“Is it Really Love?” That’s the Question New Edition Asked

Love comes in many forms. There’s friendship love, brotherly love, everlasting love. Love doesn’t have to fit in one box and it doesn’t have to be said. A person doesn’t have to say that they love someone but love is action. Love is defined by materialistic things. It’s what one does and it doesn’t have to be displayed all over the place. If one says the words but the words don’t match up then perhaps it isn’t “love”

There’s a friendship kind of love  that can grow into a deeper kind of love. Any relationship should start out  with a friendship. It’s more important to be friends than lovers. Some may not agree with that but relationships can fade pretty quickly. If a relationship has friendship connected with it then there’s pretty good change that it will last a whole lot longer. “Is it Really Love?” It all depends on what one perceive as love. Some people connect sex with love and that isn’t so.

People can actually have sex without having an emotional connection. Love comes from the heart. If the heart is connected with another then the love isn’t there. Just because couples stay together that necessarily mean that there’s love there. There’s so many reasons why couples stay together. If there’s a disconnection then perhaps the heart has left the relationship.

Love is not saying, love is doing, love is gentle and kind. Love is respectful and tries not to cause grief but unfortunately even those who love will cause some sort of grief at some point. If there’s no respect then the love is either or the person may not love themselves so therefore they’re unable to love others. Love is closing eyes and thinking of “someone special.” We are more willing to put ourselves out there when our hearts are filled with love.

Love grows. It connects and it “prospers.” Everyone wants to be loved. Love shouldn’t hurt but when one loves deeply one can become hurt because of love. It is a feeling that everyone needs. People develop better when they’re loved. If you ever have to question love then it may not be love or it isn’t the love that one would like to have. We should all love one another but there’s different variations of love.

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The Adversity and the “Process”

Life will be filled with ups and downs. Some we may expect and others are unexpected. Nothing comes easy. Childbirth, moving to another location, or getting through school. Life is filled with all sorts of difficulties. We have to learn how to get through them the best way that we can. When we come across trial after trial it will teach us how to endure. Learning how to adapt is important and if we don’t learn how to adapt then we will have tremendous difficulties with any part of the “process.” Trying to accomplish something great requires a lot from us.

Yes we will feel fatigued but we can get through a process a lot smoother if we search for the most effective ways to do so. Not everyone will want to learn how to get through difficulties in life. Some may fall prey to adversity. Adversity can swallow one whole if they’re not equipped to get through it. Having adversity hit “us” at the most unexpected of times can throw us off guard but we can quickly get back on track. Don’t allow adversity and challenges to prevent you from going through a necessary process.

In order for us to move to higher levels in life. We must “grow’ and if we’re unable to grow then we will stay in the same place filled with misery. Time allows us to grow and time will teach us a lot of things. We can’t complete a process if we haven’t learned one thing. If we refuse to learn then we’ve admitted that “we” refuse to grow.  Growth is apart of a process and some may be unwilling to grow so they will refuse to go through a process. Sometimes we’re selected for a long process and we must generate the strength that will be needed for a long process.

There will be times when we feel as if we want to stay in bed for days. If we’ve experienced an intense time during the process then we will feel fatigued. Fatigue will occur but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it through the process. Yes, we’ll need to take breaks, breaks are necessary but we shouldn’t give up. Some people choose to give up because they remove the “faith.” If the faith is removed then one will stop and that will leave them filled with regret. So be thankful for the process. It will get you where you need to be.

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Sometimes You’ll Have to Duck and Dodge

Trying to pursue even the simplest of things well what one may seem as simple, could be quite difficult, it all depends on what’s in ahead of us and in the way. Anyone who has ever tried something out of the box or something that one may not consider as normal will generate a lot of attention. Of course there will be people who won’t be pleased about our ‘movement.” Some may want us to stop so that they’ll feel better but don’t stop. No one should ever stop doing what they feel they should be doing or need to do.

