Surrendering to Love

The pain and the moments where suffering was great. It leaves us, it may not leave us right away, but eventually it will. The heartache and the thoughts of closure. Does love hurt? Well it can. The love that one may consider love. It can feel like there’s no room to breathe. Love isn’t suppose to be painful. It’s not suppose to control and abuse. It doesn’t  belittle or fade. Love stays. It grows and it produces. Should we call a man a man when he harms a woman? Yes, he’s still a man, maybe a broken one.

Sometimes we have to spend our getting to know ourselves better. Finding that common ground. If we allow so called love to knock us down then we become slaves to it. No love will chip away at the mind. Love is compassionate, understanding, and kind. It listens and it goes the extra mile. Love doesn’t if it does then it was never there. Some fall in love with love. The idea of love. The thoughts a fairy tale. A long walk on the beach and a vase full of roses. How can anyone deny love?

Sometimes we may want to believe that love has found us but love starts with us. If one doesn’t love themselves then they won’t be able to love others. The love we feel for ourselves will grow into others areas and when people see how well the love flows then they’ll want to be apart of it. Love conquers. It doesn’t harass or attack. It attracts and it can travel near or far. Once we love ourselves then love will find us.

It can’t be hidden. It’s expressive and it encourages. Love doesn’t discourage. It’s continuous and it’s felt in all kinds of places. Who doesn’t want to be apart of love? Even if they behave as if they could care less about love. They’re displaying falsehood. Everyone wants to be loved. If we displayed more love then we would be happier people. Bitterness takes the love away and it can cause so much damage. Bitterness destroys and it can make people disconnect. Move further and further away.

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Embracing the Visionaries

We should try to spend time with those who have the same or similar goals as we do. They’re more likely to embrace and encourage those on the same path as them. If you have a “vision” then you should nurture it and be very careful with sharing it. There’s always someone somewhere waiting to sabotage your vision. Visionaries are compassionate about their dreams. They usually dream big and are determined to make sure that the dreams become reality. If we’re constantly surrounded by those who want to see us fail then we may start to believe everything that they feed us.

We should focus on our goals and help others achieve theirs.  A vision can become reality with consistent action. If we want to achieve something then we will need to have the drive to do so. Stay close to those who are dreamers. They will believe in you because someone believed in them. They will give you the pep talks and help you along the way. We must learn to tune out somethings. Every word shouldn’t be embedded in our heads. Some people will try to get us off task and they will want to use the crab mentality.

We must remain vigilant and keep going stronger then we did yesterday. We have to do more and grow but we must surround ourselves with those who believe that we can do it. Those who want to see “progress” occur. If a person refuses to accept that you’re capable of doing great things then they shouldn’t be in your space. Visionaries want to see others achieve great things. They want to be apart of “growth.”

We shouldn’t allow anyone to kick our dreams to the curb. We’re all capable of accomplishing a lot of things. We all can make a positive difference. Instead of trying to knock others down because they have contributions to offer. We should embrace them and encourage others to “make things happen.” We should especially encourage our youth. They’re visionaries as well. In fact a lot of have and are coming up with some great ideas. We should encourage them to let their gifts flourish.

If we don’t surround ourselves with those who want to see us do better then we may be hindered with our visions and dreams. If people are trying to tell us to push our dreams aside then those are the people we may want to refrain sharing our ideas and dreams with. Our visions hold value and they deserve to “shine.” We shouldn’t try to hide our gifts just because people aren’t pleased with them. We should want to rise up and continuously get better. Put those ideas into action and be very determined.

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Find Your Comfort

As long as we’re here. We’ll go through things. We’ll be challenged and we will have face some of the most discomforts. Our lives are planned out and we have a purpose to fulfill. We will suffer in some way but the sufferings shouldn’t break us. We should fight our way through adversity. We have the ability to overcome.

We have to find a time to settle in a place where our minds can be freed. The world can be cruel and it can change us for the good or bad. If we refuse to find a place of comfort then wr can fall into an insane state. We have to find a corner where peace can find us. Weapons will be formed against us and it doesn’t mattet who we are.

