

Lots of celebrities are using Instagram and they’ll shop if the brands are what they’re looking for and attractive. In fact there are more People using the internet than there are watching television however that doesn’t mean that the advertising on television should be discontinued. There should be advertising on both platforms. There needs to be more work put into building traffic and gaining consumers. There are some behaving lazy. They’re not promoting the way that they should.

Free advertising doesn’t mean that individuals shouldn’t promote. There has to be unity when promoting. There are way too many People refraining from promoting properly. Too many take advantage of the person or persons offering the services and end up losing. Some ‘promote’ very little for whatever reasons. There doesn’t need to be long hours put into promoting but there certainly needs to be more promoting occurring. There are websites which allow brand owners as well as business owners to promote on their sites. Just put in a little research and find out which sites offer the space. “Promoting should be occurring and there are way too many lacking the ability to promote.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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Social Media Interacting and Promoting

How can one get their business or brand noticed on social media? Well, one way to make that happen is to interact, people notice who interacts and who doesn’t interact. People seem to be shy when it comes to promoting their business, brands, or books on social media sites. If one doesn’t get their business out there for all to see then the business will not strive.

There’s so many tools available to us and we should take advantage of them. It doesn’t make much sense to not be sociable on social media sites. Hanging on a site and waiting for something to happen just won’t do. If one expects to thrive in a social setting or business setting then they will need to “promote.” Interaction is important in the offline world and it’s just important in the online world.

Why Aren’t People Promoting and Interacting

Fear could be one reason why some aren’t interacting. They may fear being over aggressive or fear being rejected. Let’s face it. People can be pretty cruel on social media sites and that can hinder some from wanting to promote and interact. If we don’t do anything then no one will know that our business or brands exist. We have to remove the fear and start promoting.

If someone doesn’t like our business or brands them that’s their prerogative but that shouldn’t stop us from exposing our businesses or brands. We have to find ways to reach a large audience. There’s some great social media sites out there that are great for business. Twitter is one of them. Tweeting is a great way to gain exposure. Why use Twitter if you’re not going to tweet? Interesting question? Perhaps people are monitoring what others are doing and aren’t sure what to do next. No interactions means no exposure. Twitter is a business platform and we shouldn’t hesitate to use it. So if you want to gain exposure then you may want to interaction and get started on promoting.

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It’s Promotion Time

It’s that time again. You know the time when we should be promoting like scholars. If we don’t “promote” then people won’t know that we exist. Anyone with a business knows how important it is to promote. We can’t drive traffic without advertising and promoting. There’s so many ways to promote. The most popular way to promote is through social media. “Social Media” is an outlet that a business owner or someone who wants to get their brand out there uses. It can create a whole lot of traffic if used effectively.

There’s so many unique ways to get our products and services out there. We can use humor of course not cynical humor but that kind of humor that’s family friendly. We can use family photos and photos of our hottest vacation spots. People aren’t looking for bland. They’re looking for something that stands out. How are you promoting these days? Are you utilizing the correct tools when marketing your products?

We can’t expect people to know that we exist by sitting behind the computer screen or being silent. We have to find the most effective ways to promote. Not all social media sites will give us what we need so we should choose those sites that offer us exactly what we need. It may take some time to find that niche but once is found. One can certainly run with it. Don’t hesitate to watch YouTube videos in order to gain more knowledge when it comes to promoting.

There’s nothing wrong with learning more. In fact that will help one gain more customers and more sales. That’s how we’re able to make a living. Promote even when it seems slow.There will be slow days in business. Even if we gain a little today. Tomorrow may incur a whole lot more so we shouldn’t be discouraged when the money rolls in slowly. There’s no way to make sure a business grows without promoting. We can’t expect something from doing nothing. Some days we will have to promote harder than others so be prepared for that.

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Make Some Noise and Move

Alright, alright, alright. Are you ready? If not then get ready. It’s time to “Make Things Happen.” Lets “share,” “love,” and “grow.” What can social media sites do for you? They can offer exposure. Isn’t that why so many land on social media? Indeed it is. Why aren’t people taking advantage of these useful tools? They should use sites that will help them “elevate.”

There’s no need to sit there when interacting should be taking place. Start sharing not just your work but the work of others. Socialize as if you were in the real world. There’s more to it than liking sprees. Help others “grow.” We should want to see others achieve. If there’s a way then we should go that way. It’s time to move forward not backwards. Going up not down.

There’s no room for envy. We should want to help one another. If you’re on social media then use it. If there’s no interaction then there’s no “movement.” We can accomplish great things but “we” must be willing to do so. Lets get going and “rise.” Social has a lot of pros and there’s so many sites out there. You don’t have to stick to just one.

