Run the Other way From Toxicity

Toxins what can one say about them? They seep into our lives and sometimes it’s hard to remove them from our lives. Sometimes we’resurrounded by toxic personalities. Some people are use to being filled with unhealthy ways of thinking. We’ve all had not so good thoughts and emotiins but toxic people are on a different level. You never know what they’ll come up with next. If we have toxic friends then that toxicity could rub off on us.

Coming in contact with toxic people can be devastating. Their behaviors can create a very unhealthy environment for anyone that comes in contact with them. Most of tge time they’re unaware of tgeir toxicity and other times toxic people simply don’t care. There’s no rationalizing with them. They will think the way they want to think and that’s that. Either we find a way to deal with them or we avoid them completely.

Sometimes we live with toxic people and it’s kind of hard to get away from them. If we can find a space where we’re able to gather our thoughts then that will help. It’s as if they’re filled with a poisonous mindset. Although they’re way of thinking isn’t normal. They may perceive it to be so. No matter how hard we try to get them to see things our wsy. They probably won’t.

We must concentrate on our sanity and find activities that will help us feel better. Being surrounded by toxic people can dampen our spirits. In order for us to be happy we will neec to find the best techniques when dealing with toxic people. If we don’t then we could become ill due to their unhealthy behaviors. It’s important that we take care of our mental health.

If a family member demonstrates toxicity behavior then we can try letting them know that their behavior is unacceptable. If the behavior continues then we may have to disconnect from them at least for awhile. We do not have to tolerate such behaviors. It isn’t healthy to have too much exposure to toxicity.

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Never Allow Anyone to Take Your Dreams Away

Come up with some ideas and have a vision and see how many people try to claim them as their own. Be creative and see how many people dislike you for it. Do amazing things and see how many people encourage you. Well, this is the world we live in, a vicious and cruel world. A place where selfisness seems to be the norm. Be careful who you trust with your dreams.

Unfortunately not everyone is genuine. As soon as you supply them with the information. ¬†They will take it as their own. That’s why proof is needed. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your vision but what’s upsetting about it, is that some will pretend as if they’ve worked towards the vision, pretty sad. Sometimes we try to give people the benefit of the doubt and hope that they won’t try to take our vision away. Visionaries have difficulties trying to put together their vision ar times. There’s always someone waiting to tear it down.

Register your vision somewhere so if anyone claims it. You will have proof that it belongs to you. Instead of peoppe assisting others. They rather make it difficult for those who are trying to make a positive difference. It isn’t fair but it’s something we have to deal with. Imagine going through heartache and pain to make a vision come true and going through more because of envious people.

People have every right to dream and no one knows exactly what a person goes througj to get to where they are. Instead of giving people a hard time perhaps try to make this world a better place. Never allow anyone to stop you from dreaming. Never allow anyone to take your “vision” from you. Protect it and the people involved in the vision. Visions opens up doors. They’re blessings and no one had a right to destroy or at least try to destroy them. Our gifts belong to us and God has given each one of us a gift.

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Stand up for Yourself and Others

Some may become fearful when it’s time to take a stand. Speaking out and up for yourself and others is nothing one should feel ashamed of. There’s way too many people who will ne silent when trouble arises and people are being attacked. People will turn their heads when others are being bullied. Is that fair? Would you want someone to stand up for you?

Compassion is something we should be thankful to have. Having enough compassion to speak out when someone is being attacked. People are so afraid that the atttacks will land their way so they remain silent. What if your child or children were being bullied? Would you remain silent? Some of the bullying would leave if everyone took a stand against it.

We need more “leadership” and less fearful people. People are condemned for every mistake they’ve made but yet people won’t call others out when they’re being abusive and bullying others. Violence continues when there’s not enough people standing agaibst it. People will encourage others to be attacked and bullied but will refrain from encouraging “peace.” Sounds pretty pathetic doesn’t it? More leaders need to develop. Don’t hide, speak up, stand a stand.

There’s a time to be silent and there’s a time to speak. Speak loudly if you have to but don’t sit back and watch children and others be attacked. Some will even stand around while a child is being beaten by a group of people. Having evidence is great but don5video tape and not call for help. What’s wrong with our way of thinking? We criticize people for this or that but won’t say a,word when people are being attacked. In fact a lot of people will encourage it.

There’s more bullies then there’s “peacemakers.” Kind of sad. We have a long way to go when it comes to bullying, racism, and hate. Hate seems to be one of the causes people encourage violence. If we remove hate and project love then there would be a lot of positive changes. Remove envy and encourage people to excel, do better, and make positive differences within society.

“Remove the Hate and Allow the Peace in” (T. Paulk)

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Push Foward With Confidence

One doesn’t have to look for adversity. Adversity can find anyone but adversity doesn’t have to beat us down. It can knock us down, set us back, but it doesn’t have to defeat us. We should have enough strength to push forward. It doesn’t matter how many problems invade our lives. We shouldn’t allow them to hold us down. We should become stronger and hold our heads up high.

