How to Find the Peace you Need

Being calm is important, it helps keep us healthy, the more we’re exposed to stress. The more likely we’ll develop health issues. We won’t be able to avoid stressful situations completely but we can sure lower our stress levels. One way to do this is to remove toxic people out of our lives. if they’re unable to offer some “peace” then they don’t need to be apart of our lives. It’s important that we allow ourselves to experience peaceful moments. We shouldn’t constantly be exposed to chaos.

If we find ourselves being riddled with stress then we need to break away from those areas and anyone who refuses to offer us peacefulness. A little stress will come but too much of it can create other issues for us. When we’re stressed we’re unable to function properly. That can lead to making mistakes that could’ve been avoided if we were in the land of peace. Those who want to keep us stressed should receive an in depth communication from us and if they refuse to stop producing stress for us then we need to do what’s best for us.

No one should want us to be filled with stress, our friends shouldn’t want it, and if they do then they don’t deserve that title. Being able to experience peacefulness is a blessing. There’s some people who rarely get the opportunities to experience peace because they’ve placed so much on themselves. We’ll do that. Sometimes we’ll produce stress for ourselves, worrying about that out of our control. Stress and worry are enemies and they can cause us to be broken and that’s something we don’t need.

We have to find things that offer us peace. Soothing music can produce some peace, meditation, and reading and also help. We shouldn’t be exposed to chaotic environments too long. If we allow the chaos to enter our minds then we’ll start demonstrating dysfunctional behavior. There’s a lot of major issues going on in this world but that doesn’t mean that we have to be all wrapped up in it. We have to relax our minds and we must allow our bodies to have rest. No rest, no peace, no peace means we’re experiencing some chaos and that can be avoided.

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Avoid the Negative Ones

Some people will refuse to be positive and we have a choice whether we want to deal with them or not. If all they can offer is negativity then it’s best to avoid them or at least limit any contact with them. People who are constantly negative are either seeking attention or unhappy with something. We may have some bad days but most of us will try to be positive and peaceful but there’s some who just hand out bad vibes. It’s up to us whether we want to be positive or not but all that negativity is draining and who needs?

Sometimes you have to shut everything off. Technology can help in so many ways but it can also be used to spill darkness. Some may use it to get all of their frustrations out and others may use it to “inspire.” We can delete those unwanted communications and surround ourselves with inspirational people. We will be exposed to negativity at some point but we don’t have to deal with it all the time. We should face challenges but too much negativity can wear on the body and mind.

There’s a lot of positive people in this world, people who really care about others, and those who have filled with love. Those are the people we should try to connect with. Sometimes we will have to remove some people from our circle so that we can enjoy what life has to offer. If someone doesn’t want to project peace then they can hit the road. No need for anyone to be constantly bombarded with nonsense. If you’re a visionary then it may be wise to surround yourself with other visionaries. They’re more than likely willing to be positive and “spread some love.

We need to keep our minds healthy and exposing ourselves to positive situations will assist with that. Some environments are filled with confusion and we should find away to project peace and if not then we should find environments that will offer us some nurturing. Sometimes we’re unaware how negatively negativity can affect us. It’s best that we find healthy environments to be apart of.

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The Open Letter

I thank God for those storms, trials, and challenges. They help build me up. Each day that offers us breath, we can get better, we should want to. Well, God knows what’s in store, He continues to prepare me for battle. It doesn’t matter who attacks me and what hour. God is worthy to be praised. Attacks can either make or break a person but through “faith” all those attacks will cease. I declare “peace” for anyone going through war.

Cyber bullying, deformation of character, harassment comes from the enemy. Anyone who faces attacks should put on the “full armor of God.”  You will need it. Trust God. No weapon that is formed against me or my family shall prosper. Satan is stupid. He attacks God’s people thinking that he can defeat God and Jesus. Jesus told Satan to get behind Him. Enemies I say, “you are behind me. If you weren’t behind me you wouldn’t try to pull me down.” Watch God work miracles in my life.

When you work for Satan. You will receive no pay. I’m not talking about dollars and cents. I talking the rewards from heaven. All that I’be done in my life. I’be asked God to forgive me for. As long as He forgives, that’s what matters, man can choose to forgive or not forgive but without forgiveness there’s no “reward.” I have no room for hate. Hate destroys and Hate belongs to the devil.

What people have tried to do to me, didn’t work, I’m still here, and I’m still praising. I ask my Heavenly Father to protect me from all things that are not of Him. I am strong. I shall not be defeated because Jesus is within me and His Father continues to guide me. Those attacks will cease in the name of Jesus. I’m uniquely designed. Be prepared for God’s punishment when you come up against me and God’s people.

I’m a”Believer of Christ and of God.” I will allow God to work in my favor. Vengeance belongs to Him. My forgiveness has nothing to do with what God promised. He declared that vengeance is His. I will continue my journey and pray for my enemies. I came into this world with “purpose.” My God is an Awesome God. So, there shall be no war without the armor, God protects me. Thank you Jesus. I receive the blessings.

