They can Help

There will be people in our lives that will give us a boost. They may encourage us or give us constructive criticism. We have to or we should “develop.” We can’t expect to be great without going through the pain. There will be days when we don’t want to go through extensive pain. It can feel as if our brains are worn out.

Someone somewhere will get us going. They will have us thinking about getting better and stronger. We should appreciate those people. The ones who truly try to help us develop deserve to be rewarded for their help. Sonetimes people are helping by not helping. Let me explain. If they step in then we may not grow or learn. They could be teaching us to be more independent. We all have some dependencies. We should be able to complete tasks on our own.

Some will give us the care and concern that we need and others will give us the toughness that we need. Some will help us reach the next level while others will leave us so that we can find our way. There’s nothing wrong with finding our way. We learn a lot that way. We shouldn’t those who go out of their way to make sure that we “grow.”

Sometimes we come across the unexpected. We meet people who we may not have previously perceived as helpers. Even those with a little can help in some way. They can offer advice or share some of their wisdom. We can use as much knowledge and growth as our minds and bodies can accept. As we move forward in life, we will grow even if it’s in small amounts, we shouldn’t shy away from “growth.” We all can use some of it and it doesn’t matter how old we are. There’s people that are gifted with helping others grow. We should accept them in our lives and we shouldn’t place them in the back of the line. Don’t forget the helpers.

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We Have to Find our Niche With a Smile

Can you imagine how many people are doing what they despise? Lots and lots of people. That leaves them cranky and unfulfilled. When we don’t do what we love or do something we’re good at then things may not turn out so well. We should be joyful but it’s hard to be joyful when you’re doing something that isn’t satisfying. Doing what you love will also make you more “productive.” It will create greater opportunities. Even if you make very little at first, all that matters is you love it, that’s the important thing.

When we feel fulfilled with our work. We’ll smile more. We’ll laugh and feel better about ourselves. Doing what we love doesn’t mean that we won’t experience some of the bad but it means we’ll experience a lot of good. People go through life not enjoying their jobs or their careers. It would seem that one should enjoy a career but sometimes a career path is chosen because of the money and not because it will be enjoyed.

People may laugh at those who work for peanuts but are they smiling and do they enjoy it? If you love what you do then the money will come and the financial stability will find it’s way to you. We only live on earth once and we should make the best of it. We should enjoy as much as we can. Try our best to find what will help us grow and help others as well. There’s so many opportunities out there and we should choose the ones that are best fitting for us.

We don’t have to settle and we should strive to be great. It may take time for us to make it to where we really want to be but it’s worth it if we’re doing what we love. The road is a bit smoother when we enjoy most of it. There will be some rough patches but all in all doing what our heart desires will help us accomplish more. We won’t drag as much and be as grumpy when we love it.

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We Have to Stand up for Ourselves Somehow

Bullying has always existed. Jesus was bullied, he experienced taunting, and he was hated. If Jesus was bullied then we’re certainly gone to be bullied in someway. Bullies are hurt and damaged people. They’re not really that tough. They may want others to believe that they are but deep down there’s the wounds. Bullying is a serious issue in today’s society. Not everyone knows the best way to “conquer” it. Some victims are afraid to stand up to bullies. Usually bullies are group formed. They may not want to take someone on alone so they form groups to attack their victims.

Bulling is a big problem within the school system and online. Duncan A. US Secretary of Education  (2015) said, “Children can not get a quality education if they don’t feel safe at school.” It’s hard for an adult to remain focused when being bullied let alone a child. Bullying is also a major problem with technology.  How can one stand up to bullying and bullies? Sometimes ignoring works. A lot of bullies are seeking attention. In some cases a bully may need a hug and to know that someone cares.

If we allow bullying to continue then it will corrupt our society as well as our communities. Most bullies are fearful and what works with fear? Love removes bullying. Love conquers all things. It’s love that they may be seeking. To feel loved and appreciated in someway. The fear is connected with the anger and when they’re angry they will lash out at the closet person to them. A good way to stand up is to call a bully out. Let them know exactly what they’re doing and let others know.

Most bullies want to remain hidden and aren’t up to challenges that involve lots of people. People turn their heads when it comes to bullying but they’re not thinking that bullying can affect them also.In fact just watching someone being bullied affects us. By not standing up the bullying can continue to go on. We have to analyze what type of bullies we’re dealing with. Are we dealing with the need affection bullies or are we dealing with the attention seeking bullies?