Sometimes we have to block out anything that will disrupt our “movement.” We can go forward but we’ll have to release somethings. There’s troubles all around us and we have a choice what we want to do with them. We can hold on to them or we can try to solve them. All of our issues may not be solved at once but they can be solved.

Although setbacks may occur. We shouldn’t allow them to be embedded in our thoughts. If our thoughts are off track then we will have difficulties moving. Taking one step at a time is apart of movement and movement is apart of growth. Once we realize that setbacks doesn’t mean that we’ve been defeated then we will realize how important steps are.

Some people may be afraid of any type of movement but we shouldn’t be. To move and push ahead we’re progressing. Progression helps us prosper. It helps us develop. We can’t grow if we stand in the same position. We must rise and push our way through, up, and higher. It doesn’t mattet how hard it gets. We should be bold and create opportunities for ourselves. We can accomplish a lot but we can’t be fearful of creating steps that will lead us to prosperity.

Allow ourselves to develop and ti be molded will please us. There’sa whole lot opportunities for us but we can’t grab hold of them if we’re not willing to grow. Push, push, push your way through and get over to the side that will offer “abundance.” We can do great things but we have to move towards them.

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Live Your Purpose

We’re all here for a reason. Some will live their “purpose” and others will just throw it away. We should be thankful that we’re here to give our testimones. Those testimones can help so many. Some feel ashamed to give their testimonies but God wants us to share them so that others will know how good He is. We should know how good God is because His son Jesus died for our sins. Jesus washed our sins away.

Even if you’ve messed up again and again. We can get back up and get back on track. Don’t allow your gifts to go to waste. People will try to tell you that it’s impossible to do certain things. Don’t believe it. Feel comfortable with your God given talents. God gives us what He wants us to have and our gifts were given to us for a reason. Why should anyone hide what God has given them?

Don’t be discouraged by a failure. Not completing something at one point doesn’t mean that one can’t complete it later. We have to believe our capabilites. We can do some awesome things but we must believe that we can. Your gifts are blessing others. Living our purpose will do more than we can even imagine. Be stubborn with your purpose (meaning let no one stop you from living it).

We should be thankful that God trusted us with the gifts He’s given us. Even if we get a late start. That’s better than no start at all. It doesn’t mattet how slow we’re going as long as we’re moving. There’s so much that we can accomplish while we’re here. Don’t feel despaired if you’ve suffered setbacks. That will occur. Keep believing that you will make it to your destination. Embrace your purpose. Allow those gifts to “shine.” Remove the fear and “Live Your Purpose.”

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Continued Faith Will get you There

We will be challenged and people will try to bring you down but it can’t happen if God doesn’t allow it. So many people have given up because they felt the pressure of attacks. Attacks on the mind, body, and spirit. No man or woman can send us to the pits of hell. We can’t place our faith in man ( meaning mankind). We must place our “faith” in God and Jesus.

There’s some who don’t believe in God or Jesus but for those who do. We know that faith will get us through it. It may not look stable and things may look out of order but favor is in your favor. When it seems as if everything is crumbling around us, the breakthrough is around the corner, some see it and that can make them angry.

Unfortunately we live in a world where people tend to remove love out of the equation and they be on hateful. They desire that one fails and become broken. Yes, some people are satisfied when we’re broken, they would rather see us down then see us “prosper.” The enemy will try to make us believe that we’re not capable of doing great things.

He will use people to try to get in our minds and make us weak. We have to fight and continue to praise God. Anyone can be used by Satan and they may follow his plan to devour God’s children. Even a man in cloth can be used by Satan so don’t be surprised if they take part in coming up against others.

We will have to place our armor on and battle. Be prepared for many attacks. The flesh will be on consumed with envy. Become angry because one is trying to get ahead. What God has for us. No man can tear down. If you’re under attack then pray, have faith, and remain strong in the word. God and Jesus never forsakes us so we should feel comfort in knowing that they can overcome on the world. Use the your God given strength.

“We’re Never Alone Even When we Feel That way” (T. Paulk)

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Persistence and a Whole lot of Determination

If we really want it then we’ll take those tears, pain, and fatigue. It won’t come easy but with determination we can accomplish some great things. Sometimes we kind of play with ideas and dreams but those dreams that really touch our heart will be the ones we go the extra mile with. We must remain motivated and dedicated to whatever we’re trying to seek. Some days will be rougher than others but we can get through it. It takes a whole lot of courage and a tough mindset to go after certain dreams. They all take courage but the ones that require us to be on the front line will take some extra toughness.

No matter how hard it gets stay driven and passionate about your work. No matter how many people try to get you to turn around. “Be determined” and dedicated to your craft. Some aren’t driven enough to keep going or they’ve allowed a setback or two to stop them from continuing on. We should take the risks necessary to advance because we only come this way once and we should do things that keeps us going. A craft that helps others and puts a smile on our faces is a craft worth holding on to.

People will try to tell you to stop what you’re doing simply because they’re not brave enough to do it themselves. If you really want it then you will go get it. You’ll take the falls, the pain, and the headaches. Yes, pain will be included when trying to pursue your goals and dreams. The pain is worth it because the end result will make our lives better. Be persistent and don’t allow what others say detour you from “Making Things Happen.”