“What are you waiting for?” The time is now. We don’t have to wait. We can reach the top if we’re willing to do so. There’s no room for hating. Appreciate one another because everyone needs help from time to time. “Be Bold and be Confident.” Lets put in the work. Follow our dreams and continue to “Dream big.” Don’t you want to be apart of “growth?”

I’m ready. How about you? Lets take this movement to a different level. We’re capable of so much. We can do things that we may have previously thought we couldn’t do. We’re “Awesome.” We have to believe that we deserve it.

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Social Media Advertising

People are finding creative ways to advertise on social media. Social Media is a neat way for one’s business to gain exposure. How much is too much? When advertising one should be careful not to force people to watch, click, or buy products. That could detour potential customers. Overly advertising will cause people to find less aggressive business approaches.

It’s important to stray away from harassing potential customers. No one is obligated to purchase anything they don’t want to purchase. You never know  who wants to make a purchase so it’s vital that good business practices are taking place when it comes to your business. Social Media can sometimes be tricky. Be creative but don’t refrain from being forceful.

Use social media sites that will allow you to gain more exposure. Some social media sites are ineffective when it comes to advertising. Try to build a customer base by being friendly and understanding. Understand what services and products people are looking for. Refrain from using sites that add little production for customers.

Social Media isn’t the only way to advertise your business but it’s the most ineffective in today’s world. A lot of business owners have hurt their business because they became overly excited on social media. They introduced harsh tactics and refused to demonstrate fairness when it came to their business. If  business owners are  friendly, caring, and have great services and products then the customers will come.

A lot of business owners like to use Facebook but they should also consider Twitter and Google+. Entertainers may want to put Instagram on their list. Whatever works, that’s what business owners should stick with, put some of those social media sites to the test. When you find one that offers more success then that’s the one you’ll want to use the most.

Social Media is popular and people are seeing what businesses have to offer. Use creative punch lines. To the point descriptions and it doesn’t hurt to offer free services. You can reach millions but you must observe what customers are interested in. If the products or services aren’t in demand then the business won’t flourish. So take advantage of social media and give the customers productives they can use.

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Are you Ready for Some Promotion

In order to gain exposure to your business, blog, or books. You need to “promote.” Without promotion, a business can fail, books may stay on the shelf. That’s no good. When you promote your work. Do so with a “smile.” Be a happy promoter. Sitting back and watching the tides came in won’t help with exposure. One has to be willing to find the best promotion tools.

How Should I Promote?

Promote aggressively at times and continue to use the most effective social networks. Use catchy phrases when promoting. Have fun promoting. It doesn’t have to be a tiring job. Some people choose to put lots of money in promoting. It doesn’t have to be that way. Some may choose to promote on two social media sies but if you want to gain more exposure you should use at least 4 effective sites.

If one decides to put money into promoting then they should set a budget. Without a budget, a business owner can over spend, and a author could lose more money than received. That would be uneffective. If you’re not sure where you should start promoting. You should do some research. What works for one. May not work for another but social media is a great way to promote your business and products.

You can also promote offline. Offline promotion works as well. Some businesses will allow you to promote your business, books, or blogs but of course there may be a catch. They may want you to do the same for them. Don’t get bent out of shape if you’re asked to do this. That’s how it is in business. Anyone working online or has a business, understands that they will need to be active, promoting involves communicating. Being silent won’t get the job done. When I say, “being silent,” I mean sitting back and expecting things to just happen. Do what works but promote.

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How to Build Traffic

We all know that working from home or working online isn’t easy. If you’re a writer or blogger then you know that you need traffic to your sites in order to make money. Many writers and bloggers worry about gaining exposure to their craft.

It’s not easy obtaining that traffic that will make you say, “wow!” There’s more to it than getting the traffic to your sites, you need them to click on adds, oh my. Lets be realistic here. Most people will probably scan through your work and head over to something else. Sigh.

What ever shall you do? Well, you could try to find some creative ways to make them want to come and “click,” that’s a great idea. The best way to get people to visit your sites are to “share.” Share what? Share your time and share interaction. If you’re not intetacting then you won’t get far. Interaction is very important. Don’t hesitate to interact.

Once people get familiar with you, they will be “excited” to see you pop in and see what you’re up to. After awhile they will find some of those ads interesting and want to click on them and sign up. “Hooray!” Isn’t that nice? Make sure you’re communicating on different sites.

Bloggers make money with those ads. Sites make more money when there’s more traffic because advertiers are willing to pay more with higher traffic. Makes sense. The more people click on ads, the more successful sites, writers, and bloggers will be.

Advertising Your Sites

You can’t expect to gain traffic without advertising. Advertise your links, the referral links, and advertise other writer’s work. The more exposure the better. Find creative ways to advertise. You can use a bit of humor in your advertisements. If there’s money to be made then why not make some of it? Find what works and have fun with it.

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