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Somethings Aren’t Worth the Bother

There’s no easy roads to success. No easy travels to a destination filled with “growth.” We’ll be challenged, and we will hear the noise, but what we should do is keep going. Yes, there’s people who won’t make it easy for us, but we shouldn’t allow their disturbances to hinder our growth.

Although it won’t come easy. No one should consider stopping. If there’s a fork in the road and you decide to pick it up. You may just miss your mark. You don’t have to stop for everything. It’s best to choose your battles wisely. Of course there’s somethings that can’t be ignored but foolishness doesn’t need attention.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to become distracted by things that aren’t worth a bit of attention. We get all hot and bothered by silly communications. There’s people who truly believe that their jobs consist of making trouble. People who do that may be intimidated by those who are trying to head ahead. Some people will try to slow the process down.

Not everyone deserves to hear a response. Some need to hear it straight and others need to hear silence. If they can only offer disturbances then perhaps silence is what they need. We will have to come against something but how we deal with it makes the difference. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way.

If it isn’t beneficial to your journey then keep it moving. Not everyone wants to see others elevate. Those who aren’t comfortable with someone’s “rise” will try to kick them in the rear. Oh yes, everyone has come across some difficult being, that person or persons that causes your eyebrow to raise.

Even if one gets distracted, they should get back on track, no one should stop a soul from trying to do better and create a positive change. Believe that you can overcome and continue to learn what and who should receive attention. The battle isn’t ours but we sometimes get caught up in trying to handle them. “Our travels will teach us what we need to know.”

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Do Good Anyway

It’s not easy to turn the other cheek when people are doing things to you but it’s better to do so than to not so. When we do the right thing or do good things for people. We will feel better and we please God. It’s better to go that route then to be spiteful. What people do to us doesn’t go unoticed.

I’ve always frowned upon bullying but no matter how many people express their concerns about it. It will take place. It’s the way people think. Even if we’re being bullied. We shouldn’ allow it to turn us into hateful beings. Now, we have a right to not deal with people who bully us, we have to protect our minds. Doing good anyway is a blessing in itself.

Of course we will do things that some may not preceive as not good but if we figure out it isn’t “good” then we should decide to get on that good bandwagon. There’s great punishments for doing bad things to others. We all know that evil is in the world and we will come across it. When we do we have to figure out how. The best way to do that is to carry our faith with is. Keep God and Jesus close and continue to do good.

There will be some instances where our minds will want to shift to bad ways of thinking. When that happens we need to insert good thoughts in our brains and get back to doing what is right. Caring for others is something we all should have within us but for whatever reason some stray away from it. It can happen when we’ve been hurt severely. The world is rough and if we don’t be careful. It can make us hard and cold.

It’s important to love one another. Embrace others and encourage others. I will never stop loving people no matter what they do to be but I may keep my distance. When that happens, I’m loving some people from a distance, and I’m protecting my sanity. It’s unfortunate that everyone isn’t considered but that’s how it is.

“No Matter What. Love Will Always be Within me.”

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Unexpected Things Could be the Best Thing

All we have to do is “wait.” Wait on something that will give us what we need and want. We never know what can occur from day to day. We should appreciate the blessings that head our way. Sometimes we’re so focused on the things that went or go wrong but those things that go right are what we really need to focus on.

Some unexpected occurences could occur sooner than later. Sometimes people take advantage of things and people in their lives so they don’t expect the unexpected until it finds them. There will be times when things don’t fall the way we invisioned them to. Not all unexpected things are meant to be a downfall for us. We may not understand why certain things occur but what comes could be what’s best for us.

If we focus on the negative things then it would be hard for us to embrace the unexpected. Life forever changes. Things won’t stay the same people won’t stay the same. Changes will occur. If we expect less than that’s what we’ll receive. We should expect more, greater, better. Settling for just enough won’t do. If things unexpectedly occur, there’s a reason, and we should accept what comes.

In order to accept the unexpected we have to make some changes. Changes within us. Changes wih our way of thinking. We may say, “I didn’t expect that to happen.” That’s what the unexpected is all about. It will happen in our lives. Those tough times will prepare us for those unexpected occurences. What we may preceive as a nusiance may actually be a blessing in disguise.

We’re continuously learning and growing. We will move from one position to another. Growth is suppose to occur and with “that” it will prepare us for those unexpected blessings. Even if others think that we don’t deserve them. Only God knows but we may not expect them but we should embrace them.

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Your Vision Isn’t for Everyone

“Never Give up on Your Dreams.” Oh yes, there’s people hoping that you stop what you’re doing, but don’t stop. They will try to discourage you and undermine everything you try to accomplish. That shouldn’t be but it is. Unfortunately we can’t control people’s mindsets but we can try to reach our goals.

If you don’t try. You’ll never know what could have been. So it’s better to give it your all and be thankful that you have the gift. Sometimes people are less receptive of others ideas because they don’t understand them. That’s alright. Your “vision” isn’t for everyone. In fact no one should want everyone in their vision because some people are vision destroyers.

