Instead of Bashing What About Helping

Some people can’t help but be competitive, perhaps I should say, “they won’t stop being competitive.” There’s so much talent in this world and everyone deserves to allow their talents to shine. So why do people have a hard time dealing with seeing others do well? It’s about insecurities because those who truly believe in themselves have no reason to try to make others fall. If you know you’re good at something then why would you feel the need to try to bring others down?

No one can can take all the “shine.” Some people are so full of doubt that they will do some silly things in order to make others look bad. God gave each and everyone of us a gift and it’s a shame that people will try to make others stop sharing their gifts with the world. It’s as if people will fall ill for helping others. Of course no one can help everyone but if you’re not going top help then don’t try to knock others down.

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There’s so much room at the top and it seems that people aren’t really taking that into consideration. They should. If they did then we wouldn’t hear about all the envy that takes place. Some may say, “they don’t want to see you doing better than them.” Wow! That’s some statement. It’s a waste of time to try to bring anyone down. If you know you can do this or that then do what it takes to get it done. No need to blame others for things that didn’t work out. Just pick yourself up and go for it. Allow the world to see what you can do.

When people try to bring you down, it’s known as the “crab mentality,” actually people are intimidated by your progress or success. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t attempt to do underhanded things, that insecurity is something else. So many people have missed out because they couldn’t resist trying to outshine someone. They end up being in a miserable state because they were bashing instead of congratulating.

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The Getaways Make a Difference

We all should take time to get away from the same old same old. Mini vacations can go a long way. Vacationing allows us to get away from the stress and it’s a time that should be enjoyed. That 3 day vacation can feel like a week if you find the right destinations and make sure you’re staying somewhere nice. Staying a dingy hotel just won’t do.

A lot of people choose to vacation during the holidays. That’s when prices rise and the crowds doesn’t seem that fun. So we choose to travel when the seasons aren’t peaking. November is a great time. Right before Thanksgiving. Sometimes life is filled with those heavy duty experiences and  we need to get away from home.

If you need that quick getaway then you may want to travel not far from home. It’s inexpensive and depending on the location, one can have lots of fun, some destinations offer lots of fun activities. There’s a lot of “Florida” locations that provide great amenities and beautiful hotels or resorts that are family oriented.

If you’re not getting away then you’re missing out. We don’t have to stay stuck in the house with our heads hanging low. Even an overnight stay makes a difference. There’s all sorts of attractive deals. With non holiday seasons, hotels and resorts have lower prices, that’s why so many people choose to vacation at those times.

A great Florida destination is Orlando. Orlando has great deals. Plenty to see and beautiful beaches. It is apart of Florida. Can’t forget about the amusement parks. Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. If you live in Florida then you already know how much fun one can have in this beautiful state. Florida is filled with peaceful beaches that can take your breath away. The beaches aren’t the only attractive destinations in Florida but there’s exquisite restaurants for the entire family. So why not book your getaway today.

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Political Shyness

Not everyone wants to answer political questions. Those who avoid it may do so because they want to be politically correct. They may not want to deal with critics and bashers. We all know that people will criticize anything. Politics can create chaos so therefore lots of people shy away from it.

There’s a pastor by the name of T.D. Jakes, he seems to avoid those political questions, nothing wrong with it but of course it makes a lot of people uncomfortable. People have a right to choose whether they want to discuss politics or not. If they decide not to then they’re condemned and if they decide to dicuss politocs then they’ll be condemned. It’s best that people choose to go with what makes them comfortable.

Politics us tricky and it can rub people the wrong way so a lot of people feel it’s best to shy away from it. They may not want to discuss politics in spiritual settings and that’s undetstood. Politics can produce heated arguments and arguments should be avoided. They will occur at some point.

If you’re uncomfortable discussing politics then don’t bother discussing them. Your views could be tossed out because of disagreements. Don’t fret if people are asking you to give your views on things that seem controversial. What comes out of your mouth could be distorted and that could cause friction. I can understand why pastors or anyone else would shy away from politics.

Shying away from politics won’t stop people from asking you to supply your thoughts. It’s simply a subject that isn’t for everyone. Sometimes people want to hear what you have to say so they can dissect it. No one, absolutely no one should get involved with political debates that generate discomfort, more then the discomfort could take place. Not good.

Politics can be avoided in conversations. If they come up and you”d rather dismiss them then switch to a different subject or excuse yourself. Don’t get involved with politics if you’re not ready. People may not understand your views and turn them all around. Those who feel confident with political communications should speak on it but those who feel that talking about politics will do more harm than good. Should shy away from it.

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Won’t They do it

Yes, they will talk about you, they will try to discourage you but don’t you allow it. It doesn’t matter if an army of people try to rain on your parade. Use that umbrella and “keep it moving.” You ask this question, “Do they want to see me succeed?,” probably not. That’s alright. The more doubters you come in contact with, the more you’ll want to prove them wrong, they exist. You simply have to push your way through the crowd.

