Some People Really Need a Tune out

If you haven’t gotten to the point wh where you no longer give a hoot what people have to say then you should. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying positive people and caring people but giving time to trolls is a waste of time. We lose valuable time when we allow people that could care less whether we’re breathing some of our world. Some people live their lives trying to block others from their “purpose.”

Anyone who works online will see the trolls trying to gain attention. They’re cynical and they want others to get down on themselves. Some may consider them haters but they may not be haters at all. Some of them are simply looking for some attention. A lot of people have mentioned how annoying trolling is.

Trolling is annoying but one can’t spend their lives worrying about what people say. People can say what they want. Not really. They can criticize, laugh, and try to bring others down. It’s up to us whether we allow them to bring us down. Some thrive off of ruining someone’s day. Misery wants some company.

Sime things have to be addressed but choosing the right battles is important. If it’s total nonsense then it should be ignored. If people are afraid that others will get ahead then they will try to do anything to disrupt your “journey.” It’s amazing what some will come up with.

If you want to enjoy life then you should surround yourself with happy and positive people. Ignoring the trolls will generate some peace. Of course some are very determined to try and weigh others down. How,about praying for them? No one should want to deal with trolls but at some point. One will have to address them.

Finding the best way to address trolling is important. If you handle it wrong then watch out! Anyone who blogs or uses social media knows what trolls can do. Troll seems harsh but it simply means that they follow people in order to provide their cynical comments.

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Feel the Joy

Why are we wasting our lives on things that won’t bring us joy? Sometimes we can avoid those headaches. If we surround ourselves with positive people, the positivity will rub off on us. There’s people who thrive off of stealing other people’s joy. They may get a kick out of misery. The best thing one can do to shut joy killers down is to “smile” and be happy.

They may not want to see you smiling and laughing but that’s alright because it’s up to you whether you want to be happy or not. Misery loves company and if people are miserable then they want others to feel the way they do. We have a lot to be joyous about. We’re here, if we can see, and talk then that’s a lot to be joyous about.

We should engage in positive activities and listen to positive music. Anything that will drag us down should receive less of our attention. People shouldn’t want to be unhappy and miserable but some seem to embrace misery. Happiness feels good, enjoying life is something we deserve, when we allow others to bring us down we’ve allowed them to steal our “joy.” Can we really afford that?

When we’re in healthy environments, we feel better, we’ll project positive vibes. We will have off days but that doesn’t mean that we don’t feel joy. If we’ve allowed others to make us feel guilty about being happy then we need to stop. Some people will try their best to make sure other people are unhappy because it annoys them to see people enjoying their lives.

No one should make us feel low but we’ve all allowed someone to lower our mood. Once we decide to stop allowing it then we’ll be happier. God wants us to be happy. People may not want it but they can not send us to heaven or hell. Choose to be happy and find those things that bring out the best in you. Joy is a wonderful goal.

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Challenges Generate Improvement

Could you imagine if we never faced challenges? We would probably stay in the same position, there would be no changes within us, and we would be miserable. Why? Because we wouldn’t be fulfilled. People are sent to us to challenge us. To motive us. We would slack off if no one or nothing challenged us.

Without struggles there would be no “growth.” There’s a lot of people who have been through the fire. Without that fire, they would stop moving, they would settle for less instead of “greatness.” We can’t go through life taking easy routes. Of course we need to take breaks but we shouldn’t ever consider giving up.

Sometimes you have to start from A to get to Z. There’s no silver spoons, no easy way outs, there’s challenges. We have to be brave and face them. Life is full of adversities. We may feel weary when facing challenge after challenge but that weariness wears off. When we think about how far we’ve come. We won’t mind being tired. Accomplishments don’t happen overnight or should I say, “greatness doesn’t happen over night,” it takes time. Sometimes we become disappointed because we expect things to happen right away. It doesn’t always work that way.

There’s always room for improvement. We may not want to hear others criticizing us but not all critics are uncaring people. Some are there to make sure we live up to our potential. If we didn’t have them then we would probably do the minimum. Why settle for less when we can have the best? We should be thankful for those challenges. They make us better.

Some people may want to give up and in because they’ve faced toughness. They may not consider that the challenges won’t last always. We will reach a destination. One must be willing to accept that the road won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

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Be Careful Scams are Everywhere

There’s people who are lurking about for those with kind hearts. They may send a sobbing email or dial your phone. You should give to reliable charities. Use reliable sites. If you’re unsure about the validity of an email. You can search the address and if you feel uneasy about it then disregard it.

There’s people wanting you to hand them your hard earned money. They prey on those who they feel are naive or too trusting. We should give and help others but we need to be smart about it. If it doesn’t seem right then delete or block. It’s sad that people are preying on others and creating sob stories to generate sympathy.

There’s sites that will help raise money for situations, medical conditions, and for education. Those are the sites that should be used to ask for assistance. Sending emails to individuals may not generate the help that one may or may not need. There’s way too many scams circulating and it’s best to ask corporations, charities, or the media for assistance.

