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There comes a time when what people say isn’t a priority. Not all of the gibber should be embedded with in my mind. Nope! There will be a lot said especially when there’s “accomplishments.” Not every Person will be on their best behavior and someday’s there could be some who run their mouths like the runs. Like a soar stomach which need to be emptied. In order to keep sane there will need to be a decision to not listen to every word that is expressed. There are some who look for reactions but most of the time they’re looking for a response or attention. Every person wants attention there isn’t a person alive who isn’t seeking some form of attention.

In order to avoid altercations turning the other cheek is necessary but not always easy to do. There are times when saying what one feels is necessary. There are some who will continue to try and push a person’s buttons. For so many they’re really seeking information in which may not be easily obtained. If the info. isn’t easy to obtain then perhaps it’s not meant for folks to know. Of course so many will try to take jabs because they’re seeking drama which can incur lots of views for writers and a giant audience for networks. “Covering” the ears can help to generate peace. A little drama o.k. but too much can be quite annoying.

If a person is unwilling to supply the information then it’s better to not push it. Too many people end up being in situations which can be avoided if they just mind their own business. If we’re not minding our business then there can be more problems then we’re “prepared to handle.” Just there are times when simply tuning out the noisemakers generates so much peace. Not being ┬ábothered with their antics can allow one to be more productive. It’s pretty annoying when so many are after certain individuals.Wanting to know where some are headed and what they’re up to.

Imagine being watched every minute. Being placed up under a microscope. Yes, the paparazzi can watch for long periods and it appears as if some never stop going after certain individuals. If one expects to have some form of privacy then they’ll have to reveal what is wanted and hide the rest. They’re always on the job trying to seek some juicey gossip. Trying to find out what certain persons are doing and when they’re doing their business. “All Eyes on the Gifts.”(Tanikka Paulk).

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