Life is Worth Living

We should feel joy and be thankful that we’re still here. We may not experience all the things we want to experience but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying our lives. Even if we experience some of the downs which is apart of life. We should be grateful because there’s always someone dealing with more than we’re dealing with.

Life will challenge us. People will challenge us but we must understand that not everyone is the same. We will come across some challenging people. We should take somethings like a grain of salt. Get over the hurdles and enjoy those peaceful moments.

When we look deep inside of us and find happiness. It doesn’t what forces try to come up against us. We should love life and live it. When we find our happy place. We won’t be bothered with nonsense. We will avoid those who offer us nothing but disruptions. Life moves quickly and when we waste too much time. We miss out on some very precious times.

Some may not enjoy what life offers them. Perhaps they’re not spending time to medidate on the good things. We should find and engage in positive activities. Do something that will benefit you and others. Could anyone imagine going through life without a happy moment? For some it can seem that way.

Once we get to our peaceful place in life. We can block out the noise. We won’t consume our lives with individuals who try to weigh us down. Sonethings we can avoid and should avoid and others we’re unable to avoid.

Love can wipe out the bad challenges that we experience. The love of God will protect us and keep us in good care. No one is above God and we should be thankful for that. He gave us life and He wants us to live it. We can waste time that we’ll never get back or we can find our happy place and be “blessed.”

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When Will it end

We’re losing so many. Every single day there’s a report of anothet child murdered. Their lifeless bodies lay in the streets. So many where have the leaders gone? People may want to turn and point fingers at parents but it runs deeper than that. There’s hurt, despair, and hoplessness in the air.

Mothers crying and having to bury their children. We’re losing them. We should be furious about this epidemic. The shootings near and around schools. Where are the strong voices? The mentorships should be presented. It’s so sad to hear the screams of the victims parents and relatives.

The pain runs deep. I too have lost lots of relatives to gun violence. One was like a brother to me. It’s insane. Why are our children so angry? Desputes aren’t settled through communications. The bullets scatter all around. The noise from the gun shots wake up neighborhoods. What are we to do.

Prayers and continuous action should occur. No one wants to touch the sensitive topics but we can’t sweep them under the rug. Youth violence and black on black crime is real. Turning our heads and covering our ears won’t do. When it hits home then there’s a wake up call. The future looks bleak. So many of those children could have been lawyers, doctors, and law enforcement officers.

We need more than rallies. We need voices touching the youth. They need to be heard. There has to be a way that they can release their frustrations. We have to turn their hopelesdness around. Why are they so angry? Why are they afraid to smile? There’s no way that we can turn away.

Evey time we open our eyes and turn to the news. There will be another shooting and another life gone. Law Enforcement is working overtime. So many of them are shedding tears because they feel the pain. They have children and it pains them to see a child laying on the hard concrete with no life. It’s mournful.

What are we to do? The leadership has to grow. We have to find a way to reach the youth. We may not be able yo reach all of them but if some can be reached then we have to try. It’s not easy hearing about all of the tragedies that surround our youth. The tears flow every time there’s a report. Prayer plus works.

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Laugh Because Sometimes it Really is Funny

Laughter is a joy. We may shed some tears but laughter fixes things. There’s so many funny things going on. Sometimes the laughter keeps going like the enigizer bunny. There’s a lot of comedians out and although not all are professional. They’re still funny. I mean funny. Those tear jerkers keep coming.

It’s a joy to laugh.  What would we do without laughter? Some people may have difficulties laughing. Some may have difficulties smiling. For those who choose not to smile or laugh. They just don’t know what they’re missing. When the laughters produce tears that’s when you know something is truly funny. Oh boy, there’s some funny stuff going on, the laughs keep coming.

Some people are too funny. It’s almost like people unintentionally produce laughter. Laughter is laughter. We should be thankful for being able to laugh. It helps us stay happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Sometimes we’re the butt of the joke but it’s still funny. Have you ever laughed so hard that makes your side hurt. There’s where I am right now.

There’s some jokers and some comical material floating around. We never know when something funny will head our way. It can happen in our home. It can happen on our jobs or it can happen online. It doesn’t matter what day the laughs come rolling in. Those laughs will make us feel better.

It’s so entertaing. My goodness. Some people are so talented. All they have to do is open their mouths and the laughs come rolling in. There’s people out there that are just that funny. Comedy can be seen or heard anywhere. Once one gets a dose of it. They may not stop laughing. “Still laughing.”

