It Will Happen so be Prepared

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve or what you’re doing. There will always be someone who will judge, hinder, and be envious. Anyone who decides to dream will find themselves under attack. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a spiritual journey or whatever you’re passionate about. People won’t like it but it doesn’t mattet.

We can’t stop dreaming because someone or people disagree with it. No one can stop a dreamer but a dreamer. The attacks that come up against those who follow their dreams doesn’t mean that they’re on the wrong path. It simply means that they’re going in the right direction. People wouldn’t bother with something if it didn’t have greatness in it. Don’t be discouraged if attacks head your way. Continue with the (vision) and be glad that you were chosen on a very special assignment.

People will try to discourage. They could be testing you or they could just want the process to cease. We shouldn’t stop giving, helping, or sharing because some people are dissatisfied. No one can please everyone. Someone will be disappointed and some may even project hate. If that happens don’t despair because that will be something they have to deal with.

Keep going and believe that you’re capable of doing whatever you’ve set out to do. In time those who were agitated about those dreams will want to get on board.When people don’t understand or care to understand, they tend to misjudge, and they become angry. It happens.

Not everyone thinks the same. One may see great potential in a dreamer and another may not see it at all. As long as we believe in ourselves that’s the most important thing. It doesn’t matter who wants us to stop what we’re doing or who tells us to turn back. I was told that. Don’t do it. Those who didn’t or refused to live their dreams will try to stop the dreamers from dreaming.

“Shine so Bright so They Can’t Help but Notice the Shine.” T. Paulk

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When it’s Time to Work get it Done

We should have fun. Enjoy life and living but when there’s work to be done. Thoughts should be on the tasks at hand. It doesn’t matter what’s going on. We have to work. Well, not everyone, but for those who do. We have to grind. When there’s work to be done. We have to put the play away.

Working may require noise reduction. If we can work through the noise that simply up to us. If we work alone then we may not have to deal with so many distrations. It doesn’t matter whether we work alone or as a team. Work will get us to where we want to be. Work doesn’t mean that we have over do it. In order to get things done we have to act. Action needs to take place. With “action” there is no progress.

If we want something done we may have to do it ourselves. Performing tasks alone isn’t a bad thing. It’s amazing how much work can be done when faced alone. Sometimes we’ll receive assistance with our tasks and other times we will do it alone.

Don’t fear having to do a lot of tasks at once. If it becomes to stressful then the pace may have to decrease. As long as the work is complete that’s the important thing. Unless there’s a timeframe or deadline we shouldn’t be concerned. Making progress with our tasks should be something we desire.

Don’t feel unsettled if your work isn’t what others expect. We all work differently and work on tasks that suit us or tasks that have been chosen for us. No matter how small or large your work load is. Work is work. When we have to perform tasks we should do it knowing that we will live better. Without work there’s no pay. No pay won’t produce “progression.”

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When There’s a lot to be Accomplished you Have to Mentally Block Things out

Whenever you’re trying to accomplish something. There may be noise and if you expect to accomplish anything you will need to block the noise out and keep moving. The Life Jolie 2015 says, “But seriously, when it comes to the noise that is thrown at us from other people, it is so important not to get sucked in.” People’s opinions, their lack of support, and their shouts should not prevent us from accomplishing whatever it is we need and want to accomplish. If we keep our focus on the noise then we won’t be able to focus on the important things and that’s making headway for our future.

No matter what we do. There will be noise whether it’s on our jobs, in our homes, or in another destination. We will either fall into the noise trap or we will keep moving and forget that it’s going on. The fact is, people will try to hinder us from doing something, and they may try to get us off course but it shouldn’t detour us from the path. So many will give up when there’s too much noise and when people are trying to bring them down. We can’t control what others say but we can do something about how we react to whatever they’re trying to do.

Noise happens whether we want it to or not. Anyone trying to prevent you from doing something that will better your life are noise makers. Noise makers exist and we should be aware of this. Giving up on whatever you’re trying to accomplish shouldn’t be within your thoughts because you’ve faced one of the challenges that come along with doing something out of the norm. Even if movement is slow it should still occur. No amount of noise should detour a person from reaching their destination.

“The Noise is There to get you off Track. Ignore and Proceed.” Don’t allow anyone to stop you from performing or obtaining what you deserve. It doesn’t matter how many noise makers come out to yell at you. If we remain positive and think about how far we’ve come then we will be able to “block out the noise.” It doesn’t matter who says what or what occurs. We can not allow our journeys to fade because noise continues to occur. Keep living and dreaming. Always remember that those making the most noise aren’t trying to build they’re trying to tear down. Proceed with your goals, dreams, and reach your destination.