Sometimes we will have to seek all sorts of ways in order to “Make Things Happen.” We’ll come up against some of the most puzzling of things but those things shouldn’t detour us away from our destiny. We’re destined to be great. Everyone has a gift and they have every right to share their gifts. It’s not easy at all and yes you will have to jump, run, and duck. All kinds of setbacks will come at you but don’t give up. Never consider giving up!

If it’s worth having it will be difficult to obtain. If you have to go through trial after trial then “grow” and learn from it. If you don’t learn anything then you may be traveling down the wrong path. Push through the pain and the difficulties. You may have to travel alone or someone will come in and try to guide you a bit but don’t expect to have someone hold your hand through the process.

One has to build strength while they’re trying to pursue their goals and dreams. If the fear takes hold of a visionary then they will have to find effective ways to get rid of those fears. The storms will certainly roll in but one can surpass storms if they stay encouraged. Removing bravery will not do. If a person refuses to put away their fears then they will surely fall and may have a hard time getting back up. Keep going no matter how many boulders come rolling towards you. Everyday won’t go smoothly be prepared to fight through those difficult days.

It’s important that growth occurs when one is on their journey. There will be some incidents that will teach us to do things a different way. What worked for one may not work for another. We’ll have to find a way to get through the fire. In order to reach our desired destination. We must go through pain, disappointment, and the unexpected. With all of the mishaps that can occur. Always believe in yourself and always “be encouraged.

“Get Through it!”

Be Confident in Life

There’s nothing wrong with having confidence. We should feel good about what we’re doing and trying to achieve. We shouldn’t feel as if we’re unable to do whatever it is trying to get done. Sometimes people lose confidence because they’re constantly listening to others. Not everyone will give us good advice. Not being sure of ourselves is natural and we may feel that way sometimes but we shouldn’t allow those thoughts to hold us back.

Being confidence isn’t the same as being arrogant. Being confident is believing in yourself and knowing that whatever you’re trying to achieve will happen. We can do some amazing things but if we have to believe that we can do them. Our inner voice can sometimes generate doubts. That’s why it’s important that we listen to positive communications. Listening to and watching motivational videos help. Not everyone will have confidence at first but they can “develop” it.

If we surround ourselves around those who will build us up then we will become more successful in our endeavors. Those who uplift us will help us generate the confidence that we need to elevate in life. We don’t have to settle for the mediocre. It helps to build friendships that will helps us “grow.” If we feel about ourselves when we’re in contact with family members, friends, or even coworkers then we should disconnect from those relationships. Of course we may not be able to do so with coworkers but we should spend the least amount of time that we possibly can.

Believing in ourselves, our goals, and our dreams is very important. We shouldn’t deny ourselves of those things that will help us become better people. Sometimes we come in contact with those who have absolutely no confidence in us and their way of thinking can rub off on us. We shouldn’t allow those thoughts to become our thoughts. We will regress if we start thinking that we’re not capable of doing great things. There’s so much that we can achieve if we just believe that we can get it done. “Believe in Yourself at all Times.”

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Go Harder and Stronger

It doesn’t matter how many people come up against us. If we give up on what we love and what we dream to be then we will be miserable. Not everyone will be pleased with our efforts or achievements but we shouldn’t stop speaking out or stop trying to reach our goals. The more that’s comes up against the more we should fight. It takes strength to continue going on through the storms. Even when we think that we’re walking alone we’re not.

Never allow anyone to stop you from living your dreams. Unfortunately there’s people that are waiting to knock us down to our knees. Some are very determined to do so but we wouldn’t build strength if we don’t face those trials. No one who has achieved their dreams have avoided going through challenges. Too many people have given up because they felt as if their efforts were in vain. Not true. It may seem as if the road is long and rough but it’s the destination that one is trying to reach.

Of course when one is going through the storms they may think that they’re not making any progress because what they’re going through. Progress occurs when there’s effort. With no effort there will be no “movement.” Despite the obstacles one should keep fighting, and yes, it may be a long fight but when it’s all said and done it will be well worth it. Picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves up will allow us to try again and again.

