The Best way to Deal With Difficult People

Difficult people exist, some of us are in contact with them everyday, but how do we deal with difficult people? Of course they will make you upset at some point but the best ways to deal with them is to ignore them. Yes, ignoring them will give you a peace of mind, don’t allow them to push your buttons because they will try in fact they love trying to push anyone’s buttons.

If ignoring them doesn’t work, and they’re on social media then you should block them, you don’t want them trying to harass you, or try to prank you. If blocking them doesn’t work then you may want to leave the social media site that’s filled with difficult people. Some people are going to be difficult no matter what.

If you want peace, find places where there are little to no difficult people, there’s plenty of places that have happy people circling about. Difficult people could create havoc on and offline so spend little time with them. If you’re the praying type, pray for them, prayer works. Some people are unaware that they’re difficult and in that case, you should tell them, and perhaps they will turn things around.

No one wants to deal with a difficult person or people. They will cause fatigue. Some people have lost “awesome friendships” because they were so difficult. Why spend your life dealing with that when you can spend it “smiling” and “happy?” Don’t allow difficult people to weigh you down.

If a particular social media site has “a lot of difficult people” then it’s best to go where there’s “positive people.” You will be “happy” and good things will happen for you. Don’t be filled with irritation and aggravation because you’ve came in contact with a lot of difficult people on a particular social media site. Where there’s bad apples. There’s good apples and you will be so “thankful” when you spend time with “loving” people.

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How to Build Traffic

We all know that working from home or working online isn’t easy. If you’re a writer or blogger then you know that you need traffic to your sites in order to make money. Many writers and bloggers worry about gaining exposure to their craft.

It’s not easy obtaining that traffic that will make you say, “wow!” There’s more to it than getting the traffic to your sites, you need them to click on adds, oh my. Lets be realistic here. Most people will probably scan through your work and head over to something else. Sigh.

What ever shall you do? Well, you could try to find some creative ways to make them want to come and “click,” that’s a great idea. The best way to get people to visit your sites are to “share.” Share what? Share your time and share interaction. If you’re not intetacting then you won’t get far. Interaction is very important. Don’t hesitate to interact.

Once people get familiar with you, they will be “excited” to see you pop in and see what you’re up to. After awhile they will find some of those ads interesting and want to click on them and sign up. “Hooray!” Isn’t that nice? Make sure you’re communicating on different sites.

Bloggers make money with those ads. Sites make more money when there’s more traffic because advertiers are willing to pay more with higher traffic. Makes sense. The more people click on ads, the more successful sites, writers, and bloggers will be.

Advertising Your Sites

You can’t expect to gain traffic without advertising. Advertise your links, the referral links, and advertise other writer’s work. The more exposure the better. Find creative ways to advertise. You can use a bit of humor in your advertisements. If there’s money to be made then why not make some of it? Find what works and have fun with it.

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Savor the Peace

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is out, and the games are on television. Thanking God for this glorious day. It’s a blessing to be able to gather thoughts and to be surrounded by “peacemakers.” That’s certainly something to be thankful for. There’s always something positive even in entangled situations.

It’s hard to believe that some people don’t enjoy peace. If they did then they would be “peaceful.” My, my, my it feels so good to be in peaceful environments and working with people who care. God will do it if we allow it.

Sometimes you have to shift to a new beginning. Renewing the mind and allowing joy in our lives is heavenly. As I look up, I’m giving God the Glory. He’s worthy to be praised. I’m so thankful that he’s a forgiving God. Isn’t that awesome? He loves us so and so does Jesus.

It feels so good to be able to breath because I’m truly happy. A shift is necessary when one is swallowed up by tormoil. Leaving a certain place and navigating elsewhere is lovely. Where there’s no peace, one can try to be a peacemaker, but if their efforts aren’t successful then it’s in their best interest to move on.

Not everyone will appreciate your smile. They may not appreciate anything about you. If not, don’t fret, go where you’re needed and appreciated. We can have peace when we get rid of the war mentality. We can’t expect great things when we’re not producing anything positive.

Continue to give thanks for today and the days ahead. We didn’t have to wake up this morning but God allowed because He isn’t finished with us yet. That means there’s more work to do. We must complete our “journey” and remain focused. It’s our season, it’s time to accept our promises, God loves you and so do I.

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Business Partners Making it Work

I’m so proud of my business partner. He’s a pretty smart guy, it continues to do research on the best investments, he’s in tuned with business. I’m so thankful that he continues to “prosper.” When choosing a business partner, one should choose someone who’s willing to put in the work, a person who’s focused will do well as a business partner.

