Have Enough Confidence to Excel

There’s no denying that trying to accomplish goals can be difficult depending on the environments and conditions in which the tasks occur. Although there could be some difficulties, there shouldn’t be a reason to cease moving forward, some will try to create discouragement but do not become dismayed by the behaviors. Be assertive with the ventures. Of course what I’m saying here may be easy to say but don’t allow any person to stop the growth. Not all will be pleased with certain individuals excelling but that’s something they’ll have to deal with. No matter how many roadblocks are put in front of a person. Any person can continue on if they’re able and willing. “The determination” must be there and the confidence as well.

Although there will be some who display erratic behavior there should a continuing on. Too many end up ceasing their goals because of what others have and will continue to say. There’s a lot of hate and perhaps some aren’t hating at all but are disappointed with their own “progress.” For some it’s not easy witnessing others getting ahead. There are some who will continue to try and knock others down. Not all will be pleased to help with the elevation. It’s quite unfortunate that so many are discouraged by the actions of cynical people. There are some so determined to get others down that they’ll spend the majority of their lives finding ways to do so. Move ahead anyway. Do not be dismayed by the disorderly behaviors some have no clue what it’s like to go through so many storms and still accomplish.

Remember that there will always be at least one supporter. Yes, some would prefer more but having one person on one’s side is certainly better than none at all, keep going despite the conditions. The cynics may continue trying to cause discouragement but try to stay focused. Some prefer to cause disruptions for others because they’re either insecure or could just be bad people. Whatever the reasons are continue on. Perhaps listening to motivational messages will help. No matter how many are on attack. “Remain confident and believe in self.”(Tanikka Paulk)

“Light Continues Despite What Occurs.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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At That Point now

There comes a time when what people say isn’t a priority. Not all of the gibber should be embedded with in my mind. Nope! There will be a lot said especially when there’s “accomplishments.” Not every Person will be on their best behavior and someday’s there could be some who run their mouths like the runs. Like a soar stomach which need to be emptied. In order to keep sane there will need to be a decision to not listen to every word that is expressed. There are some who look for reactions but most of the time they’re looking for a response or attention. Every person wants attention there isn’t a person alive who isn’t seeking some form of attention.

In order to avoid altercations turning the other cheek is necessary but not always easy to do. There are times when saying what one feels is necessary. There are some who will continue to try and push a person’s buttons. For so many they’re really seeking information in which may not be easily obtained. If the info. isn’t easy to obtain then perhaps it’s not meant for folks to know. Of course so many will try to take jabs because they’re seeking drama which can incur lots of views for writers and a giant audience for networks. “Covering” the ears can help to generate peace. A little drama o.k. but too much can be quite annoying.

If a person is unwilling to supply the information then it’s better to not push it. Too many people end up being in situations which can be avoided if they just mind their own business. If we’re not minding our business then there can be more problems then we’re “prepared to handle.” Just there are times when simply tuning out the noisemakers generates so much peace. Not being  bothered with their antics can allow one to be more productive. It’s pretty annoying when so many are after certain individuals.Wanting to know where some are headed and what they’re up to.

Imagine being watched every minute. Being placed up under a microscope. Yes, the paparazzi can watch for long periods and it appears as if some never stop going after certain individuals. If one expects to have some form of privacy then they’ll have to reveal what is wanted and hide the rest. They’re always on the job trying to seek some juicey gossip. Trying to find out what certain persons are doing and when they’re doing their business. “All Eyes on the Gifts.”(Tanikka Paulk).

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The Lessons are There and Sometimes There Needs to be a Closer Look

Life on earth is filled with all sorts of lessons. We’re continuously learning. There is something to learn each day. Some may not want to be in the learning process at all times. There’s so much to “discovery.” Keeping an open mind is necessary and there are times when we may not feel so over joyed about discovering the new. There are many reasons why we should try to learn more. There’s all sorts of cultures to be apart of and within the cultures there are lessons. God continues to teach all a lesson and a lesson doesn’t actually mean that there is trouble. Lessons can help create a better person and can also help build strength. Of course not all would like to learn certain lessons but learning is a good thing.

Sometimes we’ll need to look deeper in order to find what it is we need to find. To seek out and to take in what is necessary. Some areas of life may not be so clear. It’s not always easy “to understand” what is taking place at first. If there is a need to discover then the discoveries will occur. Some may choose to tune out the lesson because of not wanting to go through the trials. Going through the battles can be rough but we’re capable of getting through. There are hard lessons and lessons which will add value to our lives. There are some lessons which remain in our membranes for quite sometime.