‘Won’t They do it?” “Yes They will.” Never allow what others have to say about you, define you, make you feel as if you’re not “good enough.” They want you to feel as if you’re down in the dumps. Keep doing what you do. You’re a “leader” and they know it. That’s why they want to kick you to the curb. Give them that nod, you know the one, the one that says, “I got this.” Oh yes. They won’t like it but you’ll love it.

Move like the wind. Be fearless. Go after those goals and be determined to reach them. You know you have it in you. You can’t please them all and don’t you dare try. Be encouraged at all time. There’s not a time that you should feel as if you’r incapable. “You’re a winner.” Be careful who you call a friend. Some pretend to be a friend when in reality they’re a “foe.” I know that’s not what you want to hear but you have to “keep it real.”

No one can crush your dreams. No one can live your life. It’s up to you to see all of this through. Know who wants to see you “rise” and who want to see you fall. Keep observing your surroundings. You don’t have to tell all of your moves. Laugh at the mess. That mess is a blessing in disguise. You better believe it. You can and will “succeed.” No one can stop that. Nope!

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Some Artists are Trying to Make a Come Back

The 90’s was an era of the “New Jack Swing.” Who can deny that music was on point back then? Anyone? Who can forget artist like Christopher Williams, Al. B. Sure, and El Debarge? They all have very unique sounds. Talented artist then and now. The music business can be very unpredictable. There will be the ups and the downs. Some artist went through whirlwinds and they’re “back on the block.” How many of you remember the sounds of Christopher Williams? Lets here something from him. How about “I’m Dreamin?”

Al. B. Sure was big in the latter part of the 80’s and 90’s. His last album dropped in 2009 titled “Honey I’m Home.” He currently has a radio talk show on Power 88. Al. B. Sure played football in college but decided to pursue a career in music. Bot a bad choice and he produced very successful records like, “Nite and Day,” “If I’m not Your lover,” and “Misunderstanding.” His popularity was through the roof. As time goes on, some artist are forgotten, until they make that come back. It’s important to transition with the times. Al. B. is “Making Things Happen.” Lets listen to one of Al. B. Sure’s hits.

If that wasn’t enough, who doesn’t remember the falsetto voice belonging to El. DeBarge, don’t you remember? El. DeBarge is the 6th oldest of ten children. He looked up to his older brother Bobby DeBarge who also had that falsetto range. El DeBarge is a talented song writer and singer. He can set the mood. He also produced big 90’s hits. He had numerous setbacks throughout his career but it seems to be on track now. His latest album was released in 2010 titled “Second Chance. El. was very proud of this project because he had a new beginning. The talent went all through “Second Chance.” El. DeBarge is continuing to tour and make special engagements.  Lets listen to a song from the 90’s and “Second Chance.” Lets not forget that El. DeBarge is also a talented piano player. “Heaven Sent.”

Here’s a Post About Some Old School Music. “Music is Very Rewarding.” by: Tanikka Paulk

Believe in you at all Times

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, or what you’re doing. There will always be someone waiting to try to take you down. A lot of people have stopped living their dreams because they’ve faced attacks. They’ve came in contact with envious people. The world is filled with them. There will be groups of people who will try to take you down but don’t allow it. If no one else believes in you. Believe in yourself. Believe that you’ll make it through every test.

We can’t control what others do or try to do but we can control how we deal with it. If they attack then put on your armor and pray. Some may not believe in the “power of prayer” but I do. What “evildoers” try to do to you and anyone else will not prosper. When people try real hard to get next to you, it’s because they see something in you that makes them angry, you intimidate them and it drives them crazy. They would rather you stop doing what you’re doing.

God has placed something special and that could displease some but smile and “keep going.” People waste time on people who they think are talented. They want you to go away because you make them feel bad. What you accomplish or will accomplish is “heaven sent.” Sometimes people become angry because of the people who love you. Never stop dreaming and believing.

Think about all those who were determined to make it to their dream destination. They had to push their way through a screaming crowd but they made it. It isn’t and it won’t be easy but it’s worth it. Anyone trying to do good or trying to help others will receive their rewards and for those who try to hold you back, will suffer the consequences, it may not be today but it will come. God won’t allow those things to continue. He is always in control. Those trials are meant to make “us stronger.”

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Positive Always Beats Negative

You may come in contact with some very negative people but that shouldn’t stop anyone from believing that there’s a whole lot of positive people out there. They may be hard to find on social networks sometimes but if you just “believe” you will find that those negative people need some “love.” “Yes Indeed.” Raise your hand if you’re positive? Wait. I can’t see you but it’s not hard to know who will be raising their hand.

People are constantly being challenged. They may face the negatives but they continue to learn how to conquer and those negative people “can not” defeat the “positive people.” No, no, no. Why do people try to bring others down. Perhaps they’re down themselves and it makes them feel better knocking others down. Where’s the love? Can anyone answer? Probably not but anyway. It’s time to search for all those positive people.

Perhaps we should dance for the negative people. They love entertainment. Come out positive people. It feels good to be positive of course we all have days that may not seem so bright but we should be thankful for them. Perhaps listening to some soothing music will calm some folks down. Lets give them a Miss America wave.