If both of you are on the same page then things will most likely work out. Some partnerships go sour because one is more focused on the money then on the bright ideas. Of course we all have to survive but if a “business partner” doesn’t care about others then they would get kicked to the curb.

Who wants to work with a controller? One who won’t listen to your ideas but what all of their ideas put to use. That won’t help in the real world or in business. I rather stick with someone I know very well and I know will get the job done. This person is busy but won’t hesitate researching whatever needs to be researched.

Of course he’s not my only business partner but he’s one that’s working overtime right now. Good for me. Huh? It’s time to get extra serious because we have a lot of work to do. There’s so much planning and there’s a whole lot of “ideas” on the table. We will set up a business plan and continue to put together proposals. That’s something every business owner should learn, they should know how to put proposals together, of course Mr. Business Partner isn’t fond of that and I can understand that. So for now, he’s the researcher, I’m alright with.

My other business partner is the one who gives a few names to speak about. That’s not all, he also goes to some football games, and that works. If everyone does their part then things will certainly come together the way that we would like them to. We have to continue working together and “making things happen.”

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Be careful With Competitors

Competition is everywhere, it’s in the world, not everyone knows how to compete the right way. We shouldn’t be competing but everyone knows that people will do it anyway. If competitors are trying to do underhanded things then they should be avoided. If one doesn’t have the confidence in themselves and their business then they probably would try to sink their competition.

It’s not fair but some businesses and people will do that if there’s insecurity issues or if they’re evil. How can one get through to their competition? The best thing that a business can do is to keep ethical business practices and learn from their mistakes. Business is risky and sometimes business owners will take things to the extreme just because they want to win.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be successful but if you have to do so by harming others then things will go down hill. One can’t expect good things to come their way by doing evil things to others. It just won’t work. Wadhwa V. 2013 stated, “Corporate Executives and business owners need to realize that there could be no compromise when it comes to ethics and that there are no easy shortcuts to success. Their companies need ethics carefully sewn into their fabric.”

If the competition hurts others and it causes a lot of grief for their customers then the business should do all they can to make things right. If they’re unwilling to do so then they may experience failure. Not making sure your customers are satisfied and not caring about others will cause a business to suffer a demise.

Competing can cause all sorts of problems. People may not know how to compete without hurting others. If there’s absolutely no ethics, there’s no caring, and if there’s no caring people will move on to a business that truly “cares.” It’s important that business owners take care of business but it’s more important that they care about people.

It’s the “people” that will help their business grow. Focusing on winning may cause a failure to occur. That’s not what business owners want. When businesses use trickery they have set themselves up. They may think that they’re moving up the ladder but eventually they will come sliding down. Allowing corruption in your business is just bad business.


Wadhwa V. july 13, 2013. “Corruption in Business, and the Importance of Ethics”

“Corporate Executives and business owners need to realize that there could be no compromise when it comes to ethics and that there are no easy shortcuts to success. Their companies need ethics carefully sewn into their fabric.”

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Rebuilding a Marriage

The divorce rates are high, probably because it’s easier to get a divorce, and because people aren’t willing to make amends. Marriage is work. It’s a better for worse kind of union. An argument or arguments shouldn’t send people to divorce court, it has to be something drastic to cause one to want a divorce, God doesn’t like divorce and He would rather we try our very best to hold the marriage together.

Another reason why marriages fade away have to do with the reasons for marrying. Some people marry because of physical attraction. That is something that most likely won’t last. The physical can fade and when it does then that person will search for the next physical thing. Some marry for money, if that happens, the person with the money will lose the person if the money is no longer there. If one doesn’t marry for love then the changes of the union holding together will be slim. People can learn to love one another and that can take some time.

Couples who have different views may find themselves at war with one another. Until there’s mutual understanding, the marriage will continuously fade, and in time it will be dissolved. It’s important that praying couples continue to pray, reading the bible, and taking time to connect with one another. The best thing that married couples can do is to go to bed without being angry. Set aside the differences and make up before you both lay your heads on the pillow.

It’s time to build stronger marriages and love endlessly. Sometimes we go through deep trials and we consider giving up but it may not be a good idea. Trying to work out a marriage is a good thing, some marriages can’t be saved, and others can be salvaged through dedication. Both parties have to want it. You never know what you will find if you leave the marriage. You could find yourself in worse shape if you did. Pray for your marriage and allow God to guide you through it.

