Reform Transform and ReBuild

Oh what can so many say about society? There’s a lot to say but there has to be more to it than speaking about the troubling society. Starting with the “social issues.” There’s plenty alright. Probably too many to even think about tackling. We often find ourselves going in circles. Dealing with a vicious cycle. The same old methods that don’t work being utilized. Well, will society get any better, not with the mentalitythat’s within society?

What can we do?

1. Change the way we Think.

2. Assist in Some way.

3. Use Compassion.

4. Display Empathy.

5. Encourage the Youth to Live Their Dreams.

6. Give.

7. Be More Supportive.

8. Stop Being Overly Competitive.

9. Remove the Crminal Mindset.

10. Add More Protection.

Society is riddled with crime. It’s not just in one state. There’s criminal activity within society and there’s plenty of online criminal activity. Cyber attacks are criminal. Perhaps adding more protection for citizems. Especially law abiding citizens. The ones who vote and are eligible to vote. It’s funny how citizens are mistreated. Prisoners may seem as if they have more rights.

Those methods create a harsher society. Society won’t get any better with all the corruption. Political corruption and the very ones who are suppose to assist are engaging in some of the abuse. How can citizens do right when the law is refusing to do so?

There’s all sorts of unethicsl practices going on. Racial divisions and religious wars. Cyber bullying and abuse within media circuits. No wonder society is in a fix. The whole United States needs a makeover. All of the dysfunctions in office. Perhaps the mentally disturbed can solve some of the social issues. It appears the ones appointed to do so are busy focusing on things that they shouldn’t be so focused on.

While the criminals are lurking about committing crimes. The law abiding citizens are being harassed and attacked. Well, perhaps one day society will get better, as long as the actions that are taking place now continue. We’ll continue to see a decline. No unification just continued disconnections. Just thinking about all of the issues within society can generate a headache. Prayer warriors need to pray continuously.

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Believe That the Climb is Worth it

Trying to get ahead isn’t a simple task. Not at all. There’s so many challenges one must face. Sometimes the process will seem quite slow but that doesn’t that we can’t get to the mountain top. Some days there will need to be long hours put in. The fatigue will set in. If we focus on the road again and consider how far we’ve come. Things will go a lot smoother.

We’ll have to make our way through the crowd. There will be a lot of noise but the noise can’t stop the “determined.” Yes indeed, some won’t like where we’re headed, that’s quite alright. No one can please everyone. Greatness isn’t achieved by not believing in ourselves. Being confident is a good thing. Being confident doesn’t mean arrogant. We must desire to want more and to do better.

Anyone who desires to want more out of life can achieve greatness. We shouldn’t just settle but strive to reach way up! Not looking back just going, moving, and “Making Things Happen.” We will make mistakes along the way. A lot in fact but that doesn’t mean that failure has occurred. We fail when we refuse to try.

We will have some support. Perhaps not as much at first but in time. The cheers will surround us and we’ll go further than before. Expanding our minds and accomplishing goals we’ve never dreamed we would accomplish. We simply have to think on higher levels. Go beyond. Climb with grace. Knowing that one day we will be on top of the mountain.

Not just ourselves but helping others get there as well. Coming back for some who need a helping hand. All the hardwork and pain will be worth the climb. We have to continuously encourage ourselves. Just keep going. Through it all. We’ll be stronger, wiser, and happier. There’s a lot to gain. We can’t focus on what we’ll lose.

Each day that we’re here. We have an opportunity to develop. We should all want to be apart of growth. In time we will be closer to the top. Never consider giving up. If one way doesn’t work then try another. There’s a solution even when we can’t see one at first. We’re conquerors. Remaining “hopeful” is very important. Connecting with others who have no problem being encouraging helps.

Staying motivated is important. It’s important to be surrounded by positive people. Engaging in positive communications. We seem to make more progress if we feel relaxed and filled with positivity. Tune out the harsh critics. If we keep believing we can and will reach the mountain top. More and more progress will be made.

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The Reachable Mountain top

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I’m Afraid Society Isn’t Ready for Some Common Ground

Sometimes just looking at the word society is insane. Thinking about all the injustices and all of the dysfunctional behaviors. The good thing is. It appears that the youth are behaving better than the adults. Hooray! If we think society is in a fix try cyber space. Oh my gosh. Did they just throw all the loonies in cyber space or what? Yes, they’re on social media, let’s just say that Facebook seems pretty calm.

