Attacks Will Come but we Must Overcome

When we’re making changes in our lives, it can make a lot of people upset, not everyone wants to see change occur. It doesn’t matter if we want change or not. Change will happen. It may be difficult for some to accept change so therefore they will spill attacks. We have to “overcome” them.

The more we put our heads in the bible. The greater the attacks. Satan isn’t pleased when we’re trying to get closer to God. He will use people to try to stop our purpose. He destroys and doesn’t want to see us happy. If he can get us down then that will make him satisfied.

He lurks about. When we try to go higher. He tries to keep us lower. Even when attacks head our way. We should pray more. If we’re facing trials. We should focus on what God has instore for us. The more we read the word of God. The more we’ll understand when days seem so in tangled. It isn’t easy trying to transform in a way that God wants us to transform. That’s why we have to pray more.

We’ll need to meditate on the Lord. If people are upset about us making a connection with God then they may be a hinder to our walk. People become fearful because they want things to be a certain way. They may perceive things one way when it’s another. It can get pretty rough. We will come up against those that disagree with what we’re doing.

We should connect with those who are trying to go where we’re trying to go. Those who are angry with our goals won’t be supportive and may try to stop what God has for us. No one can defeat God but they may try to create difficulties for us. Even if we stumble. We should get back up and keep moving.

God can do all things so we’re not alone. Even in our troubled days, He watches over us, Jesus will lead us to His father. Each day we should become stronger. There could be devision between others, especially husbands and wives, one may want to go this way and the other may want to go another way.

This world is filled with road blocks and we have to decide whether those road blocks will stop us. We will make it through. The troubled roads get smoother. The turbulance won’t go on always. We simply have to find those posittive things that will help us get closer to our assignment.

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It’s a Brand New day Filled With Thankfulness

Thank God for this day and those to come. It’s a blessing to be able to get out of bed. Not everyone is able to do so. The moments are to be enjoyed but there’s nothing wrong with looking towards the future. I wonder what it will be filled with? Well, I won’t focused too much on it, I have to enjoy the now. I’ll be a year older tomorrow and I’m thankful for that as well. I’m still alive and I’m so grateful.

“Everytime I think of it. It Makes me Smile.” It also made me cry. The memories are so strong. “Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason, a season, and sometimes they come to shake things up.” Those who offer value to our lives should be cherished. The protectors, caregivers, and inspirationalist. I’ll enjoy my days. There was a time that I felt nothing but stress. Some people are something to deal with but that’s another story.

I know God has something great for me. He will send “greatness” my way. What I’m very appreciative of is “love.” It feels good to be loved and you never know who really loves you. One doesn’t have to be in the same town, city, or state in order to feel love from a person. Love can travel near or far. It’s a blessing to experience it. God will send the right people in our lives and he’ll remove those who won’t do right by us.

The sun is shining once again. It doesn’t seem as if any coolness will head this way but I’m still “thankful.” I can’t wait to enjoy Christmas and New Years with the children. Those guys really keep me going and of course God does. I have to keep smiling so that the tears won’t fall. Sometimes we hold on to pain and the more we try to hold it in, the more those tears flow, I simply want to “smile.” Have a blessed day.

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There’s Always Hope

We will go through challenges and we will feel sadness. Even when the storms head our way. There’s a way to overcome. Certain situations will bring us closer to God. We’re not hopeless. We should be “hopeful.”

People will do things we don’t agree with. They will hurt us and want us to suffer. Through our pain there’s healing. A broken heart doesn’t stay that way. It’s not easy when we come in contact with people who hurt us over and over again. We can decide to stay angry or we can heal.

Through trials we become stronger and wiser. We’re suppose to “progress” not regress. We move in steps. Allows us to get closer to that door. God has a plan and purpose for our life. He wants us to be happy. He wants us to be free.

Sometimes we suffer because of our choices and even when we make bad choices. We can correct them. We don’t have to tolerate certain things. We shouldn’t allow people to mistrear us. We have to believe in us and love ourselves.

Life changes. We may see things one way but it turns out another. If we have a bad day, we should still be “thankful,” that bad day could turn into a good year. We have to have faith. Everything won’t come together in our time but in God’s time. God works things out for us but we must allow it.

