Undermining the Voice

When there’s a voice trying to express what so many need to hear. There’s a great disruption. Some may not be aware of the consequences of disturbing those who are ” on assignment.” Some may use deceptiveness to disconnect the voice from communicating with the audience. These occurences happen when people become insecure. Some aren’t very fond with change and not fond to have to witness some “elevating.”

“The Voice on Assignment”

No matter how hard some may try, they’re unaware of how their efforts will cause grief for those who are disruptive, after awhilethey’ll realize that their deceptive deeds are useless. Being on assignment can attract some of the meaness people. For those who are chosen. They’ll have to be alert and understand that not everyone is compassionate. Some won’t be concerned with the consequences of disrupting one on assignment.

In an effort to tarnish the voice character. People become irritated by the fact that the very person they’re trying to hinder continues on. Stringer, wiser, and more alert. Each time one uses deceptive tactics. They’ve placed themselves in a position to receive harsh criticism. No hidding behind walls. They’ll be placed in front for the dissecting of their acts.

Those who are disrupting one’s assignment are doing a disservice to so many. If the assignment includes assisting a lot of people then some will become upset with the disruptiveness. Those who need and want the assistance won’t agree with the ones that are trying interrupt the voice. Although some receive signs that what they’re doing is wrong. They’ll continue on the path because they’re believing that somehow. They’ll make some headway.

Evil doesn’t win but people will do evil anyway. In hopes that some of their efforts will cause the one on assignment to give up. What’s destined for a person will be so.Anyone trying to do something that so many preceive as not being of the norm. They’ll be ridiculed. Although the negativity will try to make its way in. There’s so many ways to block the negatives.

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Deciding not to Watch the Democratic National Convention Tonight

The first night of the Democratic National Convention was confusing. What was so confusing? The things people were saying. Some were off topic and some saying things that were downright offensive. There seemed to be little disrespect for Bernie Sanders and to be Frank he seemed a bit confused. I’m not sure where the information that was written for the speeches presented came from. It’s as if someone was playing a prank.

There were the hecklers and the crowd seemed to be antsy. The best speaker was Cory Booker.  He nailed his speech and the speech sounded pretty Presidential. Perhaps he’ll run for President in the near future. Tonight it seemed best to not tune in. After watching the Republican National Convention, which was all over the place, it was best to not tune in. Hopefully things went well. I’m just stun about how many mishaps that took place on both sides.

As if the politics has gone down the drain. Oh what embarrassment that took place for both parties. How can they bounce back? There appears to be some very irate voters. Wondering for the next President will do to generate a stability. We simply don’t know. Perhaps tomorrow will be better and people will be calmer.

Some were dismayed with the chosen material that the Democratic party selected. Some interviewers addressed how unsure they were when it came to voting for Hilary Clinton. Some voters are claiming that this election may not see their vote. Seems quite disappointing. The views go down when people get tired of seeing antics after antics. Losing voters isn’t good for any candidate. I’ve never seen anything like what’s taking place now. Perhaps things will get better later on.

Losing minority votes isn’t good for any candidate and it appears that the nominees aren’t saying very much. People are lost and not knowing who to vote for. What a mess. There’s two more days of speeches. At least the audience was treated by a “Bridge Over Troubled Water” sung by Paul Simon. He did a fantastic job.

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Sweet Melodies Help Relieve Stress

We don’t have to live stressful lives. There’s so many ways to relieve stress. Some meditate and some listen to music. Having the ability to listen to music is truly a blessing. Once the tunes get going. Every problem seems to fade away. Imagine a world without music. Don’t want to think about it. There’s all sorts of genres to listen to. I’m a fan of gospel music but will listen to R&B, jazz, and pop. When it’s time to really unwind. The soothing sounds of the ocean or forest.

Music is so important and it should stay in schools. There’s music even when there’s shopping. That’s just how effective music is. Music is played so that a baby falls asleep. It’s played in day cares. Music is a big part of so many people’s lives. The days are filled with music and for some music is in their sleep. The melodies can make one rock from side to side. It’s amazing how music puts one in a good mood.

For some music helps when they’ve had a bad day. Even the instrumental music can generate a sense of calmness. Sitting in a room with music going is a great way to unwind. Even playing music can relieve the pressures of life. Music seems to project a glimmer of hope. Just letting the sounds flow about is a beautiful thing. Some listen to music while taking a warm bath. Another way to relax.

Everyone needs their time of peace. Sometimes just laying down and listening to the sound of a waterfall with soothe the mind. Sometimes those sounds are used to help one sleep. Peacefulness is something everyone should cherish. There has to be positive ways to unwind and listening to music is a great way to unwind. It’s also a great way to ponder.

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Someway and Somehow Better Ahead

There will be some changes. Some may not be pleased with the changes because they’ll want things to stay a certain way. We shouldn’t sit in self pity and feel despaired. There’s hope and where there’s darkness there’s light. We’ll get there and of course getting there may take some time. Up, up, and up! We should feel victorious. Love conquers and the world would be filled with darkness is there was no “light.” Shinning a light in a dark and hateful place will be the work of “peacemakers.”

We should believe that brighter days are ahead. Troubles don’t last always. There’s a time for everything. A time to laugh and cry and a time to “rise up.” If people want to do better and want to “prosper.” Then those things can be done. Have the faith and the blessings will pour in. Far too long people have tried to hold others down. Why? Because of fear. The fear of certain people getting ahead is scary for some. “Brighter Days Ahead.” Through continuous action and faith. The changes that so many want to see will come fourth.

Those who refuse to shine a light. Oh well. Those who want to shine their lights should do so. Share with the world. Demonstrate that there is good even in a dim situation. The sun will rise and sunshine will be spread all about. There will be smiling faces and happy people being expressive. When light is shinning some become offended. Shine your lights anyway. There will be so much light that darkness will run away.

One day the troubles will fade. Those who are trying to cause others to stay in the same place because of their own securities will be surprised. They’ll wonder how some grew in such an unstable place or grew within a troubled society. Yes indeed, better days are ahead, and when the time comes. There will be so much “abundance” and some will wonder how those who were at the bottom. Reached the top. Shine, shine, shine.

“Shine a Light in a Dark Place and Watch and see What Happens.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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Help to Revamp a Site

Business can be tough at times. When a business is prepared for losses and other troubles that can come along with business. They’ll see a business go down hill or suffers a demise. Just because a business is down for a period of time that doesn’t mean that the business will stay that way. Lets talk about online businesses. Online businesses may incur small amounts of money at a time due to low advertising compensations.

In order to make that online business grow again people have to be willing to be active and share the advertisements, blogs, writers or whatever generates income for the site. It may take some time for the site to earn enough income to pay their writers or bloggers depending on what type of site it is. advertisers are unwilling to pay for advertising space on a site that has little traffic. The traffic needs to increase and in order for the traffic to increase. There needs to be some sharing going on.

If all bloggers and writers on the site agree to post and share on social media sites and others sites then a site may have “hope.” Could one imagine what a site owner must feel when their site isn’t flourishing? That an easy thing to deal with.  No one wants their business or businesses to fail. Sometimes they’ll need help from others in order to get their business where it needs to be again. If advertisers are going to dish out their money. They’ll need to see some”growth.”

Just allowing the business to sit isn’t doing the site any good or the site owner. Those who enjoy blogging may write from time to time but lest be real. Bloggers and writers want to get paid. Anyone putting in work wants to receive compensation. As soon as bloggers decide to help with revamping a site then the process can get on its way.

“It’s Time”

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