I’ve noticed a lot of the emails state that there was an inheritance given and the recipients are unable to collect the money so they need your help. Why would they send you money and why would they ask you for your personal information? That’s why people choose to select their favorite foundation or charity so they’re sure where their money is going.

Be leary when an email says Sir or Madame. If the email address looks fake then send it to trash or spam. A lot of email accounts will automatically send suspicious emails to spam. If you want to give to an organization, contact them personally, and allow them to give you a receipt showing your donation. Be alert not everyone is concerned about you losing your money.

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Social Media Advertising

People are finding creative ways to advertise on social media. Social Media is a neat way for one’s business to gain exposure. How much is too much? When advertising one should be careful not to force people to watch, click, or buy products. That could detour potential customers. Overly advertising will cause people to find less aggressive business approaches.

It’s important to stray away from harassing potential customers. No one is obligated to purchase anything they don’t want to purchase. You never know  who wants to make a purchase so it’s vital that good business practices are taking place when it comes to your business. Social Media can sometimes be tricky. Be creative but don’t refrain from being forceful.

Use social media sites that will allow you to gain more exposure. Some social media sites are ineffective when it comes to advertising. Try to build a customer base by being friendly and understanding. Understand what services and products people are looking for. Refrain from using sites that add little production for customers.

Social Media isn’t the only way to advertise your business but it’s the most ineffective in today’s world. A lot of business owners have hurt their business because they became overly excited on social media. They introduced harsh tactics and refused to demonstrate fairness when it came to their business. If  business owners are  friendly, caring, and have great services and products then the customers will come.

A lot of business owners like to use Facebook but they should also consider Twitter and Google+. Entertainers may want to put Instagram on their list. Whatever works, that’s what business owners should stick with, put some of those social media sites to the test. When you find one that offers more success then that’s the one you’ll want to use the most.

Social Media is popular and people are seeing what businesses have to offer. Use creative punch lines. To the point descriptions and it doesn’t hurt to offer free services. You can reach millions but you must observe what customers are interested in. If the products or services aren’t in demand then the business won’t flourish. So take advantage of social media and give the customers productives they can use.

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We can Learn on our own

There’s so much to learn and each day we can learn something. None of us knows everything. Some have more knowledge than others. A degree doesn’t make us smarter but it helps when trying to obtain certain jobs. College won’t teach us about life experiences. Only living will do that.

We all have something to learn. Some may have to learn how to “love.” There’s people who are so lost that they are unable to love themselves and others. It’s important that we learn to love and we become more knowledgeable. Without knowledge we lack understanding. When there’s no understanding, there’s no “movement,” without movement there’s no growth. We stand still.

There’s more to life than going off to school and earning a degree. We need real life experiences. We must be challenged. Finding something that moves us will help us gain the things we need to create “change.” We shouldn’t go through life not wanting to grow. Expanding our minds keeps our minds healthy. It’s hard to understand why some people refuse to learn more. We don’t have to sit in a classroom to do that.

We can pick up books on our own. Read articles, read the newspaper, have conversations with wise men and women. There’s many ways to learn. Sometimes we need to learn more about ourselves. Even if we learn one thing a day. We’ve made tremendous progress. Some may feel that there’s no need to learn more after they’ve finished school. School can only take us so far.

We don’t have to be the sharpest but we should want to experience wisdom. We’ve all been stupid at some point. Refused to use our brains because we wanted to do something. We should want to be apart of “growth.” Picking up a good book can do us some justice. There’s no reason we shouldn’t want to have better understanding.

What have you learned today? We should be happy about making progress. Sharing our experiences. You never know who needs some of our knowledgeable experiences. So, learning what we can should be important to us, we should want better. We can even learn through movies. Books aren’t the only way to gain knowledge.

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Making the World go Round

We keep hearing about tragedies all over the world. People are being exposed to senseless killing. Families are grieving in Paris and in the US. How do we deal with tragedies around us? With so much going on, why are people still hating, where’s the love? We should be embracing one another.

A little “We are the World” wouldn’t hurt. There’s no room for hate but there’s plenty of room for growth. We should be uplifting one another and focus on “building.” If we can go fourth in love then we can create a better world. More peace, more respect, more encouragement. If we don’t “unite” then growth can and will occur.

Races shouldn’t be at war. There should be no hatred in communities. Hate generates violence and death. So many things can be avoided if we embrace one another. Not saying that bad won’t exist because where there’s good there’s evil but if we generate more peace around us then it will flow outwards.

Differences should be put aside. We should motivate one another to do better. Not by putting others down but by encouraging our brothers and sisters to rise. We’re quick to judge but not quick to understand. No one truly knows another person’s story. You are the only one who can tell your story. No matter what we go through, we should try our best to smile, and pick ourselves back up.