Laughing can make someone’s day. It surely makes my day. All of the comical junk moving about. Who can deny laughter? I don’t see why anyone would want to. Some of this stuff is funny. Too funny. Ha, he, he.

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Prosperity and Abundance

What shall be shall be. Some may consider prospering has everything to do with money. It does not. There’s so many areas where we can prosper. Our minds, hearts, and health can prosper. Some may perceive being prosperous as being rich. How di we define rich? One can be rich in giving. We can be rich in our spiritual “growth.”

Prosperity depends on our outlook of it. Everyday we “prosper.” If you accomplished something then you’ve prospered in some way. It doesn’t matter what others think about our lives. If we feel we’ve prospered then we’ve prospered. Obtaing a promotion is considered to be apart of prosperity. Elevation means to move up to grow so isn’t that being prosperous?

What About Abundance?

Abundance is when we have plenty of something. For some it’s having plenty of money. Some people have an abundance of cars. Visionaries have an abundance of ideas. We must look beyond the norm. If we think beyond then we’ll receive beyond. A poor man is considered having very little but he or she may think they have a lot. Perhaps they may not have a lot of money but they may have a lot of compassion.

Our views are sometimes altered. If we allow our thoughts to experience beyond the norm then we will perceive prosperity and abundance as more than money. People constantly define people’s worth on how much money they have. They’re thinkinh process isn’t prospering. To some it may be out right ridiculous. What we perceive is what matters.

We should tell ourselves that we’re prospering. That we will and have our gifts abundantly. If we encourage our minds to think of what is possible then we can certainly make it a possibility. Sometimes we get in a mindset that leads us to thinking negatively. We may think that we don’t have this or that but in actuality we have plenty.

If we have food, a bed to sleep in, and water to drink then we have more than si many others. Some are without a morsel. We may not have all the things we want but if we have the things we need then we’re already prospering. Think prosperity and abundance. Focus on growth and elevation so that we can create better lives for ourselves, our families, and others.

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Do we Have Compassion for one Another

Do people really care? Some do and some don’t. Where is the compassion? From bullying to hate. :Spread the Love.” People should be embracing one another but instead their finding a reason to hate on others. What about kind words and helping one another? Is it so hard?

A kind gester seems to be rare these days. There was a time when people cared. Now, people are more concerned with other people’s lives. more focus should be on getting our houses in order.  It appears that some are geared towards being entertained but not geared towards love. Love covers so many areas. It helps others achieve and prosper.

It’s as if kindness is thrown out the window. No encourage but loads of discouragement. No togetherness but plenty of segregation. Life would go a lot smoother7 if people were more compassionate. If they allowed people to live their lives and showed some love.

Some people may feel inadequate because they rarely witness compassion. There’s rudeness and criticism but what about solving some issues? We could do better. We all can do better. Instead of constanly croticizing how about embracing? Different techniques should be used when it comes to people’s lives. We can’t always be harsh. Love has to make its way in.

Some people rather kick people instead of helping them up.  People are going off the deep end and refusing to demonstrate care. The world could use more love. The hostility seems to increase. Some may not feel complete and that could be one of the reasons they lack compassion.

We have to live our own lives. We should love and be concerned about others. God wants us to love and help others. Should we be trying to tear one another down? We shouldn’t but that’s exactly what’s happening. Perhaps a revelation will come and people will allow the love to flow. Let’s see what happens.

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Patience is Wonderful

It may not happen when we want it to but with patience it will. If we just keep moving and wait for the right time then things will fall into place. Our efforts don’t go unoticed. There’s rewards through hard work and dedication. If we just hold on. It will work out in our “favor.” We have to believe it will and “faith” is trusting and believing.

Each day that we’re here we’re provided an opportunity to prosper. We prosper by action and by not rushing the process. Our prayers won’t go unheard. Our will to keep on keeping on will provide us with dirextion to the right destination. With our patience we can accomplish a whole lot.

Aa,we learn to be more patient we will receive greater blessings. That call we’ve been waiting for will occur. That opportunity we’ve prayed for will be handed to us. The doors will open with abundance. We simply have to continue to build faith and allow our Father to work things out.

A lot of times we’ll miss out on something because we refuse to be patient. If we rush it then we can receive the minimum when we deserve the maximum. People misconceive because they’re not patient. They won’t believe something will happen until it happens. They won’t have enough patience to be confident.

With patience opportunities are lost in the wind. Those goals won’t come togethet if we settle for less. We grow through learning how to wait. Wait on the right opportunity and wait on the right timing. Timing makes a difference. What we need will find us. All our needs will be met through faith and patience.