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Success Isn’t the Same for Everyone

Some people may believe that being successful means that they have to have a lot of money. For some that’s the only way they perceive it. Is it really so? Huh? Well is it? I’m just asking? Success is in all of us. It’s when we wake up in the morning. As soon as we hear those birds chirping, we’ve experienced success, we made it to a brighter day.

We can experience success in our homes, in our relationships, and in our careers. Not believing that we’re successful will lead us to become demotivated and that’s not good. We should feel the passion and feel strong about each positive step that we’re apart of.

Yes, we should want to be financially stable, live comfortable. We should want to live in peace. How can one become successful? If they’re living and have their needs met, they’ve hit the success mark, there’s more but we have to be patient for it. Wait on it. Success could be delivered to us or we can work hard to obtain more of it. We’ve already experienced some “success” in our lives. It’s not hard to believe that we’re already successful. Transform our minds and believe that more good things will head our way.

How many people look at others and wonder how did they become successful? You really want to know. They believed in themselves, they had someone to believe in them, they didn’t give up. Giving up should never be an option. We should work smarter towards our goals and refuse to be defeated.

People will tell others that they’re not as successful as the next person but that shouldn’t hinder anyone from trying to reach the goals that they feel they should reach. Having success is living, living each day to max, enjoying each moment. Learning from the good and bad times. We can improve our success level but in order to do that. We must change our way of thinking. We can’t stop trying to do better or stop trying to be better than we were the day before.

“Believe That it can be done. Believe That You Will Accomplish it.” (Tiki33)

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Inspire to be an Uplifter

If people continue to tear others down then we will continue to experience a downfall. Some people refuse to be positive at anytime and in anyway. The more one grows the more one comes in contact with people who aren’t “happy” about what they’re doing. Those who lift others up will find themselves in stronger positions to move ahead.

Sometimes we’ll come across people who do nothing but try to drag us down and that isn’t healthy. If they have nothing positive to offer and they’re in constant competition then it’s best to remove those people from your life. Only insecure people will try to tear others down. Allow your “uniqueness” to shine.

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There’s a lot of motivation out there. We have to seek it out because being surrounded by negativity will only make us feel bitter. There’s people who are willing to life others up and we should be apart of those communities. The best way to encourage others is to offer them “hope.” Anyone who can uplift others in negative environments are “heaven sent.” Those who believe in seeing others do well are blessed.

No one can tear us down if we don’t allow them. Of course it will shock anyone to think that there’s so many negative people out there. Be thankful for those who at least try to uplift others and aren’t concerned about competing with others. We should want to build others up and be happy that people are trying to do “good.”

Helping others in even the smallest ways are important. We should help one another grow and be proud of it. Uplifting our our community is a way to help build lives. It’s necessary, we could use some more positive figures, inspiring people. Sounds awesome! Spreading love all around helps us stay lifted up. Perhaps all of us should try it.

“There’s Always Hope. Never Think Hope has Left us.”

Accomplishing it In Spite of

When ever you do something that others may not agree with or don’t understand, you may make some uncomfortable with that, and that can make them angry. It doesn’t matter what people think. They can’t live for you. We all must do what’s best for us. Don’t stop going after what you want out of life because it will make people uncomfortable. Fight for those dreams. By fighting I mean, keep going, even when the hecklers present themselves.

Why did you put your dreams on hold in the first place? Was it fear? Fear holds people back. People would rather do away with their dreams in order to please others. While they’re sitting happy somewhere. You’re disappointed and sad because you didn’t do what you enjoy. Life isn’t about living to please others. We can help others that’s something we should do but we can’t spend our lives trying to make others happy. That’s up to them.

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If you haven’t started on your “journey” then perhaps you should. There’s no time like the present. You certainly don’t want to live with regrets. Regrets that you’ll be reminded about each day. Doing what we love will make us happy. If we waste our lives on doing something just to get by then we will be miserable. Misery is certainly no fun. So don’t indulge in it.

Experience new things. Laugh and continue to be apart of “growth.” You were destined to do great things so why should you sit back and allow those “opportunities” to pass you by? You will be criticized but if you don’t do anything at all, you’ll be criticized for that, so shouldn’t you follow your dreams?

Be happy, find something that will make you smile, love deeply. Enjoy this life because you only have one. We’re here on this earth only one time and then there’s eternal life with our Father. As long as there’s breath in our bodies, we have a chance to do something great, we have a chance to be apart of “greatness.”

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