What is Known is Known and What Will be Will be

So they’re still playing games regarding Tupac huh? There was way too many clues and Tupac Shakur meant to leave the clues behind. Perhaps some are unwilling to accept that Tupac is alive because they don’t want to have to compete. That’s right. The competition continues to cause disruptions but what is Tupac saying about this? Perhaps he’s said plenty but how many recall what was said? “Tupac is alive and there’s lots of evidence of such.” (Tanikka Paulk). The competitors aren’t thrilled with having to deal with Tupac. Yes, he can be a handful when he’s highly upset. Just putting the words nicely.

“Tupac was and is one of the most accomplished rappers.” By: Tanikka Paulk. How many rappers want to compete with such a talented rapper, actor, and poet? Perhaps not too many. Tupac has faced the bullets and has overcome the targets which tried to cause his demise. Will Tupac officially reveal himself? Perhaps he will or maybe he’ll stay hidden. There’s a song called Ghost by Tupac Shakur. Does Tupac consider himself a ghost or does he consider himself an angel? Which? Some may disagree with Tupac being angelic. Hmm.

Tupac certainly is an interesting soul. Yes, I’ve communicated with Tupac Shakur and he’s certainly in depth. Tupac can be very compassionate perhaps some are unable to imagine. “So many refuse to accept that there’s communication and they’re unwilling to accept that I’m in the mood to move forward.” (Tanikka Paulk). My decision. How many are living my life? It appears as though there’s a whole lot of People trying to run my life=Tanikka Paulk. No matter what tehy’re saying I’m way too grown to take orders from the critics. Folks will do what they want to do so perhaps they should just zip their mouths.

Tupac will continue with making music until he feels it’s time to retire. So all the rappers feeling intimidated by Tupacs skills will have to deal with his talents until he decides to put the mic down. He’s also funny, yes comical, perhaps some aren’t sure how to approach 2Pac. He certainly made a presence when he create “Smile for me.” Is Tupac smiling now? Shouldn’t his fans hope so? There’s so much competition and they’ve gone way too far. How long will the hoopla continue? The good thing is Tupac is ALIVE! Claps for “The Rapper.”

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