How many of us have messed up something because we refused to be patient? We wanted something to happen right then so we rushed it and messed things up. Don’t rush. Rushing can get us in trouble. When the time is right then it will come. We have to believe that we deserve to have the good because we’ve worked for it by getting closer to our Heavenly Father.

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Live it With a Smile

If no one stands by you or supports your “movement” or journey don’t despiar. Most people who pursue something worth pursuing in their lives will receive resistance in some way. Smile when people try to make it difficult because that means that you’re doing something that shales them. Some people may get irritated with your journey. They may wonder why you’re even bothering with a “vision.” Well, good, somehow their attention is drawn.

Smile through and through. Somewhere somehow the inspiration will flow and those who are envious will be that way but keep moving. Anytime a person decides to “advance” somehow they will receive some flack but the person who tries to move should be self supportive. Be happy that you’ve been chosen for the assignment. If people are honking then you’re on the right track.

If it wasn’t it then people wouldn’t view every move you try to make. They may try to discourage the process but praise God that you’re able to accomplish even the smallest of things. Not everyone hates but some may get irritated with something they either can’t do or refused to do. A smile can change a day.

Those who try to stop someone’s growth is insecure about change. They may not feel secure that one is trying to better themselves and help others do the same. They will try to get you off point because of fear. Competitiveness can interfere somehow and people become troubled because of it. When it’s time to “shine” then do so. When it’s time to work then do so.

Give into your passion. It’s ashame that some people whether see people standing still in order to boost their ego instead of wanting growth. It doesn’t matter what people say keep with the journey because God has a plan. Only those who are intimadated will be concerned with those trying to pursue their dreams. The cheerleaders will cheer, the hecklers will throw stones, and the critics will criticize. Smile through and through. If people are trying to stop what God has given you then that says a whole lot about where they are.

Be glad when you have an assignment. Be passionate about what you’re purposed to do. Leaders lead and encourage others to do the same while haters hate. One has to love themselves in order to not hate on others. If they try to stop what can make a positive change then they must not have too much going on in their lives. Kerp going and smile ear to ear. The promises from God won’t fail. Blessings to all.

“Smile you can and will Produce Growth”

Remember successful don’t care who tries to grow and help others do the same. It’s the insecure who have a problem. They will work hard to stop anyone’s dreams because they eother chose not to live theirs or they were afraid to do so. Live it, breath it, and smile about it.

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Make Decisions That Will Help you and Others Grow

People will have their opinions. They will want to control what is done but they shouldn’t make decisions that ill hinder others and prevent “prosperity.” If it will help develop you and others then it should be apart of our lives. Some people will allow the dysfunctions to carry on trying to hold things together. If a person can’t uplift, encourage, and appreciate what others are trying to accomplish then perhaps there needs to be adjustments.

We should be able to handle other people’s growth. Shouldn’t we want the best for our communities and for others around us? Even if a million people tell us to stop doing something. That doesn’t mean we have to stop or we should stop. If it will benefit people then it should continue going strong. Appreciate that other people are trying to get better and help others gain.

We should base our decisions on the ability to progress. If people are trying to detour you from progressing and you give in then you’ve made a bad decision. Let us start encouraging ourselves and others. Courage people to make decisions that will help produce growth. There’s a lot that we can do but if we continue to discourage others from moving ahead then we’re not making great decisions.

There’s no need to try to convince people to not be apart of continuous growth. Let others make decisions that will “build” foundations. If we want to make a decision that isn’t consider the norm then that’s alright. We never know where we may land.Our decisions could create abundance and shouldn’t people want abundance?

We all are dreamers. Dreamers of something. In order for communities and our  society to grow we have to change our way of thinking and a great way to do that is to stop allowing people to hold us back. We may not always make the best decisions but we should at least make some decisions that will assist in someway.

Lets start uplifting and encouraging people to reach the top. Our opinions are just that but our decisions can be life changing. Think “abundance” and think about how much we can accomplish with making the decision to encourage. Encouragement goes a long and so many of us can do a whole lot by not allowing others to control our decisions that will help us be better people.

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Keep the Vision and Soar

Not everyone enjoys watching someone pursue their goals or dreams and we should expect some resistant when trying to accomplish certain things. Challenges are apart of life but we shouldn’t stop trying to accomplish whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish. Keep the vision even when things seem slow. Visionaries are conquerors and whether people accept it or not. No one should give up their dreams.

