The Uphill Battle as a Writer and Blogger etc.

There are many challenges that come along with Writing and Blogging. The greatest challenges is the competition. So many are so in tuned with competing it’s as if they’ve lost their minds. No matter how troublesome the career path can be. There is no stopping until the time is right. There is rewards with the career path but getting to the greater rewards may take sometime. There may be setbacks but through “continuous action” a writer and blogger can become quite successful. There’s a writer who received lots of wealth but not without going through many challenges. The writer touched based on how so many refuse to tell others about the difficulties that come along with writing.

Some may perceive writing as an easy career but for so many the career path is quite stressful and the reasons they’re hanging in is because they’re in love with the “career path.” Not every person will be able to deal with all of the adversity which will come along with traveling on a writing journey. There’s a lot of successful bloggers and some are highly successful because of the way they’ve chose to blog. The celebrity bloggers are the ones who will make a hefty sum because so many are addicted to drama. Wanting to know what’s occurring in celebrities lives.

There has to be passion for the career. A lot of patience as well. Some may become fatigued while trying to accomplish certain goals and that’s why rest is so important. Is quite difficult to become success when there is little rest being achieved. There’s nothing wrong with taking rest. Rest is advised by doctors and is also discussed in the Bible. That’s just how important rest is. Even writers who work online need their rest. Trying to accomplish too much at one time can incur a burnout. Being passionate about any craft will produce “some form of success.” Loving the work being created is a plus.

Although it’s difficult to be challenged often. The thoughts of the rewards generate a smile. Eventually all of the efforts put in will pay off. The key is to continue going even when there’s doubt from others. Not everyone will appreciate the gifts which were supplied before birth. Some will be criticized for their gift. Writing is a gift and some may think they’re incapable of being a great writer but writing is not only a gift but acquired. There are courses in which a lot of writers or persons who want to be writers can take. A lot of writers choose to take creative writing courses. “Don’t Give up on any Craft Because of What the Critics Will say. Continue to aim Higher.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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