Patience is Certainly Needed

Sometimes people will push it to the limit and it’s necessary for us to set boundaries. Otherwise they will run all over us. Patience is either there or has to be developed. We’re human and of course sometimes that patiencd leaves us. If we find ourselves being distressed for whatever reason. We should find a place where we’re able to channel those emotions.

We want to stay mentally healthy and we need to find some space that will allow us to unwind. If we’re too anguish then we can lose sight of what we’re trying to accomplish. Our patience will be tested but we must take a deep breath in and out. We never know when we’ll be challenged and that’s why it’s important for us to think before we act.

It really takes a lot patience to deal with certainly people. Some people may be unaware of their actions and we may have to give it to them straight in a polite manner of course. We shouldn’t be pushovers but we shouldn’t be rude either. We can patiently tell others that we will not tolerate nonsense. We don’t have to and we shouldn’t.

Communicating to others what we will and will not tolerate is necessary. We can not avoid coming in contact with some difficult people but we can find ways to deal with them. Yes, it takes “patience,” and lots of it. If we feel all flustered then we need to remove ourselves from the room or ask if the difficult ones can give us some space. Without patiencd we would probably be all out of whack.

Our rights belong to us and we must let it be known. Some may not understand until we let them know just where we stand. Not everyone will know how to stand up for themselves and some have to be taught just how to do it. Once we’ve explained what we won’t tolerate. Those who want to sock it to us will think twice because we demostrated patience and supplied them with boundaries.

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The Social Media Craze

Why is social media so popular? Social Media attracts millions of people and if you have a brand or business then you’ll definitely want to be connected to the most effective social media sites. Any business owner who isn’t connected to social media may find that their sales decline due to lack of exposure. Who wouldn’t want to gain exposure for their brand or business? Artists are starting to realize how important social media is.

Not only is social media important but being “social” is just as important. Those who are business minded or in business should know that there’s more to added your page or banner on sites. One must be willing to virtually socialize so that people get to know them and yes, that also includes entertainers, and promoters. Virtual promotion is a great tool. If one is unwilling to connect with others then they won’t see an increase in views and sales.

Artists must stay connected. Connecting with fans is a smart business move. The fans are the ones who make sure that artists stay relevant. They are the reason why artists are in the positions they’re in. Connecting with others will generate a personal relationship that’s needed on order to stay in the game. Some artists and entertainers may feel that there’s no need to connect with their fans but they’re wrong and if they’re unwilling to then they will be sitting in the back watching others rise.

Any one in business should use the most effective promotional tools. Their brands should stand out and they should be current. We’ve all heard of entertainers and artists being forgotten because they’ve been away from the scene so long. That just shouldn’t happen in business period. If one wants to continue to grow then they must be willing to stay up to date. In order to stay current they should be socializing on social media. Of course so many of them have busy schedules but when there’s time. Everyone needs to make a living and for those who have brands. You already know what it takes to keep that brand tight.

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Go Through the Storms

We can’t expect to move towards our destination without going through some storms. We have to go through the pain, lessons, and experiences. Of course it won’t be easy but with “Faith” we can excel. The resistance from others will occur. Either we make our way through it or we give up. Giving up should never be an option.

The more we go through the more experience we’ll obtain. Anytime we stand out. It will irtitate someone somewhere. We can’t do anything about what others will do or say but we have control over how we will handle it. When we understand that the difficulties will be there. We’ll know how to deal better. When we hit a road block. We should quickly think of a solution. How will we get through this?

We’re capable of overcoming. Our minds have to be trained to think of overcoming. We have solutions but we have to find the best ones. No one who lived their dreams avoided storms. If they really want them to come true then they will work at it. They will do what it takes to reach their goals. It doesn’t matter how many people want to squash them.

When we experience complexities we develop. Developing should occur while on your journey. We should learn what to do or not do. Of course we won’t know that at first but we will learn. Life is filled with all sorts of challenges. Some may not know how to deal with them effectively. When we find ourselves in a storm. We should take a step back and think of ways to move forward. Move in a direction that will allow us to make the progress needed.

We shouldn’t become consumed with stress. There’s a way and if we’re unable to reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves then we will need to regroup. There’s nothing wrong with regrouping. If setbacks occur, that doesn’t mean that failure occured, it means we needed to redirect those actions.

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How to be Happy in a Dysfunctional World

We have to transform our minds. We will be surrounded by people who have difficulties being expressive and or are upset about their lives and they may dish their insecurities and unhappiness on others. We can either be swept in their storms or we can choose to be uplifted. We don’t have to be in darkness just because others around us are. That’s why it’s important that we practice smiling. Yes, we live in a world where people will try to get us down, but it’s up to us whether we will allow that to happen.

It may seem as if compassion is far away. When there’s groups of people who demonstrate that they are unable to show love and are cruel to others. We have to find a way to keep ourselves from sinking into the same boat. We should listen, read, and watch positive messages. If there’s a lot of negativity around then we should quickly find some positivity. How can we do that? We can listen to inspirational music. Upbeat music when keep us in tuned with the melodies and not the negativity.