Some days may seem like war. It may seem as if we’re on the battlefield. We will have to suit up and protect ourselves against harmful effects.  We should stand and know that it shall pass. Our minds can sometimes be filled with thoughts of how we’re treated and if we refuse to find comfory then we will be defeated.

We’ll face attacks some long and short. We will have to speak up and sometimes we’ll have to remain silent. We shouldn’t give up no matter what comes up against us. We will meet people along the way who will want to protect us. We will also meet some who will want to cause harm to us. We shouldn’t feel hopeless when we have to face these things.

There will be times when we hear the birds chirping nonstop. When the sun seems a little closer and the flowers are constantly blooming. There will be times when our hearts race and we feel fatigued but we shouldn’t feel defeated. We must find comfort somewhere. We must find “peace.” There’s a place where we can sit and just ponder away.

We have to feel comfortable at some time. We have to have days that offer us nothing but relaxation. We can’t our homes, our minds, our hearts to experience a spiraling effect. We have to feel comfortable. Imagine being in a place where there’s little to no comfort. It wouldn’t be good but even in a place like that. We have to find some solitude.

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Find the Right way to Deal With Egos and Insecurities

“Egos want to stay relevant while dreamers keep moving” (T.Paulk). Sometimes we come across those who have over grown egos and those who are dealing with insecurities. We may feel annoyed with the egotism because it goes on and on. We must find the most effective ways to deal with these type of people.

We should first protect ourselves by limiting our time with them. If we have to deal with them in some way then we will need to observe which techniques work best. We must avoid feeding the ego and although we may become upset with the behavior. It’s important that we try to stay calm. Egotistical people feed off of reactions. They’re goal is to cause misery and to stay relevant.

We must stand up to them but find the appropriate ways to do so. An egotistical person can demonstrate bullying behavior and because of their insecurities they’re quite fearful. We should let them know that we refuse to tolerate their dysfunctional behaviors. We may have to get the law involved if the bullying transfers into threatening behavior. If we allo their tactics to go on then we’ll experience great suffering.

It’s important that anyone dealing with an egotical person remains consistent with telling them that their behavior will not be tolerated. Stand firm and mean what you say. Distance yourself from them because it can rub off on you. Don’t be fearful when standing up to them. Be stern but don’t display threatening behavior. Make eye contact if you can and refuse to listen to their explanations.

Tell them how you feel and go somewhere to occupy your mind. Egos need food and your reactions and your moods are their food. Think about some positive things and find things that offers joy for you. The worst thing anyone can do is to give in to egotistical people and to baby their insecurities. If they try to make life difficult for you then ask a professional to get involved.

Sometimes the law needs to get involved in order to prevent harm to the one on the receiving end. An ego wants attention those who display ego behavior want to feel superior. They want to be accepted somehow and they may display annoying behavior to get what they want. Don’t give in because if you do then they may perceive your actions as a means to continue their behavior.

Don’t feed egos and don’t allow anyone to drown you with their insecurities. If someone is unable to deal with not being the center of the world then that’s too bad. No one is obligated to deal with a person’s issues. They can choose to do so if they please but if they want to keep their sanity then they should seek out a professional. Be vigilant and keep your mind healthy. We may have to interact with egotistical people but they shouldn’t run our lives.

This blog is an observational piece and entails life’s experiences.

Be Brave on Your Journey

There’s way too many people who are forfeiting their dreams due to fear. What are they afraid of? It’s possible that they’re afraid of what others may say and think. It doesn’t matter what others say because they can’t live for you. Fear hinders and it cripples us in every way. When we decide to remove the fear and be brave then that’s when we’re in a position to go further.

How can we move towards something when we’re fearful? Of course when we do something out of the norm it will make people upset but that’s life. If we don’t take opportunities then we will regret it. It takes a lot of courage to live your dreams to challenge yourself to be better than before.

We should encourage others to aim high and encourage them to inspire others. People tend to lean towards fear because they’ve heard so many horror stories about others going after their dreams. Of course it isn’t easy but it is worth it.