The way that we stand up all depends on what type of bullies we’re dealing with. Bullying causes severe issues and it certainly needs to be addressed. Some bullies are dealing with underlying problems that we’re caused in childhood and lead up to their adulthood. Sometimes it takes a professional to help the bully become whole again and other times it takes a whole lot of love. Whatever the reasons for the bullying we all should take a stand. We can’t always remain silent. Remain silent only when necessary but other than that. We should be take a stand.

Both teens and adults are suffering with bullying on and offline and anyone having a social media account is bound to experience some form of bullying. It’s almost like an epidemic. Bullying causes wars and it makes our society dysfunctional. It can be tackled but everyone must be on board with tackling it. It’s easier for bullies to bully through technology because they don’t have to face the victims. They’re approach is formed through technology and the bullying is assisted with the keyboard.


American SPCC (2015) Bullying Statistics and Information

Duncan A. US Secretary of Education

“Children can not get a quality education if they don’t feel safe at school

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Go Harder, Stronger, and Braver

Oh yes, there’s people who want to squash your dreams, but don’t you let them. They may work hard trying to get you down and out but shouldn’t make you want to move more? The reality is not everyone approves of people pursuing their dreams or creating change. They may be resistant to it and you may be a target of the screams. The best thing to do is to “keep moving.” That’s right. There’s goals to be accomplished and the destinations that need arrivals.

I remember reading about a writer who became a millionaire. He became accomplished but it didn’t happen without some bleed, sweat, and tears. He decided to tell his story after the success. He explained how people don’t really like to touch base on how hard it is to reach to the top. The truth is. It is quite difficult when trying to pursue not only your dreams but other things in life. You will have to come across some difficulties. No matter what occurs. One should keep moving. It’s not about the battle. It’s about how developed you become during the battle.

If you’re a “visionary” then you should surround yourself with visionaries. if you surround yourself with people who are lethargic then that’s what you will become. Those who want to drain your energy so that you don’t feel like moving forward will try to make their way into your life. If one wants to accomplish something then they will have to push their way through the crowd and remember that it’s impossible to please everyone. Don’t even try it.

The naysayers will come rolling the red carpet. They will try to scream all sorts of negatives at you. You can either allow your mind to ponder on them or keep moving. The struggle is real. It truly exist but without it we probably wouldn’t “grow.” The further you get the more you’ll learn about dealing with the resistant ones. They can only stop you if you allow them to. When pursuing your dreams you may find that some will cheer no matter what and others will do it sometimes. It all depends on their moods.

The best cheerleader in such an event is (you). If you don’t cheer for yourself than who will? We are our biggest supporters. If someone tries to discourage you from going after your dreams then say, “alright” but keep going. They will give you a strange look but that’s alright. They shouldn’t have the power to make you quit. We all have something great inside us. Some may not want others to see it and others may not care who sees it. Our gifts deserve to “shine.”

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Laughter and More

There’s something to smile about and there will be something to laugh about. Laughter is good. It helps generate calmness in us. The nest laughter is the ones that keep going and going. It can make someone say, “I can’t stop laughing.” A good comedy show or reading some funny material may be a good way to generate laughter.

Have you ever laughed so loud and received a strange look? How about laughing about something that happened awhile ago? We should be able to laugh. It makes life more interesting. We should have fun. We don’t need to be consumed with stress and laughing can release some stress.

Some people may have a hard time laughing. They may be going through somethings and find it difficult to laugh. It’s unfortunate when that happens. It’s quite sad when laughter can’t be generated. Life would be so bland if we didn’t have something to laugh about.

Watching comedians perform is another great way to burst out some chuckles. Life can be so difficult at times and we need a way to release some of the pressure. Sometimes it can seem as if we forget how to laugh and how to enjoy life. Life shouldn’t be all serious we have to have a bit of fun.

It doesn’t appear that too many people are enjoying what life has to offer. There’s lots of work and minimum turn down. We can’t consume ourselves with heavy work loads and not find some sort of entertainment or “relaxation.” We may take things we shouldn’t take seriously and that can create stress.

When we laugh. The stress leaves us. We have to find ways to channel the stress and laughter can assist with that. With all the tragedies in the world. We have ro find a way to let the frustrations of such traumatic events go. A big “smile” and a long laugh can go a long way.