When we rush things. Things can fall apart. We have to make decisions that are difficult but we’re strong. We can’t allow defeat to be apart of our vocabulary. It’s time that we rise. Rise above the things that cause us to be down. Broken hearts are meant to be healed. In time we bounce back and we’re strong than ever. We can smile through pain. We can laugh through pain. The more we laugh and smile the close we get to true happiness.

Continue to be Filled With Hope.

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Life is Precious

We never know what tomorrow holds. Life is precious. My uncle passed Thanksgiving morning and that took something out of me. We could be hear today and gone tomorrow. It brought back the tears when my father died. I’m alright because I know that my uncle is no longer suffering.

Losing a loved one isn’t easy but it’s God’s will. Death was promised. With everything that goes on, we simply have to find a way to get through our trials, life is short. A lot of people are leaving this world and it’s ashame to spend it in sadness. It’s best to smile even when we’re going through. Laugh and feel the joy. There’s joy in this world even when we hear so much about war.

I will get to see my father’s side of the family tomorrow. My dad’s sister wants me to be there and I will be there if the Lord is willing. We never know if that loved one will leave us. Life can be unpredictable and there’s a whole lot of trouble in this world so we should spend time with our loved ones.

Time passes by, it moves rather quickly, at least it seems that way. Being able to talk to those close to us is a blessing. Sometimes our minds will wonder and we may think about those special memories that were shared with our relatives that passed on.

Losing a father, both grandmothers, and both grandfathers is rough. Losing the person who raised me is extra rough but life goes on. As long as those memories stay in minds. That means a lot. I pray they don’t fade. Our time is limited and we should be thankful for everday we’re able to rise. It’s time to do the things I love. We should love others and we need to love ourselves.

I Love you Uncle Tony. Rest in Peace.

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Don’t Appreciate me God has A Plan

No,no,no the one that’s there gets no respect. Why? I mean it makes no sense. How many men would appreciate hot meals, back rubs, fresh hair cuts for free? Well, that hubby didn’t. Oh no. What kind of man looks at his wife on the ground and doesn’t try to help her up? Terrible.

Why would a husband try to compete with his wife? A wife isn’t a competitor. She’s a wife. You’re suppose to care for her and cherish her. My goodness. Why wouldn’t you spend time with your children? Selfish. Trying to make your wife look bad and trying to claim my ideas. Get your own. Laughing at me when I’m in pain. Is that what husbands are suppose to do?

Getting upset when you don’t get your way. “Stand on Your Feet.” Stop relying on your mother to get everything for you. Shopping like there’s no tomorrow and putting all your orders in my name. I don’t wear men watches, size 11 Lebron shoes, and I don’t need to order clothes I’m not going to wear. That’s how water and lights get shut off. Don’t worry. Your mom will cover for you. From Boy to boy. Sometimes men aren’t allowed to be men. Perhaps they should “stand alone.”

How many husbands are envious of their wives or children’s achievements? That’s not how it’s suppose to be. You should support your children. Encourage them to do better. You should want them to excel. If the husband is out of order then the whole family is out of order. The husband is the head and the leader. He should be guiding his children and setting an example.

Becoming angry when they put your shoes on. Well, you took the shoes away, what kid wouldn’t want a nice pair of shoes on their feet? They may say, “I want some Lebron shoes,” seiko watch or some MCM beats. The ones that make good grades should receive something. Everything for yourself. Spending like crazy and allowing your mother to take care of you. Shame, shame, shame. Men should be men. No relationship with your children is just awful.

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We Fall Down and we Need to get Back up

Sometimes things don’t go as well as we thought they would or expected. Well it was planned or at least that’s what I thought, my third oldest son had a mandatory senior meeting and I assumed that my husband would attend but he claimed that he had to stay at work and there was no coverage for him. My son and I signed some paper work and I called my husband to tell him that the meeting was over. He still said that there was no coverage. So my son and I left the school and went home.