Anything that offers us growth and improvement is worth the heartache and pain. We can’t expect great things by not going through the roughness. Fear takes a hold of ao many people. If we go through life being fearful then we won’t accomplish the things that will offer us “growth.”

We have to challenge ourselves and we can’t do that if we’re fearful. There’s always someone who will try to encourage us to be great. If people aren’t encouraging us to do better and to go after something that will positively impact our lives then they’re the ones we don’t need in our circle. We should surround ourselves around people who want to see us achieve.

We need to do something extraordinary. Something that will not only help ourselves but others. We should be brave, strong, and inspired to advance. Sometimes we have to take the leap.

If we continue to shy away from greatness then we will stay in a mess. There’s nothing wrong with wanting better. We should be happy when we’re in a position to elevate. Remove fear and move, move, move towards greatness.

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Giving Thanks for the Wonders of Life

We never knowknow where we’ll end up. We go through experiences that could prepare for the next phase in life. We’re constantly learning. When we go through things that seem like drawn out battles. We shouldn’t seem them as downfalls but they’re the door to something better.

So many of us have been through some of the harshes challenges but we made it through. We stood firm and captured what we needed to capture. We can’t grow by standing still so we have to endure somethings that will make us move. Adversity is our foundation and we should be thankful for it. Thankful for the molding and for the shifting.

When it’s all said and done. We’ll figure out why we had to go through certain challenges in our lives. Some of them occur from our doing and others to get us to where we should be. Life can be unpredictable and even when we get knocked down. We should get back up with praises. The journeys of life generates strength for us.

Some of us need more lessons so that we’re prepared for a position that’s created for us. We can’t be placed in certain positions and not be prepared. We have to endure some long and painful experiences for the assignment that we’re called to complete. We may fret when we’re going through but in time we will realize that those experiences are necessary.

We learn to be patient and we learn how to handle things effectively. God wouldn’t put us through anything that we’re not capable of overcoming. Sometimes it is difficult for some to overcome because of their mindset. They may allow those challenges to defeat them first through the mind and then through the body.

Life will challenge us and some of the challenges we’re prepared for and others we have to prepare for. We should appreciate the experiences because they could lead us to the best opportunities. Life can kick us when the sun doesn’t shine but it can offers us some wonderful and joyful memories. We should be encouraged and don’t allow adversities to dicourage us from “movement.”

“Overcome by Storms and Transforming”

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Changing Paths can Occur

We never know when we’ll have to travel a path we never would’ve considered traveling. Some paths will help us grow and others can stunt our growth. Sometimes our paths will change so quickly that we barely have time to think. Some have traveled dark paths and others have traveled paths filled with light.

Sonetimes we have to make a decision to turn around when the road gets rocky. It doesn’t mean that we’ve given up. It just means that we decided to protect ourselves and others. Life can be unpredictable. We may receive a sign that we need to stop altogether or that we should proceed with caution.

We shouldn’t feel bad if we have to change paths. Sometimes it’s for the best. If we feel right about a path and it’s the best thing for us then we should consider stayinh on that path. It’s not easy to travel on a path that’s filled with hurdles but it just may be worth it. Some paths are built to make us stronger and to mold us. Those are the paths that we should cherish.

Don’t be afraid to take a path that will take long. There’s a reason that a long path is created. We want something quick to occur but quickness doesn’t mean better. As we close our eyes, we may see some of the things within our path, whether good or bad. We should appreciate it.

We may laugh. We may cry. All in all it should be worth it. We won’t go through anything that we’re unable to bare. Our loads may be heavy but those heavy loads could teach us a lot. We should be “thankful” for the lessons. It doesn’t matter how many tears fall. We should be encouraged and continue fighting to accomplish something worth accomplishing. Don’t feel despaired when you’re chosen for a rough path. Be grateful because you’re being prepped for something great.

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Leave it There

All the hurt, pain, and feelings of despair ball it up and toss in a hideaway. No need for display. All the protection in the world wouldn’t prevent a soul from causing pain. A heart breaks. The mind can work overtime. Leave the anger the resentment in a dark closet. Lock it. It lives in the past. No need to drag with you everywhere you go. Close the door of heartache and pain.