It’s unfortunate that people will try to sabotage our dreams but that’s apart of adversity. The adversity will come and sometimes it will come in waves and other times it will occur so often that we wonder if we’ll ever get through it. People will want a visionary to give up because they may be intimidated. The more we “uplift” ourselves the more we’ll achieve. Sometimes we may need to step back and try again and again.

Great achievers and visionaries went through trial after trial but they decided not to give up. They wanted to succeed and came across resistance but kept on doing what they believe they were meant to do anyway. That’s how it should be. We shouldn’t have to give up because people are pleased with what we have to offer. Some won’t understand our journey at all and no matter how we try to explain it. They may never understand it. Our visions aren’t for everyone to understand. We simply have to take the good with the bad. The bitter with the sweet and keep remaining “hopeful.”

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Sometimes one has to lay low

With all the competition it’s pretty tough moving the way one would like to. People really take competitiveness serious. They may not care about knocking others down or sabotaging one’s journey. Even when we’re being pushed in another direction we shouldn’t stop trying to achieve. There will always be someone who will want to give us a difficult time.

There’s nothing we can do about competition. A little competition is necessary but too much of it can create destruction. If we find ourselves being overly competitive then we need to step back and give ourselves a pep talk. Once the pep talk is over. We should continue on our way. Anytime we want to do something extraordinary, we better be prepared for friction, there will definitely be some. That’s just how it is.

Some competitors should be avoided. There’s some who go insane when it comes to any competition. Some battles aren’t worth fighting. If we don’t have to deal with the mess then we shouldn’t deal with it. There’s some competitors who dream about destroying their competition. They may create the most treacherous tactics. It really sums up to insecurity.

If one is confident with their craft and gifts then they will feel no need to bully their competitors. Confidence doesn’t try to hinder. It builds. Even if we xome across those who want to see us fail. We shouldn’t allow their feelings and actions to get us down. We can overcome the mess but we have to be strong willed. Without the strength. We would be swollowed whole.

Having some competition in our lives isn’t bad. If the competition causes us to become iritable then we may need to break away for a bit and then come back to whatever it is that we’re trying to accomplish. We can do great things but we can’t get them done if we’re not equipped. Competitors seek out weaknesses and they will try to chop away at their competition. Be careful with competitiveness.

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All we Have to do is Keep Going and Remain Hopeful

Sometimes we may wonder why things aren’t coming together the way that we would like them to. There’s reasons for that. It may not be time or we’re not remaining focused but if we keep going. The right door or doors will open up. We can’t force it but in time actually what we need will arrive on time. If we pursue the things that are right for us and the things that we love. We will do just fine. Having “hope” is very important. We shouldn’t give up because things seem to be going slow or not going exactly as we planned.

Even when we plan things they can fall through. We shouldn’t be discouraged if it does. We can make it through and although it may take longer than we would like it to. We can accomplish it anyway. Having setbacks is apart of life. We should be encouraged even in our darkest hours. Our time will come when we will be in a position that will offer us better living.

It takes time. It takes time to develop “greatness.” That won’t happen overnight and we shouldn’t feel bad if it doesn’t. Think how long cheese takes to develop. Life’s Goals will take a lot longer. Anything that requires a lot from us will take time to marinate. Sometimes we become over anguish and we try to rush things. We quickly find out that we should avoid rushing things.

We can succeed but we must put action in place. Without any action there will be no “progress.” Sometimes we’re not ready for the “Big Dream” until later in life. We shouldn’t feel bad if we become successful later in life. It could be God’s way of molding us. Until we’re ready, we won’t receive that gigantic reward, but we can continue working towards it.

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We Live in a Competitive World

It doesn’t matter what we do. There will always be someone who challenges us. There always be someone who want us to stop what we’re doing but we shouldn’t stop. We have to expect to be challenged. We may not like it at times but it helps us “grow.” Of course there will be times where the competing gets out of hand. We should focus more on improving our lives and the lives of others.