There’s a lot of fun and happy activities that we can engage in. We shouldn’t allow the troubles of the world to get us down. Of course we should be concerned but we shouldn’t be depressed, especially allow depression in from outside forces, we can keep our minds on healthy information. It’s important that we surround ourselves around people who will uplift us. The most important part is that we uplift ourselves.

Our days may have trials in them but that doesn’t mean that will have to ball up and feel bad about ourselves. We should think of happiness, think of things that make us feel good, tell ourselves that we’re beautifully created. God didn’t make no junk so we should never feel as if He did. It doesn’t matter if half the world views us as being not accepted. We don’t need the world to accept us. It’s our Creator and His son that we should be concerned about.

Being happy is a state of mind. If we think that nothing will go right and no one will care then that’s what we’ll generate. We have to love ourselves first and be happy for others. Some will never understand that the world doesn’t owe them anything so therefore they’ll always be in a depressive mood. Happiness is something we should want and we should thrive to obtain it. We have to be happy with ourselves before others will be happy with us.

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The Tests, Trials, and Adversity

We can not avoid trials or adversity. Everyone goes through something. Whatever you’re going through always remember that others are through more than you’re going through. As we look around us. We should be thankful for open our eyes each day. Our faith will be tested. We will be tested in every area. The more we go tbrough the more we’ll learn how to deal with those trials.

When we go through we should consider the benefits. Looking at the bad will only make us feel sad. We should look at the growth. Each trial will offer us something that we need. We may not see it at first but once we’ve been through numerous trials. We will develop the way we’re suppose to. Some may become angry because certain things to have to endure. That’s because they’re without understanding. Once we understand those tests, trials, and adversity will become easier to deal with. So when they come rolling in. Think about how you’ll get through them. We can “overcome.” We have to put our minds in a place where we’re able to withstand those things that will challenge us. Unfortunately life will have bumps, in fact there will be many bumps, once we understand that we will find ourselves handling situations better.

How do you handle adversity?

Adversity can creep in at anytime. Sometimes we can see it coming and other times we can not. Whether we know that adversity will meet us today or tomorrow. We should accept it and find a way to get through it. There’s always a way. We shouldn’t feel despaired because adversity doesn’t have to be handled alone. It’s up to us how we want to deal with the adversity and if we want or need to deal with it alone. Sometimes a test is thrown our way to see if we will pass or not. Even if we fail a test. We shouldn’t be bent out of shape about it. We will face numerous tests and each time there’s opportunities for development. Be thankful because those tests, trials, and adversity will offer a life filled with substance.

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Taking Time out for Meditation

We don’t have to be consumed with stress. There’s ways to relax our bodies and minds. If we’re in a position to meditate each day then we should. It feels good to meditate.  Releasing some of those thoughts that create stress. Some choose to do some yoga while meditating. Meditation seems to be more effective when we’re in an upright position.

There’s a lot of things that need our attention and we all need an outlet. It feels so relaxing when I’m in a meditating state. Sometimes it’s associated with a warm bath. One may choose to put oil fragrances in their bath water.  Whatever one chooses to use with their meditations is entirely up to them. One should feel rejuvenated afterwards.

Meditation is especially effective after a hard days work on a stressful job. It can feel as if you’re on a vacation. Listening to soothing music while meditating is an added bonus. We have to keep our minds calm. When there’s so much going on in our lives . It may not always be so easy to do. If we don’t find positive ways to relieve stress then we could suffer a melt down.  Even meditating 15 minutes a day is effective. It can sometimes be more effective than taking a power nap.

Russell Simmons meditates. It may not seem as if it’s effective but it is. Anyone having a heavy work load can benefit from meditation. Everyone can benefit actually but not everyone will want to meditate.  Some may prefer to meditateaway from home. There’s centers available for those who love to meditate.

Meditation can relieve our minds from the stresses in the world. It can help us feel better. It’s especially helpful for those who have arthritis or any other ailment. Meditation and prayer is a great choice. Of course some may not believe in the power of prayer but it certainly makes my life better. There’s so many people who enjoy meditation and they’ve made improvements where their health is concerned. If you haven’t tried meditation then perhaps you may want to try it.

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Surrounding Ourselves Around Positive People is Important

Imagine being around a group of negative people everyday. Can you imagine what that would do to one’s mental health? Negativity is like a dumpster filled with overflowing trash. That’s why motivational speakers are constantly insisting that we find people who have the same or similar goals as we do. We all have bad days but there’s some who are never or rarely positive. Those are people we should limit our time with or avoid altogether.

Positivity will help us along the way. We can get more done when we surround ourselves with positive people. If we find ourselves around negativity then we should quickly find some positive words or information to process. We don’t want negative thoughts to be embedded in our minds. It can eat away at us like a disease. We can choose to accept negative communications or not. Sometimes we intake way too much information. We can discard some of it, especially if it isn’t beneficial to us, and if it won’t add any value to our lives.