The lessons which are learned could be a gateway to better living. Rising above the challenges and taking on situations which we may not have been prepared for earlier. There are some who may not be in any “position” to give a lesson. In a lot of cases what’s occurring is apart of some man made punishment. Yes, we’ll learn a lot in school, there are just somethings that school can not teach. Life lessons must be experienced. We’ll learn about life lessons outside of the classroom. “The world can be quite harsh and some of the lessons can cause a lot of heartache but in time the wounds will heal.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Every lesson is a way to grow. There should be a desire to grow and to become better in someway. Some are afraid of any growth at all. There are some lessons that we’ll like to forget. There are some people who we’ll like to avoid. They’re tactics may not be the best course of action. Not all should project the lesson. There are some taking on positions in which they’re not qualified for. There will be some lessons which are extremely “beneficial.” There are some we probably can do without.

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Reasons to Purchase Investment Properties in Orlando Florida

Orlando Florida is a great place to vacation and not only to vacation to also consider investing in. There are a lot of great locations in Orlando and the properties are as expensive as Miami Florida or other locations. So many vacationers take to Orlando because Orlando has a lot of entertainment and amusement parks. There’s so much to do in Orlando and there’s plenty of restaurants as well. The properties that are in Orlando are not only inexpensive but are also large parties. There’s plenty of amenities available as well.

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The homes purchased can be used as vacation properties which mean that vacationers can use the properties while on vacation. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to purchase a family home property so that the entire family can settle in while on vacation in Orlando. One can purchase about 4-5 properties for under 3 million and still have some money left over to do any renovations is necessary. Perhaps consider purchasing the properties in different locations and it wouldn’t hurt tp purchase near Disney. Properties near Disney can be rented out for more because a lot of vacationers would love to be near the amusement parks.

It’s a great idea to purchase properties that have pools and an entertainment section. Families would love to have access to entertainment areas so that the kids do not become bored. If possible having some outdoor entertainment would be a great idea as well. There are properties which have 5 or more bedrooms and bathes and are under Three hundred Thousand. Some rent out timeshares and may not consider that renting homes will bring just as much comfort. Not to say that time shares aren’t great but sometimes vacationers would like a change and want to be in a home which will add more comfort.

Most vacationers would like to vacation when the kids are out of school and on vacation. The months where more vacationers travel to different destinations are called peaked months. There will be more visitations within the peak months. So when considering renting out the vacation homes consider the possibility of revenue dropping in the months which aren’t high. There’s certainly plenty of great reasons to vacation in Orlando and there’s also plenty of reasons to make investments in Orlando Florida. The cost of living is lower and there’s so much to discover there.

There’s so many investors who consider investing elsewhere and the investors may have their reasons but if the investors want to get more bang for their buck then purchasing in Orlando will certainly offer savings. There’s also a lot of room to expand if necessary. There’s a lot of land available in Orlando and a lot of timeshare owners are considering buying. “When investing in any area there should be careful consideration before doing so.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Be at Peace By Eliminating the Junk

There are times when one really can avoid being in a stressful situation. The best way to do so is to remove the toxins. Avoid spending long periods with toxic individuals and in toxic “environments.” There will be some who will intentionally try to cause stress for others. If the environments which are riddled with toxins are online then spend less time online. Friendships shouldn’t consist of individuals who are trying to cause problems for others. Friends try to help one another and encourage one another. If they’re not doing so then they’re not friends and can be considered as toxic.

“A lot of people” may end up being under pressure because they continue to allow persons to cause havoc in their lives. There should be no tolerance for such behavior because individuals will continue doing what they’re allowed to do. There should be removals. If they’re on social media then there should consider blocking or avoiding the individuals altogether. No person should allow harassment and should report bullying as well as harassment. There are some who continue to be bothersome. They’ll continue attacking others perhaps to gain their attention or to get the individuals to cease whatever it is that the persons are displeased with.

“If the behaviors continue then there should be complaints filed and in some cases the persons may need to be sued.” Peace has to be generated somehow. It’s really sad that so many choose to harass others and not spend their lives engaging in positive activities. For some they haven’t yet discovered how to generate peace. There is no reason that any person should be bullied or constantly taunted on social media platforms or in any other area. The platforms should be held accountable if the bullying continues. Be at peace by limiting time spent online. Don’t allow any person to continuously cause distress in anyway.

Find peace and do what’s necessary in order to live peacefully. There are some who may not understand when communicated. If the law steps in then perhaps the individuals will stop doing what they’re doing. Yes, there was a time when navigating online wasn’t a hassle but these days so many take to platforms just to harass others. No need to engage in such activities and if there are no solutions then take another course of action. Find the most effective ways to remain sane.

