.The Ability to Rejuvenate the Mind

There are so many reasons why the mind experiences fatigue. Being surrounded by negativity can wear down the mind. In order to keep a healthy mind one will need to remove the areas which cause the mind to become weaker. Being surrounded by negative beings can certainly cause the mind to become less productive and weak. “What is Said can Cause Mind Disturbances but There ways to Keep the Mind on the Right Track.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Unfortunately we may focus on the wrong areas and could experience a meltdown.

The Positive Ways to Incur a Rejuvenated Mind

  1. Engage in positive communications.
  2. Surround self around visionaries.
  3. Engage in fun activities.
  4. Read educational material.
  5. Focus on positive areas.
  6. Obtain proper rest.
  7. Take breaks when necessary.
  8. Think positively.
  9. Smile whenever possible.
  10. Spend less time within negative and controlling areas.

Some may not know exactly what it means to be positive. We’re not going to be positive at all times but we’re capable of being positive. To allow the mind to rest is of great importance. So many may focus on what is occurring and rarely spend time to just ponder on the most important areas. There should be time spent engaging in fun activities. “We’re not able to control what others will say or do but we can certainly control how we respond.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There are so many positive ways to experience the inner peace which is needed in order to experience proper balance.

No matter how negative an environment becomes there is something we’re able to do about the negativity and “that” (tanikkap) is to think positively. If any person expect to keep the mind rejuvenated then they’ll have to decide where and when to spend their time. Being in an extremely negative environment often can certainly break down the mind. There should be focus on elevation and living better. Society is riddled with confusions there are so many individuals trying to cause mind disturbances.

“The insanity in which so many tries to project could be the very insanity they’re left with.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The words spoken can either create joy or sadness. There are many choices and I’d rather choose to be positive however there will be times when i’m negative. It’s certainly not easy dealing with broken environments and individuals but there are books which can help create more positivity. There’s so many materials about in which will assist with creating a more thoughtful mind.

The attacks which are experienced haven’t caused my mind to fade. Although there could be some short-term memory there isn’t any insanity. Oh how grateful I Tanikka paulk am. The negative words were seen and heard but I’m refusing to allow any person to have control over my mind. My thoughts will continue to be positive. There is glory! I’m blessed because I’m able to think and able to experience peacefulness. There are so many individuals unable to obtain any peace at all.

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A Bright Attitude Towards Greater Achievements

So many may have discovered that trying to achieve more can be quite difficult. There could be a lot of individuals trying to create a cease but through determination one can continue on the path in which their destined to achieve. No matter how difficult “the journey” becomes there can be lots of success achieved. For some the thoughts of achieving is quite exciting and for others they may not be so interested in what is achieved. In order to remain focused on the right path there will need to be removals.

To remove distractions is necessary. However no matter what one tries to achieve there will be times when distractions make their way in. Some may choose to complete less because of fatigue due to having to come up against the doubters. “Headed Towards Remarkable Greatness and That’s What’s Been Designed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. If they’re focusing on disruptions then they’re not trying to move ahead. Some determine one’s success by dollars and cents and others view success levels as moving towards the upper ladders.

If there is continuous actions then a person can create heights so many heights. “There will be noise surrounded by the vision but continue fourth despite what’s said or done.” By: Tanikka Paulk. We’ll have to learn to inspire self. Waiting on others to provide the inspirations isn’t what should be done. There may not be too many willing to project inspiration. Some will even go as far as to project discouragement so that there is either a slowdown or an end to what the person or persons are trying to achieve.

Be EncouragedĀ 

Yes, there will be lots of individuals yelling and projecting ugly words. Allow “encouragement” in and listen to positive sounds and witness the positivity. Some environments will be exposed with misguided information. There are some so determined to destroy what is clearly suppose to be. Perhaps more should be focused on the end results. Focused on what will add value and not the subtractions. When pursuing there will be a lot of individuals upset because they’ve refused to live their dreams.

