Patiencetly Awaiting What God has Stored

No matter how mankind tries to make progressing difficult God will see each and every person through the trials if allowed in. So therefore despite the hardships which arise. I’m continuing to move forward and refuse to allow any person to take my faith in God and Jesus Christ away. So many are so lost and some may never find their way to the light. There will be many settled into darkness. It’s unfortunate that mankind administers a lot of attacks in order to either discourage or to try and gain whatever it is the person or person are pursuing. “I’m Confident Enough to Know That God Won’t Forsake and There Will Abundance When God is Ready.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Living here may incur many difficulties but there is no discouragement. Each day that I’m allowed to arise, I’m truly blessed, there will be completeness. Thr trials aren’t reasons to stop progressing and to stop being apart of movements. Yes, trying to move from one point to another is difficult but not impossible. The road blocks set are ways in which strength can be built. There should be elevating abut there will be individuals continuing to try and create a cease for many reasons. “There is no Defeat Here. I’m Unwilling to Think Defeat.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Some may believe that trying to intimidate a person will stop the person from elevating. For some yes but for the strong they’ll continue on no matter how many are trying to prevent the elevating. We’re all given a gift or gifts and why should we allow what God has given to be wasted? There are so many afraid to rise up! So many fear what others will say. Of course there will be hecklers and doubters not wanting to witness “abundance.” The Determination will allow the progress to continue despite the situations occurring. The words which are projected shouldn’t prevent movements from occurring. The negatives can be removed and we should allow the positives to reign in.

So many appear to be focused on trying to stop what has already been ordained. Perhaps mankind is continuing to refuse to understand exactly what it is that God wants. For so many their beliefs may not be spiritually inclined. “It is the Bible Which Continues to Help my Porgressing Through Such a Difficult Journey.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). The focus is on making positive changes and finding the best solutions to the many injustices. Coming up against so many isn’t an easy task but through my faith. I’m continuing to move ahead. Some instances may seem slow but there will be rapid speeds and I’m sure that God nor Jesus will ever forsake.

What mankind uses to try to create evilness their actions will be used for good. There is goodness in a place when it appears as if darkness is settling. Light comes through and it is light which out shines the darkness. Darkness is separated from light and when mankind thinks that darkness will overpower light. God will prove mankind wrong. There are some refusing to even understand what we must accomplish in order to create further progress. We’ll be tested and challenges many times but if we’re faithful to what God has proclaimed then we’ll certainly make it to where we should be. What some fail to understand is that what is for a person is for a person. “What God Declares is so and Mankind can not Defeat God the Father of Jesus Christ.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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