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Quoted Source: The Life Jolie (2015) Living the Pretty Life. Why you Need to Block out the “Noise.”

Just a Matter of Time

If we don’t give up, we’ll discover some glorious things, we will engage in remarkable opportunities. Giving up shouldn’t be apart of our vocabulary. If we want to do great things then we will need to push harder and develop strength. It doesn’t matter what heads our way. We can accomplish a lot of things if we focus on them and if we believe that we can. Believing in ourselves is very important and if no one else believes in us. We shouldn’t discourage ourselves. Too many people give up on doing some remarkable things because they feel as if it can’t be done. They either have little to no faith.

Even if we get off to a rocky start. We’re able to get to reach the finish line. Don’t allow setbacks to discourage you from accomplishing goals and to live out your dreams. Imagine what we can accomplish if only we remove fear and those negative thoughts that love to weigh on our minds. If the going gets tough. Don’t stop try to figure ways to make the process a bit easier. Life is challenging so we all know that a lot of tasks will be challenging as well. It may be difficult to be positive at times but we need positivity. It will help us along the way.

“When you find something you love. You’ll go all out and give 100 percent.” Dream, dream big, strive for excellence. We all could use improvements and when we travel the road to excellence. We will grow and become stronger. It takes strength to live out your dreams. It takes courage to start the process. We all have a purpose and it shouldn’t be taken advantage of. Everyone has a talent and a gift but some choose not to expose it.

Sometimes aggression will need to take place in order to advance. We shouldn’t just want to see ourselves “progress” but we should want to see and help others progress as well. If we all give a helping so many of us could do the unexpected. There’s a lot that we’re capable of doing but it can’t be done if we don’t “believe.” Believe that you can achieve. Believe that you’re a conqueror. We conquer through love and dedication.

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Don’t Believe in Defeat

We will go through our trials and suffer setbacks but that doesn’t mean that we’re defeated. We shouldn’t allow defeat to be apart of our vocabulary. No amount of negative words and criticism should create defeat in our minds. Just because something doesn’t go as planned doesn’t meant that there’s failure. Failure occurs when we don’t try.

Have you ever believed that you were defeated? If so why did you feel that way? There will be obstacles in place and people may try to hinder us but that doesn’t mean that we won’t succeed or be “successful.” Despite what people may say, “We are Victorious.” Sonetimes our minds settle on being victimized instead of being conquers. If we believe that it can be done and put in the effort then we can succeed.

Defeat isn’t for us. It doesn’t allow us to think that we’re capable of doing great things. We’re capable of doing more than we give ourselves credit for. If we think negatively then negativity will be apart of our journey and our lives. Everyone can use some encouragement even if there’s only one person that believes in what you stand for. That’s all we more than we need because God and Jesus will always be on our side through good and bad.

Too many people go through life with a defeated attitude. They may have been trained to believe that something complex can never be accomplished. Complexities help build us. We become wiser and stronger. Defeat shouldn’t live in our hearts and minds. We don’t need it. Even if we missed a deadline. It doesn’t mean that a defeat has occured. It simply means that a setback occured.

We’ll have setbacks that’s apart of life. We will face adversities that’s also apart of life. Those things could either make us stronger or break us. It all depends on our mindset. If we want feel accomplished then we must be willing to accomplish something. We don’t have to be rich with money in order to be successful. We could be rich with love and continuous growth. There’s the success. “Actions Towards Something Great is Work.”

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Focus on the Path Ahead

Keep going, moving, and run if you have to. Remain on the path that was designed for you. Get the job done. We all have something to accomplish. We have a “purpose.” Are you doing what you are designed to do? If not then you may want to consider getting on board. We shouldn’t waste our talents. Let them “shine.” Encourage others to go after their dreams.

Are you talking the path you want to take? Get started and you will feel better about starting something rewarding. If it will elevate you and others then it’s something worth doing. When you start on the path don’t stop. If you find a hurdle. Jump over it but don’t give up. A lot of people refrain from doing what they’re gifted to do for whatever reason.

There’s so much that we can accomplish. If we believe that we can make it from point A to point B then “we can.” Don’t feel discouraged by a setback. As long as we get back on track. We can accomplish those goals. Don’t be afraid to be apart of a journey. It helps to travel on a path where there’s some inspiring people but a lot of times we may have to travel alone. Keep the focus and believe that you’ll get there.

Fear has hindered so many from following a certain path. When fear is removed. We will be able to focus on our journey. We may come across some trolling when going down that path but that shouldn’t prevent us from going forward. We never know what we can accomplish. Keeping the faith and being patient is important.

People will try to get us off the path at hand. They will try to redirect our attention elsewhere so that we don’t accomplish our goals. If we get off track. We should quickly get back on the path that was set before us. Never be afraid to somethjng extraordinary. Be unique and feel good about what you’re blessed with. “The Path.”

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We Simply Have to Keep Going

It doesn’t matter what life throws our way we have to face whatever it is we’ve been given to deal with. If we have a setback then we regroup and then proceed with our tasks. We sometimes become immobilized by trauma but a traumatic experience can lead us to where we need to be. Nothing in life worthwhile will come easy. We must push ourselves a little harder and refuse to be defeated.

If we settle for staying in one position then we may miss out on golden opportunities. It’s important that we move about in life. We experience challenges that will mold us and help us grow. Standing still and waiting for the right moment just won’t do. Sometimes we have to walk, run, hop or skip to get to the next level.

We can’t expect too many things to happen without “movement.” Our goals and anything that we want to accomplish has to be done through continuous action and the ability to transform. Our hopes and dreams can’t come true if we’re unwilling to go after them. Some days may require that we make more effort than the previous days. Whatever we do. We must have the will to keep going. Sometimes allow our minds to convince us that we shouldn’t reach for the best so we settle for the least.

We shouldn’t feel unworthy of the best. Our hard work and dedication will be recognized but we must keep climbing up the ladder. We have the ability to do great things for ourselves and others. Opportunities can be sent our way but we have to want them.Don’t hesitate to take action.

Move in the right direction and experience what you’re destined to experience. Continous effort will generate results. We may not be where we want to be but with movement we will be further than we were yesterday. Believe that it’s possible to reach the top of the hill with lots of effort. We may not give it our all every single day but with movement. We will be lead in the right direction.

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Getting Business Done With Repetitive Action

When there’s so much to do no one should have time for nonsense. Alright, a little horsing around is okay, but when it’s time to get to “business.” It’s that time. If we want to get somewhere then we have to move. If we plan on making achievements then we will have to put the play aside for the time being.

How many are trying to reach the top? Well. We can certainly do that if we make progress day after day. Some days are filled with less production but we shouldn’t allow continous unproductive activities to take place. We must encourage ourselves to “make things happen.” There’s business decisions and there’s goals that need to be taken care of. How can we do that when our focus is on things that won’t help us excel?

Those activities that will steer us away from our goals will need to be tossed to the side. There’s 24 hours in the day and we should use them wisely. When the business time and day is finished then the play can take place. In order to reach the top. We have to work. Well, maybe not so hard, but smart. The smart thing to do is to put the noise aside. If we don’t then we will lose time and fall far off track.

There’s so many ways that we can get things accomplished. We could get more accomplished with removing those things that will prevent us from reaching heights. There’s a reason why we put in the work and make moves every single day. When we have a plan set in place. We can either go with it or stop trying to pursue it. If we really want to get ahead then we must believe and stay motivated. A dreamer and business minded individual can accomplish great things through repetitive action.

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Don’t be Engaged in Mess When There’s Work to be Done

When we have tasks to complete then we must get to it. We’re on a mission to “advance” and wasted time could hinder that. People will try to prevent us from completing certain goals and we must resist their motives. Nothing gets done through play but something gets done with work. We shouldn’t consume ourselves with all work but when it’s time to grind then we should see to it.

Move forward even when there’s noise. We should look pass the noise and accomplish whatever we need to accomplish. There’s nothing wrong with taking breaks but too many will hold us back. If people are working to hinder “progress” then they can not work or assist in anyway. Those who refuse to allow people to accomplish something that will benefit others then they’re not suited to complete taks with you or a team.

We should do all that we can to achieve. We can either achieve a little or achieve a lot. It’s simply up to us. If we want to be successful at anything then we will need to block somethings out. Sometimes we may need to put on some headphones and work with soothing music. Too much noise could be distracting but it’s possible that we can achieve great things through it if we “focus.”

Focus on the path at hand and work through any challenges that arise. Make sure to find the best techniques that will assist with accomplishing more. Even when we’re presented with mess. We should find ways to eliminate the mess and move forward. If people make attempts to stop what we’re trying to accomplish then we can either allow them to do so or we can forget about their tactics and “get the job done.”

Don’t feel discouraged when others are trying to stop the process. Progress anyway. No man or woman succeeded by allowing the noise to cause them to stop. If we stop moving then we won’t make any headway. Work when it’s time and don’t worry about what people are trying to do. A team will develop when there’s people who want to get ahead. “Work Through the Mess.”

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