Keep Smiling and Keep Going That’s What I’m Doing

There will be a lot of people will be quite challenging but there are so many ways to get around such individuals. The first thing to do is to have a positive mindset. To think about the ahead and that what’s behind. Remember if they’re trying to pull down then they’re behind. Could be on my behind. It appears as such. There are a lot of people who aren’t quite confident enough to think for themselves and may refuse to try and “discover” their own ideas. They’ll try to hinder a person from getting ahead but if there is enough determination then there is are ways to move pass the persons. So many become intimidated by what so many continue to try and do. For some they’re not quite on the road of stability meaning their mindset is off.

It’s very important to proceed although the adversity is present. The ones who continue to give others difficulties are either seeking attention or just wanting to irritate the persons. There are some who believe that if they annoy a person enough then they’ll receive whatever it is they’re seeking. If we stop to pay attention to every noisemaker then we’ll end up being far behind. The noise will occur because there are some who can not resist trying to get next to another. They’ll say whatever it is they want to say but eventually their day will come. It’s best to continue with the “accomplishments” and not be in tuned with what outsiders are trying to do. If what they’re doing or saying adds no value then don’t bother.

Too many people end up losing out on “not only opportunities” but they’ll lose their whole identity because they’re so in tuned with trying to destroy others. Some are overreacting and will become mentally unstable because of their thinking. The problem is that so many continue to try and compete in areas in which they have no business competing in. They’ll come up against others and find that they’re in a sticky situation. The key is to continue on the right track and not be consumed with individuals who refuse to add any positivity. Some are so miserable and want others to feel the same way so they’ll continue their antics day after day. In the end they’ll end up destroying themselves.

For some they’re so use to being at the top and can’t stand to see others rise up. For some they could be disturbed. Not wanting to be left behind so they’ll try to alter one’s perception in order to gain control or power. “The powerful one if the Creator which is the Father of Jesus Christ.” There are some who may never find the results they’re after because of the way that they think. Their line of thinking is the cause of the individuals being way behind. If they’re continuously trying to knock a person down then the person is on the right track. “Just keep the smile and continue on the journey and eventually there will be a finish.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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