If they’re not pleased with what’s occurring then we certainly don’t have to stop what we’re doing in order to please individuals whom never be pleased anyway. The opinions will float about and there will be a lot of chatter about what is going on and what a person should or shouldn’t do. Remain focused on the important areas. The dreams, visions, and ideas can be surrounded by light but there must be less time spent in dark areas. “If what’s being said adds no value then there shouldn’t be any focus on what’s being said.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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There’s Progress Even When it Appears to be Declined

Everyday that effort is projected “the progress” continues. There will be progress even when the progress is minimized. Putting fourth effort is necessary in order to complete not only tasks but to complete a journey. It’s a beautiful thing when we’re allowed to move along the journey. Some may experience slowness because there’s so many disruptions. If the determination is there then one can proceed and become even more effective. There’s no worries when we’re in progress.

To be able to progress to another level is a blessing. Not all will appreciate being able to progress or be productive. “The Noise Will Occur but Focus Will Allow one to Continue on the Journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There is work to be done and of course there will be times when the focus is withdrawn. No matter how many distractions are presented, it’s better to just proceed, or restart. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing setbacks. Every person has gone the the ups and the downs. Remaining confident is so important.

The Productivity

Being productive is a very rewarding experience. Not all will desire to be productive. There are some continuing to try to decrease productivity. Even less than an hour of productivity is apart of progression. On the journey there is a lot to discover. There’s a lot to deal with and for some the load has been more than enough. Thinking positively helps to keep the focus. “I’m so determined to arrive at my destination. Indeed I am.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Yes, so many have tried to cause a cease but I’m not going to settle.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Hanging on to my Dreams, Ideas, and Visions

I’m continuing to learn myself more and I’ve also observed just how some are willing to operate. My dreams aren’t any other’s dreams. what I’ve created doesn’t belong to any other person. There are some who’ve decided to try and take away my vision. When one expects to achieve more then they’ll fight for whatever it is they’re trying to pursue. Unfortunately there are some refraining to work on their own dreams and visions. There certainly has to be bravery. Not all will have enough courage to even start. “I’m Pleased to be Able to Experience the Journey and Discover Even More.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There’s a smile because I’m aware what God declared. Yes, mankind has tried to destroy what was already declared, and I’m sure there has to be some frustration but there’s joy because I’m living my dream.” By: Tanikka Paulk. To think about the end results keeps my focus and I’m wanting to be even more successful. Success certainly comes inĀ  many forms. What one perceives as success another may not. I’m so pleased to be able to have opportunities and I’m sure there’s more to come.


The Time Continues to Move

There ‘s rapid speed and there’s steadily movements

Soon there will be many changes and some may not accept

My focus is to arrive where I’m destined to be

What is chosen for one may not be for another

There is great rewards when pursuing a dream or two

What I’m achieving may not be for Teddy, Peggy, or Sue

My journey shouldn’t consist of so many

There is way too much to accomplish and there’s no time for the petty

I’m proceeding and it is good

My crafts are my own and I’m not giving the crafts away

Poetic Piece written by: Tanikka Paulk


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Proceeding is of Great Importance

No matter how many times persons try to disrupt what has already been declared. The person or persons chosen will continue. The ones continuing to try to distract and cause ceases will discover that their actions have no meaning. That’s right. What some try to do will only incur more problems for the persons projecting the attacks. No visionary should be worried about their vision because what they’re doing has already been destined. There will be a lot of envy but the “determination” will keep the vision going and the visionary on the right track.

So many have discovered that the adversities can be overwhelming however the adversities are also lessons. We’ll learn more and more on the journey. The problem is that so many believe that they’re suppose to travel on the journey when they’re actually not. Not all persons should be coming along. There will come a time when we’ll “need” to remove some from the journey. There will be distractions and there will be a lot of noisemakers hoping that the visionary becomes disconnected.

There should be lots of focus on what’s important. No matter what’s communicated the vision should continue. Of course there will be a lot of opinionated individuals wanting to cause a decline. The key is to remove the doubt and keep believing. Even “relatives” will try to cause discouragement. So many refused to put fourth their ideas or vision and may not welcome others visions. “Be Encouraged the Adversities Will Leave and There Will be Joy After Completion.” By: Tanikka Paulk

The frustration may enter due to so many wanting to travel along or because they’re constantly attacking. “I’m Experiencing the Attacks. My Devices Were Breached and There’s Continuous Harassment.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Tanikka Paulk is a victim of such. The experiences are like no other. Of course I’ve heard of so many experiencing bullying but nothing like what’s taking place now. It’s amazing that the motivation hasn’t left. I’m continuing on despite what has occurred and probably will continue. I’m remaining confident and certainly not discouraged.

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