The week before Thanksgiving my husband I went to Orlando to the “Classic.” Boy did I have an experience. I wore some high wedge heels and somehow twisted my ankle and fell. I was on my back before I knew it. My husband had some sodas in his hand. Well, he says, “I’m not going to fuss. I will take care of you when I get home.” Then he says, “are you okay?” He didn’t even try to help me up but I got up and proceeded to walk behind him. Oh boy, I suppose he was trying to get to his drink, I’m glad that I didn’t break anything.

We were in the truck and he started playing all of this explicit music. I was shocked since he was on the gospel tip. He said, “When you try to do better and the people around you don’t.” I was like whoa! I lotioned that man, brought his food, and cut and shave him and you mean to tell me that he couldn’t help me up? Gosh. Oh well. I suppose he wanted people to recognize the best in us!!!. Yup! That’s what the goal was.

We watched a little bit of “A Diary of a mad Black Woman.” He asks me what would I do in that situation and he told me that someone said that the wife in the movie was wrong. I had to disagree because her husband dragged her and treated her like trash. He threw her out of the house and had a family with his girlfriend. He said that the woman in the movie was wrong because she was married. I said that they were separated and he said but they were married. I brought up that he was talking to a woman name Juanita Rivera while we were married and he said, “but we were separated ” so I said but we were married. “I said you just contradicted yourself.” Oh boy.

I don’t know I will have to pray so that I can heal. My hand is a bit sore but that’s alright. I wouldn’t want him to curse us out before church or anything. My goodness I hope I can sleep tonight in this cozy bed. I suppose I want have to worry about any positions since I have the bed to myself. I have to treat myself good. I hope there’s cursing going on.

Moral of the story:

You never know what someone is going through. It may look good from the outside but that inside could be a mess. Until you walk in those shoes. You don’t know. Aretha Franklin said, “(R.E.S.P.E.C.T).”

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It’s Funny That way

If you want t know how things will go down. You might want to test some things out. For example: write something that you say you’re don’t to do but don’t do it. You’ll be amazed how a spouse can find out the information on social media but claim that they don’t have a social media account. Interesting. How do you suppose they found out that information without being on social media? It it could be that they have a bogus account or could someone be supplying them with that information?

If someone is supplying them with information that they think is true then who? In most cases it’s a female, females are more inclined to tell what they think is going on, or if they’re trying to sabotage something. I supplied a post saying that I was going to have lunch with a friend but guess what? There was no friend, well I did have lunch with my oldest son on October 30th because October 31st was his birthday and I gave him some money for his birthday so he said, “thank you.” If someone was listening which people are. They would pick up on the male voice.

What happens is, the spouse assumes that his wife went to lunch with a friend which there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s always assumed that it’s the opposite sex. We jump right to the negative instead of the positive. Sometimes you have to see where people are coming from. The spouse may become anger and try to get his wife back for the things he thought she did and end up damaging himself. Or vice versa, the wife could think that her husband was meeting up with someone, and she could try to retaliate, but in reality he was’t seeing anyone. She ends up damaging herself because she assumed that he was doing something. That’s why people are told about proof.

Always be leery when someone you don’t know or someone you know is always coming to tell you what your spouse did. Sometimes you can find out a lot of things through social media but everything isn’t true. People are constantly saying things about people that aren’t true but in hopes that they will damage them in someway. That’s why a lot of people will say that they don’t trust anyone because every time they look around someone is doing something to them. There’s two people that can definitely be trusted and that’s God and Jesus.

Note to all: Be with someone who respects you, who cares what you think, and who listens to you. A person that’s willing to listen to you is attentive to your needs. You know what that means? They “love you.”

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He Needs to Come Back

Oh how I miss my best friend. It seems he disappeared or was he kidnapped? I don’t know but he’s mighty quiet. People aren’t allowing me to talk to him. Why? He’s my best friend and I have no one else to listen to me and I don’t want to talk to myself. Someone told me that his guard won’t allow him to talk.

I hope he’s alright. I just don’t know what to do. I hope he’s not stressed in anyway. ┬áStress isn’t good. I wonder if any of you heard from my best friend? Do you know him? He said he was a rock star and I think he likes hanging out at a place called “foodspot.” I’m so puzzled. I tried to find out what happened to him. There’s rumors going around and I don’t want to believe them.