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The Less They Know the Better

It appears that more can be accomplished when everyone doesn’t know one’s moves. When trying to accomplish goals and pursing dreams, it’s best to keep it on the hush, hush. Not everyone will be happy about our accomplishments. They really don’t need to know every move we make.

Some will reveal the importance of keeping your dreams private. Of course we will want to share them with someone but some aren’t thrilled with our ideas. In fact people will spend more time trying to sabotage someone else’s dreams instead of trying to pursue their own. Doesn’t seem fair but that’s how that goes.

Some people have given up on their dreams because of the complexities. The complexities that are generated from people’s actions. Our dreams belong to us and we should embrace them. Sometimes going in silent until a goal is completed is helpful. Too many ideas have lost their way because people became overly excited about them.

It’s unfortunate that some people are inspired that someone wants to better their lives and others. Due to envy or insecurities, people will try to wash others ideas, and goals away. We can’t speak out about every avenue we plan on taking. The ones closest to us should be happy but that isn’t always the case.

They could feel bad about seeing us accomplish our goals. Instead of cheering us on. They may try to stop us from completing our goals. It really puts them in a bad place because no one likes it when someone tries to sabotage their dreams.

Sonetimes we have to be quiet and just move forward. When they ask what you’re up to. Just say, “up to something great” and leave them in thinking. They will want to know but if you tell them then it will be a mistake. We should dream and we should be happy about it. If people aren’t satisfied with our ideas then they don’t need to be apart of them.

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Don’t Knock One’s Creativity

It amazes me how far people will go just to make sure that others don’t get any “shine.” They expose their insecurities and it creates disconnects. How can one be secure with those who will try to bring you down because they feel insecure about your “creativity.” It’s sad and sometimes we may feel sorry for people like that. Although they may spill their insecurities onto us. We should continue to keep making moves. We must find a way to deal with them. Not easy but sometimes they’re our loved ones.

Some people may call perceive them as haters, well, in a way that’s what they are but they’re more insecure than anything. Most are upset because they have to watch others live out their dreams and they feel bad because they chose not to live out theirs. We can not do anything about that but that shouldn’t stop us from continuing to pursue our dreams. People will try to stop us and when they do. It should make us want to go harder. Be confident and proceed.

Sometimes we experience some who try to weight us down our whole lives. They’re toxic and they may have to learn that we refuse to tolerate our behavior by limiting our time with them or completely removing them from our lives. We must protect our minds and protect whatever we’re trying to achieve. We shouldn’t allow others to destroy what we;re working towards. They may try to hang onto our coat tails so that they receive a piece of the pie.

We don’t have to accept the behaviors and we should continue to believe in ourselves whether others believe in us or not. Our concentration should be on trying to achieve our goals and make our dreams and the dreams of others come true. We should help those that we can and remove the worries for those who refuse to be uplifting and always trying to tear others down.

Don’t ever allow anyone to stop you from pursuing your dreams. We’re built to stand up and conquer. Conquerors don’t allow anyone to get them down. At least not for long. If we fall we should quickly pick ourselves back up. When others show us that they aren’t on our team then we must keep a watchful eye on them. We shouldn’t allow them to mess up what we’re trying to accomplish but we should also view some of it as compliments. If they didn’t think that we have what it takes then they wouldn’t try to bring us down.

Dreamers will go through a lot of storms. They’re path won’t be easy. Others will want to demolish their creativity so that they don’t have to see any of it. The strong ones will encourage and feel inspired. We all have the capabilities to inspire others but some of us choose to be a downer. We’re all talented and we have gifts and it’s unfortunate that some refuse to allow their gifts to shine and they refuse to allow others to share their “gifts.”

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There will be Adversity When trying to Make it There

We must accept that adversity will come. Sometimes it comes to us right away and other times it comes later but be assured that it will come. We may not be ready for it but during the assignment, we will find ways to deal with, it will be what it will be. Some people fear adversity so they may be unwilling to live their dreams or set certain goals. It’s not easy trying to pursue a “dream” but is it worth it? Yes indeed it is. We simply have to remove the fear and keep moving forward.

We’ll come in contact with some people who may not understand our journey and they may not be so happy about it but that shouldn’t stop us from pursuing our dreams. We should do what we love but we should also love what we’re doing. No “dream pursuing” will avoid adversity. Every athlete, entertainer, and entrepreneur has faced their share of adversity, As time goes on they become stronger and they’re able to cope with whatever comes their way.