Sometimes people are unaware of how negative they are and once it’s brought to their attention they try to work on it. There’s some who may choose to be negative over being positive. We can separate ourselves from the negative bunch. We should find positive activities to engage in. That will help us if we’re constantly being exposed to negativity. The world won’t be filled with all positives but we should digest as much positivity as we can.

Some of us are living in environments where there’s more negativity than positivity and the behaviors end up being apart of us. If we find that we’re becoming negative then we should find activities that will generate positivity for us. Our mental health is important and it can be affected by being surrounded by too much negativity. We should try to engage in healthy conversations.

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Remove Discouragement From Your Life

We all go through patches of distress. Whether it’s a loss or some other traumatic experiences in our lives. Whatever we go through we can “overcome.” We may not have the support we want or we may sometimes feel as if no one cares. Someone always cares. We should be encouraged and remove discouragement. We have to find that “inner peace.” We can find it through changing the way we think. Our thoughts have a lot to do with how we’ll fair through trials and adversity.

We don’t have to feel as if we’re hopeless, we should remain “hopeful,” and remove those negatives that keep pushing down. There will be people in our lives who try to discourage us but we don’t have to listen to their negativity. We should find activities that we enjoy. For those who believe in the “Power of Prayer” it truly works. Some may not believe that but it’s quite effective in my life. We have to find something that will make it better and not worse.

We shouldn’t sit around thinking that we’re defeated. A defeated attitude will only bring sadness in our lives. We should feel victorious. There’s so much material that will help us get through whatever it is we’re going through. We shouldn’t lose hope. It will get better but we have to believe that it will. Sometimes we hold on to things that we should’ve let go long ago.

We keep people in our lives who discourage us and who hurt us because they haven’t healed from the pain they’ve went through. We can not take on other people’s storms. We have enough to deal with but we can try to encourage others. Encouraging others helps us as well. We have to generate peace. No one should have to live a tormented life. We should love ourselves and allow peace in our lives.

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Stand up for the People

We all know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man that stood for equality. He believed that everyone deserved to be treated fairly. Where are those beliefs today? Do we just turn away from those things that could help us grow and prosper? Leadership seems to be tossed out while everything goes hay wire.

People all across the world are becoming victims of injustice and bullying. Whether it’s authority figures or citizens but lives are being affected by the tormenting related to bullying. Shouldn’t everyone be considered to have worth? Why are some treated unfairly and others treated with respect? Lots of questions that no one wants to answer. The sad part is no one wants to deal with the issues that plague our society. Sweeping those issues under the rug won’t make them go away. We had to deal with inequality, civil rights violations, and threats amongst a group of people. Today those issues exist but things have deepened.

People are becoming too fearful to speak out about important issues. Youth violence, black on black crime, and injustices within the justice system. We can yell, “Take a Stand” but until the fear is removed. There will be silence. Not only people are afraid to speak out but some may not be concerned about many of the issues that create a more dysfunctional society. The concern doesn’t hit home until it hits home. Too many lives are being affected by not dealing with issues before they become gigantic. We can nip some of the issues in the bud before hand and other issues will take a little more work.

We need church leaders to be more active within the communities. There certainly needs to be more leadership. The police are continuously asking for assistance with matters that plague our communities. We can’t just think that those issues will just go away.

We’re in a time where youth are no longer respecting one another or respecting anyone who disagrees with them. Youth violence is at a all time high. Shootings occur everday and a young life is taken due to ignorance. The youth seem to be enraged but enraged about what? That’s what we need to find out. We can overcome a lot of these issues if we stop pretending that they don’t exist.

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Keep the Mindset on a Positive Level

Despite what you’re told or what you’ve witnessed. Those goals can be accomplished. We may hear people tell us that we’ll never be able to do certain things. Just because someone else didn’t make it happen that doesn’t mean that you’re not in a position to make it happen. Our mindsets have to connect to positivity. If not then we won’t be in a position to excel.

We should avoid being surrounded by a pool of negativity. We have to believe in ourselves because a lot won’t. We have a choice whether we want to elevate or not. We shouldn’t allow anyone to dictate how far we should go in our growth levels. We should push a little harder so that we’re in a position for better living.

Yes, some will doubt us, so what. Their opinions shouldn’t drive a dreamer to give up on his or her dreams. We have to lead ourselves to victory. Be “victorious.” No matter what we try to do. There will always be someone displeased with it. Someone who won’t believe that we’re capable of reaching our destination. That’s just the way some people think but we shouldn’t think that way.

Our minds have to develop and we can to gain strength. If we don’t change our mindsets so that we’ll climb higher then we will fall hard. We have to get use to encouraging ourselves. Not everyone will want to and no one is under any obligation to. How much we accomplish depends on our thinking. If we ponder on how far we have to go then we will become sluggish and want to stop.

We should avoid hearing why it won’t work and start listening to why it will work. There’s always hope for a brighter future. If we don’t believe that our efforts will produce growth then they won’t. Too many people stop believing in themselves just because they’ve heard reasons why their ideas won’t work. A positive mindset is important and it may take some time to develop one.

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