What can we do

We can and should pray. That’s about it. We certainly can’t change how others think and we can’t be held accountable for their actions. “To Each His or Her Own.” Absolutely. Perhaps “rebuilding” our circle. Being more cautious when connecting. We may not be able to change the dysfunctions in society but we can control how we think and what doesn’t deserve our attention. No attention for the rude, insulting, disrespectful. Just going about our way and helping the kind and compassionate ones.

If they’re being called on stage, their names being called, and they’re receiving lots of gigs they’re probably the kind and compassionate bunch. Who needs to bother with the ones who dish out stress? Why add more stress in our lives? The make up of society these days has created more introverts. Makes my stomach churn.

Adult bullying and childish behavior. Some unnecessary stuff. Oh, oh, oh. Individuals controlling others from cyber space. Absolutely insane. What? That’s just how dysfunctional society is. Just a bunch of mess piled together. Let’s not talk about the racism which further disconnects two set groups of people. African Americans over there and White Americans over here. Sounds like the 60’s. Well, whoever said that racism was over, if they did then they lied? It’s difficult to keep cool when there’s a whole bunch of insults, racist remarks, and attacks coming at a person but prayer certainly helps.

Imagine how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would deal with some of these people. “We Shall Overcome.” The thoughts are, when, but when? All the marches and rallies and we’re still in a pickle. That’s ┬áright. Still fighting the old good fight. Not to mention same race racism and discrimination. With all the injustices. It’s hard to believe that there’s any existing functional people.

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Resistance When Trying to Elevate

The only ones who can avoid being criticized or avoid the cynics are the ones who do nothing. When we’re trying to move up. We’ll come across a lot of resistance. Some aren’t pleased with observing others making some headway. So of course they’ll try to stop whatever it is courageous people try to do.

Consider the Source

If individuals are trying to shake up and rattle a vision or dream then indication on how large the vision and dream is. Being sidelines doesn’t generate much. Making attempts is more than a lot of people are willing to do. The noise will carry on but we should move forward either way. We can not allow what others or think about us to hinder progress. Some are unhappy not only with their lives but with themselves. We simply can’t take on everyone’s problems. If they’re unable to encourage others then they’re about of the critics are cynics. They’ll be waiting ti try and make someone’s life miserable.

Move Through the Crowd

It’s important that we keep going. We’re already aware that there will be some who aren’t pleased with any “movement.” The ones who have competitive spirits will try just anything to create a stop. Goes to show that there’s a lot of talent out there that so many are envious of. No need to worry about noise makers. They’re wasting time making noise but what else are they accomplishing? Too busy trying to dismantle other people’s dreams.

Some chaos will occur but the chaos shouldn’t stop determination. The objective to cause visionaries to stop having the vision to open doors of opportunity. Some are more concerned with what pertains to their group. Lacking compassion. If we have faith then all that gibberish means absolutely nothing. How can noise makers contribute anything but noise? Not worth the time to even give attention to a bunch of nonsense.

“Don’t be a Crab.” Appreciate the Gifts the We all Have.” ( TanikkaPaulk)

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That’s a Good Indicator

There’s no need to be doubtful because if there’s haters then ding, ding, ding. Progress is occurring. Something great is happening and the ones who have even a little envy will come out like wolves in the woods. Haters are great for success. They’re the ones who will let us know whatever is on their minds. We can be reassured that we’re on the right track when we have haters. They won’t hold back either. They’re indicate that we’re rising up.

Yes, haters use the crab mentality, but their methods work. The tactics and tecniques motivates the visionaries and others to go harder. Technically haters don’t really hate. Well, some may actually hate, but there’s just a little envy there and they simply need to release it. We should be grateful that we have haters. Not having any haters means we’re not doing sonething right.

Even if we’ve stumbled a few times. The haters will let us know but will be silently cheering us on. The whole love hate thing. After awhile we become familiar with the haters and some may even turn into friends. Does happen. They’re the ones who watch us from afar. Every movement we make. They’re on it. They’ll even wait for the sounds of our feet hitting thr floor. Sounds creepy huh?

Well that’s what haters are all about. Some will even throw obcenities at whoever is being apart of “movement.” For some they’re more focused on war but after awhile they’ll come down and focus on something else. No mattet how disruptivd they are. We must love our haters. They’re helpful and apart of our journey. Anyone who is loved by all is doing it all wrong. Remember even Jesus was hated.

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If It’s Amazing Then There Will be Some Hating Going on

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