Perhaps the Writing Sites Will pay

For writers, it appears as though there’s some discrimination occurring because I’m a writer, blogger, etc and the writing sites aren’t paying. What ever to do? i’m advocating I’m refusing to promote the sites because they’re being unfair. How can any promoter promote sites or other areas when there’s unfair treatment? Every writer should be paid when working on the sites. “It’s clear that my information is correct and I’ve proven that I’m on the sites but I’m continuing.” (Tanikka Paulk). There will be justice. I’m remaining hopeful. Oh yes indeed I Tanikka Paulk continue to be treated unfairly. My advocacy is strong.

There is hope and there will be justice. Advocates fight to generate the necessary changes in order to remove the injustices. “There will be solutions and although there has been numerous hiccups. There is hopefulness right here.” (Tanikka Paulk). Others will be discriminated against. The unfair treatment hasn’t caused Tiki=Tanikka Paulk to stop moving towards greater. The confident continues and even when they think they’re right. I’ll continue to supply the proof.

Advocating and I’m sure there will be “change.” The bullying, harassment, the attacks won’t prevent that from moving forward. That continues. I’m a female and yes I’ve been bullied by all sorts of individuals online and offline. Being a writer should be a rewarding experience. No writer should be harassed on any website. There should be fair treatment. “Website owners are making a mistake by preventing writers from earning.”(Tanikka Paulk).

Standing firm in the advocacy. The proof is there and although so many probably will try to give me=Tanikka Paulk a difficult time. There will be continuous actions to retrieve what I’m suppose to receive.  That advocate isn’t backing down. That=Tanikka Paulk. Fighting for the causes. It may appear as though I’m advocating for self but there will changes when I’ve incurred the success regarding the advocacy. So they’ve made many mistakes and what will they do when there’s the consequences?

If there is more than harassment on any website and the continuous mistreatment occurs then contacting a lawyer, authorities, and other organizations should occur. Writers continuing to receive unfair treatment should contact the website or websites and be firm when trying to receive payments. “Contacting the FBI could help. That’s what I Tanikka Paulk had to do. Here’s some contact information. The State Attorney’s Office can also be contacted.

“Made Contact.”


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Images Credited to the State Attorney’s Office and FBI. My information is on there. Tanikka Paulk information. “The Personal Information Isn’t There.”

I’m and Advocate and Much More

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“A Great” Must be in the Circle of Friends

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Oh how There Must be Patience in Order to Accomplish the set Goals

There is so much to adhere to and the course of action may take sometime. The travel hasn’t been an easy one thus far. There have been many hiccups but the confidence remains. For some they’ve forfeited the travel to get ahead. “There should be joyfulness when trying to excel. Excelling is good.” (Tanikka Paulk). The goals, objectives, and the process to the road of further success. How many are patient enough to achieve the goals and proceed towards the discoveries? The time to arrive there seems to be difficult to process but there is way too much determination and I’m so thrilled to be able to continue the journey.

There is so much focus on getting there. Some may become curious about getting there. Meaning arriving to the chosen or selected destination. “Focused on the areas of importance remains and how nice.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The journey has incurred so many uphill battles. I’ve faced many challenges and there seems to be so many focused on pulling instead of pushes. To be allowed to move upwards can certainly incur abundance. I’m abundantly moving towards my greatness. Smiling because I’m aware of what’s to come. Perhaps it’s better to remain silent about the plans for future!

The communications which will continue to create the cause and effect are justly applied. So many continue to believe that there should be invading in the progress. No! There should be continuing of motions in order to become more prosperous. What so many have failed to understand is that the actions causing declines aren’t incurring the benefits. To travel from one point to another allows progress. “What is taking place behind the scenes/” It’s better that they’re unaware of what is occurring.

The desire to be apart of such successful movements is a joy. There is continuous learning occurring. The skills are being put to use. The knowledge gained continues to be displayed. There should be more qualities exposed. To achieve such glorious tasks is certainly amazing. I’ve been placed in some tough situations but continue to find the solutions. The making of my journey and the made. I’ve made it thus far but there is still more productivity to be done. As long as I’m here I’m going to do what’s necessary to produce better living.

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The Many Attempts to Produce Takeovers

Why is it that so many believe that their in positions to takeover in areas in which there is demonstration that their efforts are powerless. Some seem to think that they’re in positions to takeover God’s authority. “How many are apart trying to takeover the missions and movements?” A lot. Are the persons effective? No! If there are expectations to achieve a more stabilized economical system then the persons trying to prevent such events from occurring should be removed. Which means that sending the individuals to state or federal prison is more likely necessary.

There should be decisions to create more positive changes but there seems to be so many highly disconnected. There’s way too many injustices occurring and there needs to be some intervention. The ones being apart of disconnecting the unification which is necessary in order to create further stability within communities, neighborhoods, and society shouldn’t be apart of the mission or path. Whatever it is that the “leadership” seeks should be allowed. Most leaders will want to create positive changes however there are some refusing to do so and perhaps some would consider the individuals as dictators.

“It’s the best path in which the necessary changes shall occur in order to witness a more connected groups of communities.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There will always be the competition and some continue to demonstrate their over competitive ways. There should be continuous actions in order to produce what is needed. The desire to create further growth is so. They’ve tried so many times to create a cease. “Why should the actions in which will add no value continue?” (Tanikka Paulk) The persons shouldn’t be allowed to continue to try and tear down the buildings.

There should be continuous motions. What will occur will certainly be effective and will assist so many. To think that so many would rather tear down instead of rising up! They’ve caused havoc and what are the ones in authority going to do about what has occurred? There seems to be some actions towards stopping the individuals from sabotaging. “The journey will continue despite what is placed before the person in the said leadership position-positions. There are some spitefully and could cause some to become very irritated. The dreams, visions, and ideas will continue to prosper.

Leadership “Tanikka Paulk”

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially