What Occurs Here Shouldn’t be Placed on my Shoulders

Perhaps not all understand that we’re not equipped to have every problem weighing on our shoulders. However we can withstand a lot at one time but too much and we’ll become fatigued. It’s quite obvious that so many believe that I’m able to deal with all the problems and assist every person. If every person did their share then we’ll be better off. No person should expect a person to try and assist the entire world. No person should even try to do so. It’s important that there is rest. If there isn’t sufficient rest then we’ll break down.

For some they’re always dealing with matters in which are very challenging. There’s a lot of individuals very challenging. Sometimes we’ll need to break away from the areas in which cause tremendous stress. It’s certainly not easy when we’re having to deal with so many issues and when there are few understanding. Of course there are so many having strength but there will be times when it appears as if we’re not as strong. Every person will have their times when they’re not in the mood and not wanting to even interact with the outsiders.

There’s no way that we’ll avoid problems. There are ways that we’ll able to deal with the problematic events in a more appropriate manner. Yes, it’s so unsettling when we’re coming up against so many. Why are so many so difficult to deal with? Perhaps there are so many going through trial after trial. Not all persons will know how to deal with the many trials we’ll have to face here on earth. “There will be Hardships but how we Deal With the Hardships Will Certainly Make the Difference.” By: Tanikka Paulk

If we’re patient then we’ll find that what is occurring will decrease and eventually fade. Knowing how to deal with problems more effectively will reduce the stress level and increase enjoyment. For some it appears as if everyday is filled with some form of challenge. It certainly takes strength in order to get through the storms. Facing the problems head on may help but having way too many problems can cause fatigue and way the mind down. Dissecting the problems and taking some time out to rest will allow persons to manage their problems better. “I’ve been challenged many times but I’m remaining in tact. Thank God.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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It’s the Greatness Which so Many Attack

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Patiencetly Awaiting What God has Stored

No matter how mankind tries to make progressing difficult God will see each and every person through the trials if allowed in. So therefore despite the hardships which arise. I’m continuing to move forward and refuse to allow any person to take my faith in God and Jesus Christ away. So many are so lost and some may never find their way to the light. There will be many settled into darkness. It’s unfortunate that mankind administers a lot of attacks in order to either discourage or to try and gain whatever it is the person or person are pursuing. “I’m Confident Enough to Know That God Won’t Forsake and There Will Abundance When God is Ready.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Living here may incur many difficulties but there is no discouragement. Each day that I’m allowed to arise, I’m truly blessed, there will be completeness. Thr trials aren’t reasons to stop progressing and to stop being apart of movements. Yes, trying to move from one point to another is difficult but not impossible. The road blocks set are ways in which strength can be built. There should be elevating abut there will be individuals continuing to try and create a cease for many reasons. “There is no Defeat Here. I’m Unwilling to Think Defeat.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Some may believe that trying to intimidate a person will stop the person from elevating. For some yes but for the strong they’ll continue on no matter how many are trying to prevent the elevating. We’re all given a gift or gifts and why should we allow what God has given to be wasted? There are so many afraid to rise up! So many fear what others will say. Of course there will be hecklers and doubters not wanting to witness “abundance.” The Determination will allow the progress to continue despite the situations occurring. The words which are projected shouldn’t prevent movements from occurring. The negatives can be removed and we should allow the positives to reign in.

So many appear to be focused on trying to stop what has already been ordained. Perhaps mankind is continuing to refuse to understand exactly what it is that God wants. For so many their beliefs may not be spiritually inclined. “It is the Bible Which Continues to Help my Porgressing Through Such a Difficult Journey.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). The focus is on making positive changes and finding the best solutions to the many injustices. Coming up against so many isn’t an easy task but through my faith. I’m continuing to move ahead. Some instances may seem slow but there will be rapid speeds and I’m sure that God nor Jesus will ever forsake.

