Staying Hopeful in a Society That’s Broken

There’s a lot that we’ll have to go through in life. Some of the issues can be solved right away while others will take some time. No matter what we go through we should continue to remain grounded and be filled with hopefulness. Avoiding despair is very important so that we don’t fall into depression. Unfortunately we live a very dysfunctional world that can try to break us down. Take away hope if we allow society to do so.

Being able to escape from the madness is important so that we’re not disconnected with ourselves. It’s important to find ways to stay “uplifted” in trying times is a must. A broken society can break “the people” as well. That’s why it’s important to be surrounded by some light. The world can seem dark and cold at times. With so many lacking compassion. It’s important to supply ourselves with “hopefulness.” Loving self helps alleviate some feelings of despair.

A lot of people feel hopeless because of the many challenges that they must face. We’re able to avoid challenges but we can find ways to deal with the challenges better. Meditating and reading scriptures is a great way to er when having to deal within┬áthe stresses within society. Being able to just “reflect” is very important. There’s a lot of motivational videos that can help get us through the tough times. Staying whole is important. If we dwell on societies issues often then we’ll start to feel drained. There’s always hope even when it seems as if the world is turning upside down.

Some become depressed with societies issues because they’res so settling down. We shouldn’t dwell on society issues too long. The dwelling can become frustrating. We should all our cares behind. Of course it’s difficult to not think about all of the problems that are in and around society but we must find activities that will occupy the mind.

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Why do so Many Lack Compassion

What caused so many to lack compassion? It would be helpful if society had more compassionate people. It appears as if kindness has gone out of the window. The more we”re in contact with aggressive and negative people. The more our lives will be disrupted. We will soon become angry and that’s why we should distance ourselves from the ones who are always negative. Everyone has something to deal with and some just choose to take all of their frustrations out on others.

Perhaps some should consider putting a smile on and trying to be happy. If some effort was put in to generating kindness. We would notice a more stable society. Too many angry people. Some always yelling something negative but rarely engage in positivity. No one should spend lots of time in an environment where there’s no kindness. What about love? What about peace?

It’s difficult for so many to be apart of “growth” when they’re constantly in contact with unruly individuals. Just taking a nice long break creates rejuvenation. It appears that on one hand the world has gotten more chaotic. With more love there would be less war. We simply don’t have to be surounded by madness. If only one person is filled with love and we’re surrounded by their love. We certainly can find that we’ll be in a better position.

Too much hate. Hate will never be able to solve a problem. Compassion solves numerous problems. Just a simple small can generate some sunshine. Imagine being a room filled with angry people. That’s just how it is sometimes. Not an effective environment. That’s why we have so many issues within society. A lot of angry youth destroying property and ending up in the juvenile justice system.

More care is necessary. A whole lot of love will create transformations. As long as there’s more hate than love the we will find continuous outbreaks of rage. How can we generate more love and compassion? We can do so by supplying more. Loweing the crime rates and overcrowding of prisons by displaying more compassion. Allowing love to fill a room and just flow all about. We certainly can use it.

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Growth Despite of the Resistance

It’s important to have the ability to overcome. To “rise above” all the negativity and hate. Elevation occurs when focus on the results and not the problem. If we listen to every critic we will stay behind. If we take what is needed through constructive criticism then we’ll fair better. There be the so called haters. They’re a bunch of whinners who should be focusing on elevation as well but they’re also useful.

If we don’t have haters then we’re not doing well enough. Naysayers and critics are a sign that we’re headed somewhere or we’re already somewhere. Sometimes we end up accomplishing what others tried but did not succeed while trying to accomplish the tasks. They may become angry but they’re really angry at themselves. We concentrate on the hate.

If we focus more on rising then we’ll be in better shape. The noise makers can not dictate “growth.” No amount of criticism should stop the “determined ones.” Let the critics use their chatter boxes. Soon they’ll realize how wrong they are. So many had to face critics and still are. Every time we look around one keeps poping up in our environment. Noise that’s about all they’ll supply.

We may find that working online can draw a lot of critics. Shine and they will start yelling but the yells shouldn’t hinder progress. If we be still and do nothing then we’ll avoid the critics but doing nothing won’t incur progession. There will be no financial growth or even spiritual growth.

The distractors can’t win if we don’t allow their distractions to create a spiral. The words will flow about and that’s something we’re unable to control. We’ll be talked about and some will try to take over but with firmness we’re able to swiftly move about. The concentration shouldn’t be on the haters. Haters talk and rarely put words into action. We’re given abilities that we may not know we have at first.

Allowing what others have to say to stop or hinder growth is ridiculous. The attacks will come but we’re supplied with the tools to handle the attacks. If we listen to the positives then the negatives won’t bring us down. Focusing more on the elevator will take us to a place where we’re able to generate peace. It’s not about where we are today. It’s about where we’re going.

We’ll go further when we decide to leave the haters where they are and soar. Rising up may not be easy but it’s certainly possible. Possible is a sign that accomplishments will occur. Thinking differently can help remove the toxins that can keep all from proceeding.

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