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My Identity Belongs to me

That’s right! I’m not going to be labeled a victim but I’m certainly being victimized. There are some who may not feel comfortable in their own skin. Some could be suffering some sort of identity crisis. If any person tries to take a person’s name and information then the persons are committing identity theft. If they’re trying to access emails which they have no authority to then they’re committing identity and if they’re altering information online then they’re committing cyber crimes. Some may not be concerned about doing such things because they’re so use to getting away with trying to victimize others. There are some who feel that they’re so powerful that they can just take over not only a persons’s identity but try to take over their entire “life.”

“My identity (Tanikka Paulk)” has been stolen and the crooks are individuals who some may not expect to be so criminal. That’s right. They;ll go all into a person’s information, try to duplicate the person or persons, and will try to take on their identity. Some could be pretending to impersonate the person but are really trying to discredit the person. That is me. They’re like wolves of course but soon enough they’ll receive their punishment. Who do they think they are? Just thinking they can take on an identity and continue to cause trouble. Common sense should have told the individuals that an email isn’t there’s because the email address will have the person’s name and other identifying information.

Person’s committing identity could be order to pay a fine and receive jail time. “The ones who commit cyber crimes and mail tampering could be sentenced to federal prison and if they’re career criminals or apart of organized crime then the persons should go to federal prison.” There could be persons apart of the NBA who are committing such crimes. If the prosecutors had no problem sending Michael Vick to prison then the prosecutors shouldn’t have nay problem sending NBA players and others who participated in such criminal activity. 10 years could be their sentencing.

There are some who enter into the criminal world and may not know how to come out due to desperation. Some will continue until they’re put behind bars. There are some who may not understand exactly how they’re actions can not only laid the persons in prison but could destroy an entire nation. There are some who do such things in order to gain and some simply don’t  have any common sense. It’s obvious that there are a lot of bad people in the world but there are some who are just use to being powerful mainly because of money. Money can not buy everything. “My Identity was and is Stolen but I’m Advocating to get it Back.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Apr 13, 2016 – My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m the founder, creator, and organizer of ‘The Remarkable Person Project.’ I’m a writer and blogger. A mother of 5 Sons Named Christopher, Corey, Cornelius. Courtney and Cameron Paulk. 

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Tanikka Paulk

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“Oh yes. The Crab Mentality is Real. Be on Alert. Still Blessed.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Keep Smiling and Keep Going That’s What I’m Doing

There will be a lot of people will be quite challenging but there are so many ways to get around such individuals. The first thing to do is to have a positive mindset. To think about the ahead and that what’s behind. Remember if they’re trying to pull down then they’re behind. Could be on my behind. It appears as such. There are a lot of people who aren’t quite confident enough to think for themselves and may refuse to try and “discover” their own ideas. They’ll try to hinder a person from getting ahead but if there is enough determination then there is are ways to move pass the persons. So many become intimidated by what so many continue to try and do. For some they’re not quite on the road of stability meaning their mindset is off.

It’s very important to proceed although the adversity is present. The ones who continue to give others difficulties are either seeking attention or just wanting to irritate the persons. There are some who believe that if they annoy a person enough then they’ll receive whatever it is they’re seeking. If we stop to pay attention to every noisemaker then we’ll end up being far behind. The noise will occur because there are some who can not resist trying to get next to another. They’ll say whatever it is they want to say but eventually their day will come. It’s best to continue with the “accomplishments” and not be in tuned with what outsiders are trying to do. If what they’re doing or saying adds no value then don’t bother.

Too many people end up losing out on “not only opportunities” but they’ll lose their whole identity because they’re so in tuned with trying to destroy others. Some are overreacting and will become mentally unstable because of their thinking. The problem is that so many continue to try and compete in areas in which they have no business competing in. They’ll come up against others and find that they’re in a sticky situation. The key is to continue on the right track and not be consumed with individuals who refuse to add any positivity. Some are so miserable and want others to feel the same way so they’ll continue their antics day after day. In the end they’ll end up destroying themselves.

For some they’re so use to being at the top and can’t stand to see others rise up. For some they could be disturbed. Not wanting to be left behind so they’ll try to alter one’s perception in order to gain control or power. “The powerful one if the Creator which is the Father of Jesus Christ.” There are some who may never find the results they’re after because of the way that they think. Their line of thinking is the cause of the individuals being way behind. If they’re continuously trying to knock a person down then the person is on the right track. “Just keep the smile and continue on the journey and eventually there will be a finish.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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