That’s why it’s encouraged that we keep our goals and dreams to ourselves but we should allow our talents to “shine.” We shouldn’t discourage others from being visionaries or pursuing their goals. Anyone wanting us to stop moving towards something that will better our lives aren’t caring about improvements. We should want to be apart of “growth.” Although we will face adversity we should move as much as we can. We should accomplish something. Even if it’s one goal out of many.

If we focus on the things that won’t help us get to our goals then we will have setbacks. We should rise above anything that tries to weigh us down. Visions are meant to be pursued. They are meant to be presented at the right time. Sometimes we move to quickly with the vision. We become excited and sometimes we tell the wrong people about our dreams and that could be a problem.

Although we will come across some resistance that shouldn’t prevent us from accomplishing whatever we can accomplish. “Where There’s a Will There’s a way.” If we don’t do what we feel passionate about then we’ll feel as if we’re not living or reaching our potential. We must do what we’re purposed to do. No one can stop God’s plan. Helping others is a blessed vision. Anyone wanting to make positive changes within our communities, within society, and in the world should be able to do so.

No one will understand another visions if they’re reluctant or if God hasn’t given them the sight to see the vision. When people don’t understand it they may not support it. When trying to pursue our dreams we may have to walk it alone. There’s some that will put in maximum effort to try and shut it down. Don’t stop dreaming or believing in your dream and goals. Goals are meant to be accomplished.

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Prayers and Meditation is Needed

The world is forever changing and we will have to face some of the heartless. In those times when trouble comes up against us we will need extra shielding and “prayer.” We weren’t promised that we wouldn’t go through troubles and face adversity but we’re promised that we would be supplied with the armor of protection. God gives us the choice to choose whether we will want with Him or we will leave Him out of our lives. If we want to receive any peace then we need to keep God and Jesus near.

Evil exist and some may perceive that their wrongs aren’t actually wrongs so they may come up against those near and far. If one has removed God from their lives then they won’t see how to be right with anyone. Prayer is our solitude, it helps us when times are good and bad, it keeps us close to God. Praying in silence with no distractions is the best way to hear what God says. Asking Jesus to help us get through our days will help with carrying loads.

When people try to come up against us we must realize that we’re not fighting with the flesh but we’re fighting against principalities. It may not be so easy for those who aren’t spiritual to understand but James 1:19-20 says,”My dear brothers and sisters take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen slow to speak, and slow to anger, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.

Through anger comes destruction if not controlled. We will get upset and angry but we shouldn’t allow our anger to cause harm or to create war we’re in times where we must pray harder and longer. We must remain strong with the word because evil exist and although we won’t be filled with all good. We can overcome the attacks that are orchestrated by Satan. We all have the capabilities to allow Satan to use us and he does so when we’re most vulnerable. We should remain quiet and listen to what God tells us. We can place the “Armor of God” on when we’re under attack.

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare is real. The way that we get through it is by being close to God and Jesus and using the weapons that we’re provided. We must pray continuously and ask to cast out anything that doesn’t create peace and will create malice and destruction. When we come up against others we are being sinful. God says that avenge but that vengeance belongs to Him. If we need to feel is wrath then it will provided by the Living God and not by any man, woman, or child.

When attacks are headed our way. We should think about what Jesus went through. Satan wanted to temp Jesus but because Jesus had strong faith and he is the Son of God. Satan was unsuccessful with his tactics. He works harder on us because of our sinful nature but although we may sin. God forgives us when we ask and have it within our hearts. Thank God. We should also consider what Job went through. Job was full of “faith” and he went through trial after trial but he remained faithful and received more than he had before.

We’re tested and we go through processing periods. We will face adversity and that’s apart of life. It helps us to be strong but not every attack is made for that. Some attacks are formed through envy and are formed because someone or others may not want to see us prosper. We should pray for them and pray for everyone. There’s nothing that God will allow that’s too great for us to bare. God can do all things and with Christ we can do all things. God can step in at anytime and He isn’t pleased when we take things in our own hands when dealing with His people. We should pray and allow God to deal with it accordingly.

Sometimes are hurt draws in destruction. Bitterness is a gateway and we cause people to come up against us or we’ll come up against them. That’s why it’s necessary that we pray and pray deeply. Our prayers aren’t unanswered but of course not all prayers are answered in our timing but in God’s time. We must continue to have faith that God will work things out and continue to love one another so that we don’t try to condemn ourselves.

“Let the Peace Flow in Through Love and Understanding”

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