We should be concerned with helping others. Rising above all the mess. If people focused on the fact that all of us can reach the top then we would be in a better place. A lot of competitiveness comes from insecurities. One may view another as a threat and that might not necessarily be so. If we encouraged one another and showed compassion then we would fair better.

There’s men feeling insecure because women are stepping up their game. They want to feel macho and think that women are trying to take over. Not so. Women just want to be respected and accepted. There’s nothing wrong with anyone wanting to get better and do better. There’s no reason why we should feel defeated because another is trying or has advanced.

Of course we should be surrounded by those who will push us. We should make strides. Improve each day. It’s a tough world. Some will try to pound us into the concrete because of their insecurities. We certainly have to develop thicker skin. We will come across some mean ones. Yes, they may not care at all about being prissy and all, they just want to win.

Will some go to the extreme? Yes they will. They will take it to the highest level. It can seem like madness and a lot of times it is. Some days oneay feel like pulling out their hair but don’t. Keep grinding and working towards those goals. We should want to advance. Succeed in every way. Well of course there will be times when we may have setbacks. Setbacks occur and even those who reached their “greatness” have suffered some sort of setback. “Don’t Worry About the Challenges. Just get Over the Hurdles” (T. Paulk).

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Invest in the Future

What should we really invest in? Shouldn’t we be concerned for our families? We have to consider the future and although so many may say that we should enjoy every moment which is true but we also need to consider what will happen later on in life. We should invest in something that will produce income for us continuously because we never know what tomorrow holds. Our children shouldn’t have to take on the burden to try to handle things in case something happens to us.

We should be prepared but so many of us are far behind but that doesn’t mean that we can not catch up. We can get ahead but we have to choose wise investments. We can start small and when the funds come rolling in then we can reach for larger investments. Working alone won’t get the job done. Some may not consider family at all. They may not consider investing in anything tangible. For those who don’t consider their families they should think about what will happen if something happens to them?

It’s the children that will have to care for the parents if they get down and are unable to care for themselves. In order for them to do that. They will need to have some income coming in and of course they may chip in for the care. They shouldn’t be burdened with taking care of all the expenses. We must make sure that we find ways to help them care for us.

Those who tell others not to discuss the future aren’t being realistic. We have to discuss those things because we never know what can happen from day to day. We may not have much but a little could go a long way if we use wisdom. We can find some investments that won’t require a high amount of funds in order to collect. When our money grows we grow with the investments. “The Children are the Future” and we have to take their future into consideration.

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Do you Know me!

Hello everyone. How many times have we judged others based on what we’ve heard or what we think we know? Huh? Well, it happens all the tine, someone basing their information by hear say. When we do judge or misjudge. We can look like donkeys. Everyone makes mistakes but we have to think before acting.

Judging happens so often. It happens regularly in the on and offline worlds. A lot of virtual judging takes place. How well can we know someone on a virtual level? People can say anything and will say anything. People are getting bullied based on what someone says. It’s not fair and we really have to consider others.

The judging can ocur within families. An upset family member could say something about another and then the balls continues to roll. If they post it on social media people will immediately believe what’s said but won’t investigate first. “Get to Know Others Before Coming to a Conclusion.” It’s impossible to know someone based on a social media setting.

We may feel as if we know someone through emails, text messages, and through social media but really? We should get to know people outside of social media. Think about it. People can post anything on social media and on forums. If you never sat down with them then you’ll never really know them. We may become so in tuned with the virtual setting that we forget what reality is. Imagine you getting bullied because people said things that were untrue. How would you feel? Well, this happens so often, and it doesn’t just happen on social media, it happens in places like the church. Imagine that!

It’s amazing how people will settle for some information they never bothered to investigate. If you don’t know then ask and if you still don’t know then perhaps it’s not meant for you to know. It’s time that we try to get to know people and if we don’t want to get to know them then we should just let them be. Do you know me?!

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