That’s why you hear so many people telling others to stop telling everyone about their ideas. Not everyone will be happy about it and envy exist. Sometimes you’ll have to work alone. Sometimes you will have to tune people out in order to get things done. No matter how tough it gets, keep going, and “keep believing.” Some people are intimated by people following their dreams. They may have an idea that your abilities will take you far and they may want to trip you up.

No one is immune to adversity. We all will face it and some of us will face it more than others. If you know you’re on the right track then stick with it. Don’t allow noise makers to hindet your goals. They will try to do it but you must be strong enough to endure it all. Turning back shouldn’t be an option. Those who are afraid to live their dreams will try to rain on other people’s dreams.

Listen to inspirational pieces. Watch motivational videos and most importantly. Surround yourself around visionaries and positive people. Don’t allow the negativity to drawn you out. Everyone has a right to do what they love. They have a right to live their dreams and they shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it.

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Moving to Another Location

Sometimes you have to make that move. Rise above it all. Leave all that junk behind and find a new place. A new residence. Somewhere filled with love and comfort. Why should any of us stay in a cold dark place. A place filled with aggravation. Oh yes, we should be thankful for a roof but if someone is causing a bit of a rift then we should move to another location.

Not everyone is meant to stay with other. Some of us really néedon’t our space. Imagine feeling as if you’re suffocating. Not fun is it. Not at all. Well, we have to make preparations for something better. A better life, a less stressful one, and a moving one. A place where there’s some settling in. A place called “home.” Like the sound of that. Traveling is what we do.

Can’t wait for that big move. Oh boy, I dream about, I can see it as if it’s a “vision.” Oh someone won’t be happy I’mean sure but we can’t live for others. Although some expect it. There’s no way it can happen. It just can’t. There’s a lot of great things ahead. Blessingso continue to head our way. A move of any kind may not produce that happy smile for some. Well, too bad, we can’t make everyone happy now can we?

Someone somewhere will be disappointed with our decisions. It would be nice if people could be happy for others. Unfortunately we don’t live in a world like that. There’s always something that makes us happy. Just to think about the whole “transformation ” generates joy. Shouldn’t we want joy in our lives? We have to move. Move in the right direction and be apart of beautiful things. How many of you will make a move? That move that produces elevation. Be blessed my people.

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Allow Peace to Find us

We may spend lots of time being surrounded by people who mean us know could. Destructive presents can put a damper in our lives. The more we’re surrounded by positive people, the greater our chances for a happier life, negativity can make us feel down if we allow it to. Anyone trying to weigh our bodies and minds down isn’t healthy. Healthy people will try to “uplift” and create a better world not only for themselves but for others.

Sometimes we have to avoid certain people. Yes, we should be “peacemakers,” but we should also use wisdom. If people are trying to cause suffering then the best thing we can do for them is to “pray.” Prayer works. So many may not believe that but it’s gotten me through those dark hours. We’re entitled to choose who we want to give our energy to. If the person or persons is worth the energy then we’ll continue to give it to them and if not then we may remove ourselves from their presence.

There’s a lot of negativity in this world and there’s a lot of positivity. We simply have to focus on the positivity not saying that we won’t ever allow the negativity to get next to us but as time goes by. We can get better at focusing on the positive. Sometimes we’re in environments that create a bit of stress for us and we need to find some positive outlets that will help us be happy.

Some people may choose meditation as a way to relax when they’ve been exposed to stressful situations. Meditation is great because who allows our minds to relax and our bodies to be calm. Calmness will also make us happier. Doing breathing exercises will relieve some stress. We shouldn’t spend our lives filled with stress. We have to enjoy ourselves and see the beauties of the world. That’s why it’s important to engage in healthy activities and spend less time with those who create havoc in our lives.

“Our Energy Belongs to us and we Have to Decide who Deserves to Have Some of it”

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Flip it Around

If people are showing you hate then “spread some love.” The world has enough wars, destruction, and loss so why should we deal and why should we take on more hate? Sending out a wave of love. When we’re trying to get better. We will come in contact with people who can’t stand it. What should we do? We should love them. Yes, that’s what we should do, and pray for them.

Anyone who has hate in their heart is without faith. Jesus loves us and God loves us. God is love so all the hate in the world God can overcome. The more we face negativity, the greater the building of our faith, at least that’s how it should be. Hate can create cause people to do some of the most treacherous things.

If we’re exposed to lots of negativity then we should think about some positive things. Everyone has faced haters or people who don’t love themselves. The best way to deal with them is to ignore or get a bucket of love and throw it on them. One of the most ridiculous things is people hating on people they never met or know anything about. Some may preceive that as “ignorant” I don’t know.

Even if we come across someone who’s hating, we should smile, and brush our shoulders off. If anyone users their energy to hate then that means they see something in you that irritates them and “that” isn’t all bad. Anyone trying to do something “creative” will be hated on. Heck, you could put on a nice outfit and shoes, and there goes the hate. If we busy ourselves with “love” then we won’t bother with haters. Love conquers all because God is love. God overcomes the world. No matter how much hate spins in the air. I will love all of you. Stay blessed and Much love.

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