It’s a blessing when we can have someone and others beside us to help guide us through. Trials will exist but we can’t allow them to break us. Those trials should make us stronger. There’s so much violence in our communities, in cities, countries and in our schools. How can we make a difference? It starts with us. Change starts with us. It starts in our homes and in our communities. We should want to make a positive difference.

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Spiritual Maturity

In order for us to grow, some things need to be removed from us, we may not feel good when the growing occurs but it’s worth it in the end. A tree starts small and over the years it grows and expands. We’re like a tree. Sometimes it takes longer to sprout and sometimes we lose all our leaves because we refuse to “grow.”

When we’re growing, especially spirituality, we will be faced with harshness. We will have to hear and see things that we may not want to hear or see but it’s necessary. Not everything is meant to hurt us but it’s put before us so that we grow. I won’t say that it won’t hurt. Oh it will but the hurt will pass. Those who are more spiritually mature will help guide us.

Anyone who has to mature, will go through more than others, they will face different adversities. I’m not speaking about marurity from boy to man or girl to woman but maturity in a spiritual sense. We can’t grow with the same thinking as we had in the immature stage. There will be those tough days and we may feel unappreciated or misunderstood. When that happens. We must quickly snap out of it and get back on task.

One we’ve completed our assignment, we’ll be freed from the agony, we’ll be closer to God and Jesus. Even when we face difficulties we’re not alone. Those tough times are there for our spiritual maturity. We can’t give up just because we’re facing heaviness, harhness, punches. Not actual punches but some times we’ll feel as if punches have landed all over our bodies.

Don’t be alarmed when people think that you’re peculiar when you’re maturing. Not everyone will understand your travel, assignment, and calling. God knows just what we need and He will give it to you. All those troublesome times will pass. Not saying that you won’t face difficulties but they will be different and you will learn how to battle. To battle means to fight, fight against evil, fight against anything demonic. There’s no need to worry about who or what will come after you because God never leaves and neither does Jesus. God’s love will conquer all.

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It’s Just About That Time

I’m ready for a little R&R. Yes indeed. I can use it. Sometimes things pile on top of one another and it can generate some stress. That’s why it’s important that we take vacations. Everybody needs to relieve stress. Vacationing is a great way to get away from the same old same old and take it easy.

Even if we take mini vacations that should help. Too much stress is unhealthy. We should learn to enjoy ourselves. We don’t have to work all of the time. Allowing ourselves to view different scenery will help us feel better. There’s so many ways that we can vacation. We can go by car, bus, train and airplane. Some may choose to take cruises to vacation.

I haven’t traveled by cruise and I’m not sure when that will happen but hopefully I will get that opportunity soon. Any time away should be appreciated. Some vacation out of the country and that’s something I haven’t done yet. Not sure win but I have been out of state. Perhaps more traveling will take place in a couple of years from now.

For now, I will enjoy the mini vacations, better than none at all. The thing is, we should take time to allow our bodies, and minds to relax. There’s so much that goes in our brains and allow relaxation to occur. Some may choose to vacation not far from home and others may choose to go a bit far from home.

It really doesn’t matter what one chooses to do but not vacationing could be a mistake. We all need that downtime. A lot of people may feel that they can’t afford to vacation but there’s so many low cost offers so that people are able to enjoy some time away from home. If only for a weekend every year, that helps, it’s better than having nothing at all. Of course we try to take more than one weekend out the year but sometimes things come up.

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No one can Help Everyone

Some people may not understand that one person can’t save the world and they shouldn’t try. While that person is burnt out everyone else will go about their way. Helping others is something we should do but we can not do it all. If anyone expects one person to do it all then they have lost their marbles.

It’s unfortunate that people will try to take advantage of other’s kindness. What they expect from others, they may be unwilling to do themselves, so therefore they shouldn’t pressure anyone to do it all. If a person helps one group of people then another group gets upset about that and they expect the person to get it done. What about others trying to help their community, their people, help with something?

If people can’t understand that no one can help every race, every person, help the entire world then too bad. It’s impossible. People should do what they can and feel good about it. They shouldn’t expect too much from anyone because people get tired. They’re only human and it appears there’s a whole lot of takers and not too many givers.

Sometimes we have to ignore somethings. Those who are cynical, rude, and ungrateful shouldn’t receive the same as those who are kind and appreciative. When we help others. We must help ourselves as well. For the people who constantly put themselves second, third, or at the bottom. It’s time that you look out for yourself.

People will take advantage of your kindness. They may preceive it as a weakness it’snot a weakness. Saying “no” is alright. Help those that appreciate it. Not everyone is caring and have compassion for others. If you can’t help them then don’t. No one should fall on their face in order to please another.

Some won’t care no matter what. They may hold their hands out and refuse to even offer a “thank you.” We must find some solitude. No one is like the energizer bunny and another thing. Live your life as you see fit because people will try to run that to. No one can live another person’s life. If you can’t help them then move on to those who appreciate the help.

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