When the tears flow, wipe them away, keep moving. There’s always someone watching and wanting to experience the same courage a dreamer experiences. There will be times when it’s extra tough but all that toughness is certainly worth it. Don’t despair when things seem a bit slow. Go harder, stronger, and be driven like a mad scientist. Even if there’s long hours. When you reach your destination. You’ll feel the joy and be so grateful that you started and completed.

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Make it Better Somehow

One kind act can go a long way. Your kindness and giving attitude could create a better world. Even consoling someone when they’re down and out can make a difference. We never know what others are going through and yet people will be so cruel. We never know why someone reacted or didn’t react, we never know what pain lays beneath, we should at least make attempts to display kindness. We can live in a more productive world if we just reached out and showed that we truly care. Projecting a smile won’t cost us anything and it can make us and others feel better.

We could use more positivity and more understanding. People are quick to condemn others but aren’t quick to help others. Someone somewhere could use some kind words and could use a hand. We all go through something and yes, we would want someone to show that they cared, a kind act is all it takes. We miss out on so much because we’re so consumed with our issues but if we reached out to someone that can help us heal from whatever we’re going through. We can do some things to make it better for ourselves and others.

Displaying that we care isn’t a sign of weakness. Some may feel that showing compassion and care will make them look weak. It doesn’t. There’s a whole lot of hate going around when there should be love and peace. We should want to see people “prosper.” We should want to see others doing well. We should be encouraging others and not trying to knock them down. We can uplift someone, even when troubles come our way, uplifting someone can make our day brighter. We certainly can use some more love. Hate flows in the air and grabs hold of so many. It’s unfortunate when people aren’t able to display that they truly care.

We can’t be totally selfish. Helping others will help create a more positive world. We never know when we’ll need a helping hand so we should be considerate. No need to be disgruntle and to be filled with anger. Extend your hand and help someone. Help a friend, help your brother, help your sister. Someone needs to hear that they’re loved and appreciated.

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Silent, Quietness, and Gathering Thoughts

Sometimes we have to get into a quiet place so that we’re able to gather our thoughts. We can hear clearer when we’re silent. No noise, distractions, just meditation. We can hear what God has to say when we’re in silence.We’re able to concentrate on the good things that surround us. There’s times when the birds will stop chirping as if they’re aware that we need our quiet time. Setting aside some time to reflect is important. It removes us from the chaos and it offers us peace. Peace that so many of us need.

Turn off the lights if need be and close the door so that the sounds are shut off. Reflecting is needed so that we’re able to release some stress. We need to release some of our thoughts as well. Thinking too much can create problems for us but if we’re in a quiet space. We can hear the words from our Heavenly Father. Quietness can help us regroup. We can think of ways that will create better living for us. It’s hard to gather thoughts when there’s so much going on around us. We won’t be effective if our thoughts are running over and if we’re under tremendous stress.

Shutting our phones down and turning off the television will help keep things quiet. Setting aside some quiet time before the children arrive home from school is a great way to relax. When we’re relaxed we’re able to get a lot accomplished. When the quietness finds its way to us we need to grab a hold of it and utilize the time needed in order to uplift us. Not everyone is able to set aside quiet time because their lives are filled with so much chaos. Chaos can disrupt our lives in such a way that we become consumed with health issues.

If you’re in a position to be silent then that’s something one should try to do. Too much noise can make us irritable and that can create more issues for us. We certainly need time to relax and we also need time to ponder. We should set aside at least 15 minuets each day and think about something peaceful. Peacefulness is a blessing and we should cherish it. Remove all the those thoughts that will make us upset and replace them with thoughts or “prosperity.”

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Stay Uplifted and Allow Peace in

There’s all sorts of things we have to deal with but we shouldn’t allow those things to weigh us down. We should try to be uplifted. If no one tries to uplift us. We should find ways to “uplift” ourselves. There’s soothing music that will uplift us and keep us in a calmness state. We shouldn’t allow the pressures of the world to invade our peace. Sometimes we’re exposed to the negative energies that people project and if we don’t shut those energies out then they can become ours.

It’s important that we find ways to improve our well being and surrounding ourselves with positive people will help build us up. We need to be surrounded with people who are happy with themselves. If they’re happy with themselves then they will display happiness. Finding material that includes encouraging words is a great way to stay uplifted.

Our lives can change for the better if we allow peaceful and positive things in it. We can’t expect to be productive in a chaotic state. Our homes, workplace, and places we visit should generate calmness for us. There may be some stress on a job site but too much is bad for our health.

Smiling more will help us feel uplifted. Even if we practice smiling, we can generate a happier environment, peace should be apart of our lives. We should build friendships witb those who have no problem inspiring others. We should surround ourselves with people who are happy when others do well. If we are in a slump then we find a place or find friends that will help generate a positive rise out of us.

Being uplifted will make our living experience a great one. There’s no need for us to be consumed with unhappiness. Our lives should be filled with gratefulness and gratitude. We should love and enjoy our environments. Sometimes we find ourselves in a dysfunctional environment but there’s still ways for us to be at “peace.”

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