Don’t you just love positivity. It’s such a blessing to go out and about and see the “smiles” of all those positive people. I came in contact with some today. I can’t wait to be surrounded by those positive people at the November event. I’m sure it will be so much fun, fun, fun. Yes indeed. How many of you love to be positive? Do you enjoy being around positive people?

If you find yourself in a negative environment, you may want to find the positive people, or you can just “shine” lots of light. That works. Negativity has to power over positivity. Not at all. Don’t be discouraged when you read or hear about negative people. They probably could use a hug or two. Lets give a “virtual hug.”

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Peace Inside and Outside

When I close my eyes. I can hear the whispers and sweet melodies coming from you. The joy I feel when you’re around. The love that surrounds me when you enter the room. The thanfulness I feel when I step outside to feel your presence. You make me say, “Oh, oh, oh. La, la, la and another la.

The time we spend together is amazing. You allow me to settle in and you creep in and out. In and out. No one can do what you do. No one can capture my heart. You make me say, “wow!” What else can I say? Oh, about last night, I. Wait. I lost my train of thought. I meant to lose it. That’s what you do.

I can’t help but say, “hi,” can’t help it. I’m so glad you exist. The time we share together is better than any Vegas trip. The weekend is lovely. The communication that occurs when you enter. You make your way inside and outside. Inside and outside. Oh, oh, oh. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

I love the way you surrender. You care so much. I don’t know who doesn’t want you around. Why wouldn’t anyone want you around? I don’t want you to ever leave. Never! Stay. I sit on the lawn with head held back and enjoy you. What a joy. I love, love, love every moment I spend with you.

The memories of you. The goodness that you throw my way. Again I say, “thank you, thank you and another thank you.” I dream about you. Each day try to spend more time with you. I enjoy every minuet. You don’t mind spending time with me. In and out. In and out. Out and in. I can feel you with the strong breeze. You’re so good to me. Thank you “peace.” Peace belongs inside and outside.

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The Remarkable Person Project Continues

“Not Everyone Will Understand our Vision but That Doesn’t Mean That we Should Close our Eyes. Keep Visualizing” By: Tanikka Paulk  ( TanikkaPaulk)

It feels good to have vision, I’m not talking about eyesight, I’m speaking about positive changes in our communities and the world. My thoughts about giving and sharing with people is a calling that God has instilled in me and I won’t stop trying to make the dreams come true. I’ve faced adversity while working on this project and that’s alright because adversity offers growth. There’s no stopping me, and there’s no stopping those who assist with the project, so the project continues on. There’s more work to do.

The Remarkable Person Project

The project shines light on African American men, women, and youth craft and their contributions to society. We should want to encourage people. Not just African Americans but all people. This project involves African Americans but it won’t be the only project so other cultures shouldn’t be discouraged. The Remarkable Person Project is a current project that I’m working on and there’s plans for others so be encouraged.

The project includes Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem. DeMarcus Vandyke. Coach Aubrey Hill. Amir Rasul, Mark Walton, Artie Burns and more. We may hear about all of the negatives within the African American Communities but what about the positives? There’s  a lot of deserving people who rarely or never receive the recognition that they should receive. We should continue to allow “hope” to be apart of our lives. Continue to spread love and encourage others to grow.

It’s about caring about people and it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get this project completed. It shall come together. I would like to thank those who truly support this project and others. Who truly support those who are trying to create change and make things happen. Encourage people to live their dreams. We need more uplifting people because there’s enough that tear others down. If no one tells you that you’re “Remarkable” I’m telling you. There’s a lot of love and it’s time that we “shine the love.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Here They Come Again!

Where, who, and when? They’re back. Who’s back? Haters. Wait a minuet. They never left. Are they really haters? If you put yourself out there, they will come, they will seek you. Don’t fret about haters. They’re your undercover cheerleaders. They really want you to “succeed.” Of course they won’t admit it.

The best way to deal with them is to see them and don’t see them. Why? They’ll try to drive you nuts if you feed into them. Relax and let them do what they do best. Haters are really elevators. They will help you develop, help you move up, and they will change your “life.” “Oh my goodness.” Remember that’s what Shanaynay from Martin use to say. There’s nothing you can do about haters but “keep going.”

Don’t allow them to stop your flow. Some people have stopped living their dreams because of them. No one should stop you from living your dreams. If you stop, it’s on you, you decide that and not your haters. So, don’t be troubled when they jump out of the dark, sounds like a horror movie. To tell the truth some of them seem that way. Sorry to say so but it’s true. “You can’t give up.” You have to keep telling yourself that.

Giving up should never be an option. It doesn’t matter what you do. There will always be someone to doubt you, someone who wants you to stop, do’t worry. Those who try to “make it happen” get the punches from haters. They’ve been around for a long time. As time goes on, they will upgrade, when you’ve completed your journey there will be less of them. You won’t even notice them after that.

“Haters Help you Elevate. Allow Them to do Their Jobs. You Simply Can’t Stop Them.”