What mankind uses to try to create evilness their actions will be used for good. There is goodness in a place when it appears as if darkness is settling. Light comes through and it is light which out shines the darkness. Darkness is separated from light and when mankind thinks that darkness will overpower light. God will prove mankind wrong. There are some refusing to even understand what we must accomplish in order to create further progress. We’ll be tested and challenges many times but if we’re faithful to what God has proclaimed then we’ll certainly make it to where we should be. What some fail to understand is that what is for a person is for a person. “What God Declares is so and Mankind can not Defeat God the Father of Jesus Christ.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Adversity Comes and Adversity Goes

“Making Progress and the Smile and Continues.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Expressing may not be Enough it’s the Proof Which Tells

Some are so in denial that they’re unwilling to understand just where proof stands. No matter what’s said there will need to be proof. Takes more than work of mouth in order to receive what is desired. The proof is going to tell what so many may want to know or need to know. For some they’ll want to hide proof because of their actions. Not wanting to accept that what occurs should’ve occurred. When persons rights are violated there should be some willing to stand in some instances there will be just “one” willing to take a stand. When it appears as if so many are against there will be at least one or one other willing to defend.

Being expressive is necessary however there are some continuing to be out of place. The proof needs to be provided because there’s so many injustices. Imagine how many individuals are incarcerated because of their rights being violated. Knowing what the rights are can save a person or persons from many hardships. There are so many needing to have individuals take stands in order to be freed from the injustices. There’s individuals as well as agencies continuing to violate the rights of not just African Americans but of other minorities. Yes, we all should be alert and stand firm. The brave ones will stand up no matter how many persons on projecting attacks.

Focused on Taking Care of Rights

When individuals rights have been violated being expressive is necessary. “No Person Should Tolerate Being Victimized Over and Over.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). There are some too afraid to take a stand, too afraid to speak up, too afraid to make any movements at all. If persons continue to remain silent about the injustices then there will be more and more destruction. The further one climbs the more likely there will be individuals wanting to pull down. There should be thoughts of wanting to provide positive changes and create a more stabilized economical system.

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How to Deal With Unfair Treatment

How About Light.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Prayer is Necessary in Order to Proceed Towards Prospering

Yes trying to grow can make some not too pleased with progressing. Not all individuals will want to see the rise occur. No matter how many choose to try and pull down there will be the way too determined. Unfortunately every person will have to deal with haters. There are some having to deal with their antics on a daily basis. I’m not sure why so many would enjoy wasting their time but I’m so determined to continue to head “somewhere.” Although there will be so many wanting to cause destruction and not wanting to see more success occur. My journey and path was already chosen. The competitors can take a back seat.

So many aren’t considering the spiritual journey, they’re focused on using the fleshly way of thinking, there’s many reasons why individuals continue. “There has to be some time meditating in order to deal with a lot that goes around the globe.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). So many may create their own decline. When the blessings are stored there is no way to take the blessings that God stores for His Children away. There should be many accomplishments but some aren’t understanding just how prosperity will help create a stronger economy. So many are focused on areas which won’t provide the necessities needed in order to incur further growth.

When we’re allowing the success to move then there will be more of what’s needed. There is no reason that I Tanikka Paulk need to focus on trying to make sure that individuals aren’t prospering. So many invaders and if they’re confident enough then they won’t need to try to sabotage what was already set fourth. Just thinking about how so many are time wasters. Focused on what a person is accomplishing every minuet of the day. Gosh! No wonder there’s so many standing in positions which will offer no further growth.

“Continuing Demonstrates That is so.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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How to get From the Negatives to the Positives

We’ll come across some of the most negative individuals. Some may never let up because of their own insecurities or because they’re forced to behave in such a manner. Whatever the reasons are we should consider how effective being apart of positivity can be. Being surrounded by negativity often can cause declines in so many areas. There are some continuously being negative all of the time. No matter what a person does there will always be some who will disagree with what they’re doing. In order to remain whole a person will need to lessen their time spent in such environments.

There should be time spent reflecting on positive events. There is a lot of negativity online due to the fact that there are little to no rules however if one is being severly bullied or harassed then the law should be informed. Every person will be negative at some point. It can be difficult to be positive all of the time. Depending on the environments we may become moody because we’re suffering through the negatives. There are some individuals refusing to refrain from being so negative because of their personal lives or perhaps they’re not pleased with what’s going on within their environments. Don’t allow their actions to cause a meltdown for some that’s exactly what they’re looking for.

The Best Ways to Deal With the Negative Environments and People

Be very selective of friends and other individuals who are allowed in the circle. Not all persons should be allowed to travel with a visionary. There are some continuously setting out to sabotage whatever direction person chooses to obtain. It’s so unfortunate that so many go up against the very person or persons whom are trying to create elevation. Spend time within environments which generate joyfulness. So many may become frustrated because there are some chooses to climb higher. No matter how many try to remove a person’s dreams, vision, or ideas it is up to the person or persons whether to continue. Through the determination they’re able to move steadily. Never lose hope. Allow the peace to enter that’s why it’s very important to take the necessary breaks.

Be Encouraged Despite What’s Occurring 

There are some becoming discouraged because of what so many may say. We’re unable to control the behaviors and we’re not going to completely stop individuals from being knuckle heads. Some are risking being confined because they may refuse to stop harassing others. The good thing is we can limit the time spent in destructive environments. There are choices whether to deal with the persons or to limit the time being in such environments. Trying to deal with so many being out of control can be disturbing but allowing time to meditate can relieve the pressure. Too many feel the need to cause individuals to stop what always been designed. They’ll have difficulties because it’s not their place. “Continue on Despite What Occurs Within the Environments and Soon Enough There Will be Effective Solutions to the Matters.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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My Movements are Continuing Through God’s Orders

God already designed my path and although mankind may try to disconnect the pathway. The Father of Jesus Christ will see that I’m continuing to reach goals in which incurs a destination. We may not be sure all of the time where we’ll land but if we’re determined enough then we’ll make headway. There is hope even when some may say there isn’t. There is joy in knowing that eventually there will be solutions and effects. “There’s the Cause and Effect and the Movements in Which so Many may Come up Against.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). What God Ordains Mankind can choose and have chosen to come up against. He’ll see that the journey is complete.

Too many believe that they’re so powerful that they’re able to stop what has been declared. God has all power meaning God the Father of Jesus Christ. Yes God will allow a lot of situations to occur just take a look at Job. Job had to overcome many challenges. Job remained faithful to God. No matter how Job was attacked Job prospered. What occurs can either make us stronger or weaker depending on the state of mind. So many think backwards and refuse to consider the good points. There should be victory when persons are trying to do good deeds. The main individuals who continue to try and discourage others from prospering are the ones who refused to go further.

There will come a time when the challenges will cease. They’ll recognize that there’s anointing occurring and the person or persons they’re trying  to come after is on the right path. Mankind can never do what God can do. Mankind was created by God. They’re busy thinking that they’re able to be above God. They’re line of thinking is so far off base. When the person or persons reach their destination some will want to be where the person or persons are. Not all should be apart of the journey. There are some who really need to be left behind. Of course we’ll face the competitors. Some are so determined to get their competition down that they’re refusing to think clearly and are running the risk of losing their freedom.

“There is freedom within the mind.” by: (Tanikka Paulk) To experience the joy of obtaining what can be used for good. There’s goodness when it may appear as if there’s lots of darkness. “When one has been lied on and criticized they’re in the process of further advancement.” (Tanikka Paulk). They’re not after the mediocre, it’s the ones who are headed so far up they’re trying to prevent from getting to their destination, there are some who to insist on controlling individuals lives. There will be light so therefore no person should feel hopelessness. There will be times when we;ll feel the fatigue but the rest can allow persons to proceed once again.

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