Proceeding is of Great Importance

No matter how many times persons try to disrupt what has already been declared. The person or persons chosen will continue. The ones continuing to try to distract and cause ceases will discover that their actions have no meaning. That’s right. What some try to do will only incur more problems for the persons projecting the attacks. No visionary should be worried about their vision because what they’re doing has already been destined. There will be a lot of envy but the “determination” will keep the vision going and the visionary on the right track.

So many have discovered that the adversities can be overwhelming however the adversities are also lessons. We’ll learn more and more on the journey. The problem is that so many believe that they’re suppose to travel on the journey when they’re actually not. Not all persons should be coming along. There will come a time when we’ll “need” to remove some from the journey. There will be distractions and there will be a lot of noisemakers hoping that the visionary becomes disconnected.

There should be lots of focus on what’s important. No matter what’s communicated the vision should continue. Of course there will be a lot of opinionated individuals wanting to cause a decline. The key is to remove the doubt and keep believing. Even “relatives” will try to cause discouragement. So many refused to put fourth their ideas or vision and may not welcome others visions. “Be Encouraged the Adversities Will Leave and There Will be Joy After Completion.” By: Tanikka Paulk

The frustration may enter due to so many wanting to travel along or because they’re constantly attacking. “I’m Experiencing the Attacks. My Devices Were Breached and There’s Continuous Harassment.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Tanikka Paulk is a victim of such. The experiences are like no other. Of course I’ve heard of so many experiencing bullying but nothing like what’s taking place now. It’s amazing that the motivation hasn’t left. I’m continuing on despite what has occurred and probably will continue. I’m remaining confident and certainly not discouraged.

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I Tanikka Paulk Continue to Excel Despite What has Been Placed Before me=Tanikka Paulk. You, you, YOU. YOU! you! Etc. By: Tanikka Paulk

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