The Response Isn’t Necessary or is it?

Yes there may need to be a response depending on what’s being said. If there’s a question then certainly there could be a response however if the question is far fetched then a response can be avoided. “Some may look for a response to see what’s on a person’s mind there should be caution when offering one.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There could be over-reacting responses. Depending on what’s being said there could be an aggressive response that’s why it’s necessary to think before responding.

Oh yes indeed there will be some wanting to push for that response. They’ll try to probe to obtain one. Thinking is certainly necessary especially when dealing with individuals wanting to play mind games. Remaining calm can be helpful but there could be an outburst depending on the words projected. The key is to refrain from losing control. There are many awaiting a response but should they receive one? Perhaps there shouldn’t be one given.

To avoid giving a response doesn’t suggest that there’s no care. Perhaps one may not want to get into an argument. There will be many disagreements but there should be avoiding when the disagreements can cause an uproar. There should be focus on important areas instead “of focusing” on areas in which there could be severe stress. Yes there are the ones willing to test to see where the person or persons are headed but do they really need to know?

When a response is necessary it’s important to think clearly. One could get caught up when supplying a response. There will be many questions and answers. When to answer that just may be the question. Answer when need be. Communicate effectively or perhaps avoid communication if there’s going to be an altercation. There could be some ranting occurring but know when to keep the mouth closed. “One can learn to recognize when to respond and when to just continue to be productive. Is it difficult to figure out?” (Tanikka Paulk)

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