One Becoming so Many Isn’t Logical

If a nation believes that trying to make one person become so many then the nation will find that their efforts will result in problems. There isn’t any logic in trying to make a person become others. No person will be the same although there may be some “similarities.” Any person thinking that they’re able to become another isn’t mentally in tact. We should make attempts to be self. The individuals who insist on making a person become another won’t receive what they’re looking for. In fact what they’re trying to do can result in being incarcerated.

The Desire for so many to revenge has lead the individuals in situations which is proven to be difficult to come out of. “Logical thinking” can be achieved but some are so power driven that they’re unable to reason and think logically. The desire to invade in areas in which there should be no invasion will result in severe consequences. There should be no need to try and make any person become another. What is just is. What they’re perceived isn’t so. To think that any person can be one person today and another tomorrow demonstrates insanity.

Some slipped into fantasy and have difficulties adjusting to reality. There are some who won’t reason because they’re afraid of being wrong. I’m “myself” and for some they’ll come back and say, “yourself.” If there is one then to make the one become more isn’t logical at all. Persons wanting to rule over persons in order to generated what they desire won’t generate what’s desired but will cause further damage. “Allowing Persons to be Will Demonstrate More Effectiveness and Cause More Stability but if There’s Continuous Efforts to Make a Person be Another Then the Results Will be Won’t Isn’t Desired at all.’ By: (Tanikka Paulk)

The lies told and the misguided information lurking about could bring a person down but if their position is whole then the persons looking to cause a removal will not prosper. So many can not accept what has been destined. Some are simply in denial not willing to listen to any “reasoning.” A lot of folks want to lead the person they’ve perceived to be a pushover to areas which will add no value. Some unfortunately desire to see certain persons fail instead of achieving further. Can’t change a person into another. Nope!

“What was and is Chosen Shall not be Removed It’s Destined to be.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Don’t Have to Look far at all

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What oh What are They Doing?

Oh my ‘goodness.” Some just can’t resist coming up against the writer, blogger founder and advocate named Tanikka Paulk. I’m going to explain just what they are doing. Let’s see. Altering my information, Harassing me=(Tanikka Paulk), bulling and inside of my devices causing havoc. How can any claim good when they’re inside of devices, altering information, and sending hatefulness to my devices? Chuckles. They’re making some inmates appear to be angelic. Really? There are some who continue to be so irritating but I’m refusing to give the persons my undivided attention. “Some Need to Rehabilitated and There are way too Many not Receiving What’s Needed.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

They will attack, bully, harass and disrupt. They are mean, hateful, and will send all sorts of insults through my devices. They have altered “my information” and continue to monitor my every move. Perhaps soon enough there will be the supplying of consequences so that the individuals receive the help that’s needed. There are some who should be incarcerated because of their refusal to stop committing cyber crimes and other crimes. No person deserves to be severely bullied. There are a lot of youth who had to deal with all sorts of bullies. Some have taken their lives. So unfortunate that so many continue to be nuisances.

There should be more willing to create a better society. There are so many who insist on being problems and rarely are finding the solutions. Some really don’t deserve to be in my circle at all. Through the many observations, I’ve discovered that no matter what a person does, There will always be some individuals who insist on coming up against certain persons who want to become better individuals. There are some who deserve to be sent on the other side of the world because they’re not going to stop being evil. “The Injustices are Real and how Many are Willing to Make Sure the Injustices Receive the Attention the Injustices Need?” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Competitors Just Can’t Handle It!


It appears as if competition just can’t get a grip on it. They’re unable to try and cause discouragement and the tactics used are some of the most ridiculous tactics ever. Competition can become quite risky when individuals are addicted to competing or are overly competitive. Some will tell all sorts of lies in order to stop their competition from excelling. No matter how many attacks there are Tanikka Paulk will continue as long as God the Father of Jesus Christ permits. A rough journey of course but also a learning process. The very ones who may think that they’re able to bring me=(Tanikka Paulk) down will find that I’m no ordinary. That’s Right! Chosen and that’s why so many work so hard to come up against me=(Tanikka Paulk).

The competitors may continue to take many risks because either they’re insanely disturbed or they’re just not pleased with their own potential. If the journey is meant to be then the person will continue. Despite what has occurred and may continue to occur. I’m not intimidated by all of the hecklers who continue to try to cause distractions. My journey was ordained and it is good. To be frank what they’re doing proves just where I (Tanikka Paulk) stand. My position is what so many want to be. I’m being everyday that I’m here. “What Causes so Many to Become so Disturbed? Greatness, Higher up, Envy.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Not all will be able to tolerate hearing or seeing individuals get ahead. Some will become so angry and want to cause harm to their competition. The best thing to do is to keep moving. Don’t allow what’s being said to cause a cease. So many have been challenged on their journey but continued on and then there are some who stopped their journey because of all the pressure. They wouldn’t bother with the mediocre. It’s the one who has achieved and continues to achieve in which so many are so interested in. “No Matter how Many Lies are Told. God Knows What is What Anyway.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

It’s unfortunate that so many think that claiming the work will actually create a gain. Their character will be exposed. The true colors will come out. The ones who continue to try and knock me=(Tanikka Paulk) down are low life’s. “Yes, they’re not even worth wasting my time on, they’re behavior is an indication of just where I’m headed.” (Tanikka Paulk). As I’m continued to be watched which is another indication of just how important my journey is. I’ve gotten used to the watchers of course some will declare that they’re observing but really?

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There Will be Plenty of Reasons to Scratch my Head

Just thinking about how some are so irritating can be like a migraine which keeps coming back. Why are so many so out of control? There are many reasons why. For some they’re not receiving what ever it is that they want. Some do so because of the situations they’ve stepped into. There are some who do so because they’re trying to prevent what they may not want to occur. To ponder on the best ways to get around such annoying incidents is necessary. To discover the most peaceful ways will help “create calmness.” Too many are in tuned with where a person is going and what they’re planning on doing with the rest of their lives.

What we decide to do is choice whether right or wrong. Too many wanting to be in control and not realizing how they’re sabotaging their own lives. There’s way too much focus on one’s private “life” which can result in some not getting a handle on their own lives. We’re facing troubling times. Too many causing destruction and not even concerned about their own well being. No privacy at all. There are on lookers right now. Watching to see what will occur next. So many may feel uncomfortable being watched at all times. Can be annoying and to not only be watched but to have to deal with all sorts of behaviors can be a nuisance.

There are days when shutting down is necessary. Not having to deal with all of the drama. Of course there’s no way of getting around problems but some are creating more and more “problems.” In the long run doing so will cause more headaches for the individuals. There are some who refuse to just stop being a nuisance. When the time comes the actions could receive severe punishment. Why can’t some just live their own lives and stop dictating others folks lives? My isn’t everyone’s business.

If we’re not careful what so many may try to do can become frustrating which can lead to a breakdown. Some do not understand how they’ve placed themselves in sticky situations. Some simply don’t know how to come out of it. They’ve stepped in areas in which there was no invitation. Have sabotaged what can be used as good. Caused so much chaos that there’s more troubles then there are positives. Not saying that more positivity can’t “be developed.” “Perhaps some should consider how destructive they are.” (Tiki) Tanikka Paulk

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