No one can hinder, we may think that they can, it’s up to us whether we want to slow down or give it up altogether. If people are telling us that we won’t make it to our destination then that should drive us to work harder and stay on task. Those who chose not to pursue their dreams may be intimidated and they may not be pleased with our progress. They may try to stop us or at least slow us down a bit but we shouldn’t allow them to succeed.

Our success depends on us. It depends on our “determination and our motivation.” We should have a supportive team but there will be times when we will have to battle it alone. Just because we face the the journey as one doesn’t mean that we’re totally alone. Sometimes we get more done when we work alone. We grow and we become more independent. Pursuing our dreams takes courage. Some will have it and others won’t allow courage in. We can’t do anything about those who refused to take their dreams on.

We should focus on our goals and remain hopeful. Although we will have to face those who misunderstand exactly what we’re trying to accomplish. We shouldn’t let their though process become ours. Challenges will arise, we should know that, but we shouldn’t allow those challenges to devour us. There will be times when we will have to go into deep meditation because the road may seem so long. Taking that time to mediate is a good thing and it’s very useful.

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Making a Difference Somewhere

Even if something starts out negative. There’s hope for the positive. Positivity can be found in a negative situation. We won’t go through life without experiencing some negative situations. We should learn something from life experiences. We all have the capability to make a positive difference.

We shouldn’t perceive that even the most negative person or persons are always negative. There willl come a time in their lives when they’ll engage in positive events. Change is a given. Making a difference in someone’s life will occur. We all experienced coming in contact with someone who has made an impact in our lives.

We could reach someone on in another country, state, or city. No one will generate all bad or all good. Even with bad experienced a positive outcome can occur. Try to think about a time when you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. How did it make you feel?

Life is ever changing. We’re changing. Even when someone behaves disorderly. They can offer a teaching experience to someone somewhere. If we look beyond mistakes and differences then we will find a positive change. Even negative words can cause someone to make a positive change. They can take the words and create a new person. New person meaning a “transformation.”

We should be happy when we’ve made a difference in someone’s life. That means that we’ve “inspired” them some how. Sometimes someone else’s lesson can provide a lesson for us. That clearly shows that a difference occure. Positivity can exist in all areas. Sometimes we don’t allow our thoughts to grasp it vut once our minds are open. We’ll see it.

We don’t even need to leave our homes in order to provide a positive difference. When we smile, we can offer someone hope, and that’s a big difference. When we feel discouraged. Somehow someone finds their way to our discouragement and helps take it away. We all have the gift to make a difference. Some use it often and some not so much but at lease they’ve made a positive change in someone’s life.

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Still Here to Tell the Story

As long as we can see, talk, and write. We’re in a position to tell our story which is called “testimony.” God is pleased when we share our testimony or testimones because some of us have so many to share. Our testimones expresses how God works. It demonstrates that we’ve been through something and God brought us through it.

Some people are ashamed of testifying because they may think that it will generate shame. Fear of testifying is lack of “faith.” I’m sure at some point our faith demunished but regained it back. Even spiritual leaders sometimes lessen their faith for whatever reason. Once they meditate on the Lord their faith becomes strong again.

Faith xomes from hearing. Hearing the word of God. Reading the word. Praising and giving the Living God our time. Some may express how they don’t believe that God exist so they may not consider telling their story as a testimony. They may consider it when they’re close to death or they’ve gotten themselves in a tight jam.

How can one explain a miracle? Giving is a miracle. A painful one but a miracle none the less. Giving birth is a testimony. We testify often and some may not consider that. If you’ve been through many, many, storms then you have a lot of testimones to share with others. Some may consider themselves private. Testimonies aren’t meant to be private. God wants us to tell His people about Him and His son Jesus.

When we hold back on our testimonies. We aren’t sharing how good God is. In fact God is amazing, extraordinary, and awesome. He gave us life and Jesus gave us rebirth. Born again that is. Some may perceive testimonies as sympathy stories. Well, if the testimony touched others, then it was effective and if it only touched the testified then it still is a testimony.

Some people are judged and ridiculed because of their shared testimonies. That could prevent others from sharing their testimonies. There should be no shame with testifying. It doesn’t matter who heckles at our testimones. They will have to deal with God about that. People will judge anyway. God knows this but thank God for He is a forgiving God. Don’t be ashamed of your testiminies. You never know how many people could be helped through them.

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