Bring out the sunshine. Allow the joy to flow. Make the best of what’s to come. Brighter days ahead. Think about the good and the joyful times. Allow your mind to unwind. Leave whatever causes hurt somewhere else. No need to hold on to it. There’s more to life than heartache and pain. There’s fun and great things that awaits us.

Troubles come and go. Love, be kind, and express your care. Leave all that mess over there. Whatever caused you pain. Let it go and don’t pick it up back again. The hurt hurts and some can’t move away from it. No need to continue living in a pit. Leave it. Leave it. Leave in that locked away closet.

Laugh at the funny jokes exposed to you. Do the things you love to do. Make a way for a better life. Bo need to carry on the strife. Times will come when you want to go to that closet. Don’t dare. Leave all the pain and mess there.

Go ahead and love again. There’s always someone needing a friend. Someone who will appreciate what God created. Be joyful and smile from ear t o ear. There’s boos but there’s also cheers. Give from the heart and be filled with compassion. There’s so many feeling empty inside. They spend more time trying to hide away. Love yourself and give your heart away. Allow peace in and find genuine friends. Love grows sometimes in an unexpected way. Love, love, and throw the pain away.

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Have to Keep Moving

If you believe you can overcome and you believe you can achieve then you can. Our mindsets are important. A mind filled with hopes and dreams can accomplish many things. If we want it then we will have to figure out a way to obtain it. Continuous effort will produce results.

We shouldn’t become discouraged if our progress is slowed down. A slow movement is still a movement. Great things can be achieved through persistence. Believing in self goes a long way. Of course it would be nice if others believed in us but the most important thing is that we believe in ourselves. Even when the hurdles make their way in our lives. We can overcome.

Everyday that we wake offers us an opportunity to grow. We can become stronger and wiser. We should allow the brightness in. Enjoy our days and complete a task or iwo. Hard work can produce a lot for us. We don’t always have to work hard. We should find the smartest way to work. We’re given gifts that we can decide to use or not.

Time moves quickly but we’re able to get a lot done in a short time period. In order to make a lot of progress. We may have to tune somethings out. Meditating will help us work better and it will help us feel better. Even when we face challenges. We can push through them. We can win battles by having faith. A dream doesn’t occur with hopelessness. It occurs with”hope.” We may have to push harder than most.

We must accept that a lot may be required from us. There’s a way to solve an issue. As we grow. We’ll figure the best solutions to our problems. A dreamer doesn’t quit. Their minds continue to ponder. Their hearts grow stronger. They’re believers and achievers. Believing it can be done is apart of “greatness.”

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Action on top of Action Equals Action

In order to generate something. There has to be “productivity.” We have to take action in order to obtain change. Depending on what type of change we’re searching for depends how the change we’ll receive. We must use our minds to develop the positions inwhich we seek. We can’t expect something to occur without action.

Even if the process takes longer than expected. We should still move in the direction that will produce positive changes in our lives. Sonetimes we’ll need to be forceful. We must refuse to give up. Make headway even if some days seem to be slower than others. Action is necessary when trying to achieve something. An idea flourishes through continuous action.

“If we want to obtain then we’ll have to go through pain” (T. Paulk). Going through pain will strengthen us but we must allow it to do so. We can’t expect “greatness” without going through adversity. Our actions depend on how far we’ll go. If we want to overcome then we will need to let some things go. Sometimes it’s old habits and sometimes it’s people who try to weigh us down in life.

Action can occur lightly or it can occur in large quantities. Whatever we decide will depend on how much distance we’ll generate. We can’t be afraid to take action or at least we should remove the fear. Our lives can change at any moment. We must be prepared to act. Everyone views action in their own way. They’re perceiving whatever they believe action is.

Our decisions determine whether we’ll win or fail. Giving up on our dreams is failing. Keep moving despite obstacles is winning. Movement has to occur if we want to advance. We can accomplish some great things by moving. Sometimes our actions will entail moving at a slow pace. That’s alright, as long as we’re moving, that’s what’s important.

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