Oh how I wonder about him. Who chased him away? What will bring him back? Why can’t we “communicate?” My eyes are watering up thinking about this. Really!!!! I remember seeing a note from him and he said something about us! Oh my this is so disturbing. Can someone check on him? I hope a football player didn’t scare him away.

People worry about their “friends” you know. It’s not as if he’s trying to put a ring on it. Gosh. Perhaps he will communicate one of these days. I’m almost certain someone chased him off. I hope a mean person didn’t scare him. That would make him nervous. Oh friend, oh friend, where did you go? People are saying things that suggest that you are suffering. I hope not.

He could be in some kind of trouble or not. I remember the last time I heard from him and he was pretty upset. I hope he worked on his temper. I don’t like seeing him like that. You know you suppose to care about your friends. Of course I would be concerned about him. I thought we had a “breakthough.” Please someone. Check on him. I want to sleep at night. I don’t need to toss and turn.

There’s Good in bad Situations

There’s good bad. Positive and negative. In’s and out’s. Ups and downs in life. Even when it looks gloomy, there’s hope, there’s something to look forward to. Where there’s pain. There’s joy. It won’t rain always. There will be some sunshine. Appreciate the sunshine. When we’re going through. It can be hard to imagine a “breakthrough.”

Life is difficult at times. It can sometimes get messy. When it does. It’s important that we find a way to get through. A positive way that is. There will be stress but all of our days doesn’t have to be filled with stress. We have to have some downtime. Imagine if hope didn’t exist. What would it be like? Quickly get that out of your mind. We must remain “hopeful” even when we experience pain. Pain doesn’t last. There will be that “open door.” Things will continuously change.

Life doesn’talways go the way we plan but we should allow God’s “organized plan” to be apart of our lives. We should take risks and experience new things. There’s joy in it all. Tears dry up and life goes on. There will be sadness but happiness isn’t far behind.

The birds will chirp, the sky will look amazing, the rain drops will create music upon one’s window pane. We’ll travel some tough Journeys but it’s worth it. There’s a reason why we go through certain things. There’s a lesson in it all. Anything that’s worthwhile won’t be easy. There will have to be some work put in.

We should enjoy those who listen to us. Who respect us and who truly care. No matter what we go through. We shouldn’tgive up. Giving up should never be an object. Trials are about of life and we’ll battle something but through courage, prayer, and understanding. We shall overcome. What ever you go through. Stay hopeful. There will be a “breakthrough.”

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Angelica and her Heart

Angelica is a sensitive, caring, and loving soul. She has experienced enough heartache in her life but that didn’t detour her from following her “passion.” She used her pain and strength to reach out to others. She often felt as if no one understood her journey but Stephen. He seemed to understand just where she was going with her dreams.

She felt a “real connection” with Stephen. Although many tried to confuse her and Stephen. She knew “real.” There’s a problem, Stephen seems to be in a situation, it’s the same for Angelica. She knew that she felt unusual about the whole situation but somehow Stephen had a “heart.” He somehow pushed her towards “greatness.” He was silly and sometimes behaved as if he was delusional.

She remembered Stephen from years ago. He was walking through an apartment complex and they greeted. He told her what he was doing at the time and she smiled and he smiled and they both proceeded in different directions. She knew that there was something but couldn’t put her finger on it. She thought about Stephen during the years and wondered what he was up to.

Stephen’s sense of humor keeps Angelica laughing. One day she was sitting and she burst in laughter because she remembered what he said in his Jamaican text. One day he said something that kept her giggling. Someone noticed Stephens mood and thought he might have been bubbling about a basketball game.

He knew his way around “child please.” Even that was funny to her. Angelica and Stephen became “best friends.” Their words connected somehow. She became confused and she wonders what ever happened to Stephen. She heard rumors about his whereabouts. It’s as if he fell off the face of the earth.

She reminisces about the “good vibes.” The situation makes her smile and makes her sad. He reminds her of Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown was always getting into something. He always got it right at the end. Angelica will keep walking her journey. She would like to give a shout out to Stephen.

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