Did you Have fun?

Oh sometimes people enjoy having fun with us. It could be amusing to them but what if the tables turned? How would they feel? I suppose if something like that happened then they would wonder why? It could possibly happen. They may get some laughs off of people trying to fight the paparazzi off. Could you imagine trying to escape from some insane people, those people trying to bully you, I’m sure one can’t imagine that?

It sounds crazy? But is it really? You never know what can happen. It seems as if people are entertained by the craziest things. That’s why we must keep our eyes open. The one’s who we think are suppose to be for us. They could very well be the one’s trying to spook us. Well, either way, we all reap what we sow. Sometimes the pranks and jokes turn out to not be so amusing to the ones being pranked or the one’s being the “butt of the joke.” Ha, ha, ha! Well, some people probably got a laugh, and others probably just enjoyed being on the sidelines.

People often forget when they say, ” You Reap What you sow.” It all seems as if it’s a vicious cycle. You did this to me and now I’m going to get you back. One never knows what a person goes through unless they’re there 24/7. Anyway. The pranksters will eventually figure out that they can’t prank people and get away with it. Small pranks are probably harmless but what if the pranks went beyond? I suppose people are just trying to have some “fun.”


When You’re at Peace no one can Disturb it

People will try to steal your inner peace, the only way they can do that is if you allow it, life is precious and it should be enjoyed. When you’re confident and secure. You won’t feed into negativity. You’ll be at peace with yourself and even with those who try ro come up against you.

If it doesn’t help you grow, make you smile, then it’s something you can do without. Surround yourself with people who want to see you “prosper.” If they don’t want the best for you then they don’t deserve to be in your life. We often find ourselves questioning our past when we should be looking towards our future. No one. Absolutely ┬áno one can stop us from “succeeding.” If we allow people to get the best of us then they will.

Sometimes we have to go away and ponder a bit. We should develop positive friendships. People who do nothing for you have no right to tell you a thing. We have to learn to enjoy those who touch our lives. Those who make us complete. Those who love us “unconditionally.”

Life isn’t easy but we’re built for toughness. There’s people willing to uplift us. Those who want to see us achieve will push us. There’s no progress what so ever without struggles. If we don’t go through storms then we won’t develop strength. We need lots of strength to deal with the adversities of this world.

If the people around us doesn’t push us then they should be around us. We can’t expect things to be handed to us. We have to fight and work for them. Believe that you deserve to make it through every hurdle in life. Let no one tell you that you’re no good enough. There’s always hope in every situation. Failure should live in your heart, mind, and soul.

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Enjoy This Life

We will only pass through here once so why not enjoy our time here? We should have fun, spend time with family, and enjoy every moment. Of course we will face trials and that’s to be expected but that doesn’t mean that we have to stop living. So may of us have wasted precious time trying to please others and we’ve forgotten about our own happiness. That shouldn’t be. Looking out for self doesn’t mean we’re selfish.

There’s so many fun things to do in this world and there’s also things that can create havoc. Why should we consume ourselves with other people’s lives and miss out on living our own lives? There’s no need for hating and there’s so much room to grow that each and everyone of us has that opportunity. As long as we’re breathing, we’re able to make some positive chances, why shouldn’t we?

Take some time to meditate. Enjoy the sunshine and listen to birds sing. Make new friendships and share. Don’t beat yourself up by past mistakes. Don’t take everyone’s advice. Live your life and enjoy it to the fullest. A lot of people aren’t living their lives and that can generate misery. It’s an awful thing to live a miserable life. Misery does love company and it’s best to stay away from it.

If you smile, you will feel better, you’ll glow. That will help one to be a happier person. Could you imagine living your life in a miserable state? I certainly can’t imagine doing that. No fun, no “action,” and no living. Ugh! Bot good at all. There’s so much to do and so many places to visit. Love life. Spend time with the ones you love. Communication and enjoy listening to productive conversations. Sometimes we become so consumed with what others want and we forget to live. Make the best of this world. Call that person up who cares even if they pretend as if they don’t . Love living and enjoy every moment of it.

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Imagine What Celebrities go Through

Celebrities have to deal with people every single day. They’re chased, harassed, and bashed. It must be a scary thing when they’re somewhere and people are trying to tug on them. They receive weird phone calls and people trying to gain their attention all day and night. You don’t have to be a celebrity for them to do that. They’ll do it if they think you have something to offer them or if they’re upset with you.

It must be a headache not having any privacy. Annoying people trying to invade their lives but on the other hand they need those people in order to make a living. Sometimes they just go too far. What’s wrong with them? Don’t they have anything better to do? Probably not. Lets not get into the social media world. They will find some way to try to get someone down. The best thing to do is stay clear of those who are just “drama queens and kings.”

Pretend to close your eyes. Why? So that you won’t see them. If it’s drama riddled then you may want to go the other way. There’s no need for unnecessary stress. The people who try to invade people’s lives that way are called the “paparazzi.” You better believe they’ve caused a lot of grief for some folks. Remember the Princess Diana tragedy? Princess Diana and her friend was trying to get away from the paparazzi when the car crashed. That was a sad moment in time.

Celebrities and high profile figures are still dealing with the paparazzi. Some have became outraged because of the tactics that are used to gain photos and whatever they desire. I’m sure dealing with them isn’t easy. In fact I know it isn’t but they exist and we have to learn to deal with them. So many were jailed because of their odd behavior when stalking celebrities. Halle Berry has to deal with them but she stands up and which she should. She’s trying to protect her children. The paparazzi can either help or hurt.

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Effective Marketing and the Best Strategies

How do you market your products? Marketing isn’t always easy and sometimes it takes years to figure out what works best. If you want to know what will work then you must be prepared to fail. You may not want to hear that word but if there’s no failures then there’s no rewards. You can’t learn from always getting it right. You can watch what everyone else is doing or you can start finding out what will get you on the map.

When you market your products and services make sure that you know who your audience is. You want to give them what they want. In order to do that. You must know what they want. Once you try one strategy and it doesn’t work out then you know to go to the next. As soon as that bell goes off, you’re in the game, make every “strategy” count.

Who should Your Target Audience be?

If you’re selling urban wear then your target audience would be African Americans within the youth to young adult age range. In some instances it will attract middle aged men and women. If you’re selling books then your audience will depend on the type of books you’re selling. You can easily figure out who you’ll be targeting.

What ever you do make sure that you do some research before stepping out there. You should compare the statistics and see which products sell and how they’re sold. Not saying that someone else’s strategy will work for you but at least you’ll have some idea. as for your services. The customers will come when you build their trust. If they believe in you then they will want your services.

You may not win them over at first and don’t fret when you don’t. Keep trying different methods and you’ll find your niche. In order to build something good, you must be patient, those good things take time. Allow the nurturing to begin. Don’t think that you’ll make things happen overnight. A business takes time to grow. It doesn’t flourish without some “shine.”

“If you’re constantly working at it then you’ll find out what works.”

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Make Peace With Yourself

A lot of people aren’t able to rest in their minds because they can’t stop thinking about the what if’s and the “what did I do?” Even when we’ve done things that aren’t pleasing. We should ask for forgiveness and live. No one can change the past but you can make a great future. Smile and fly high in the sky. Believe that you’re worth more than gold.

Close your eyes and rest when it’s time. You don’t have to fight the battles within your mind. What’s done is done and what will be will be. For now, live life to it’s fullest, and know that you’ve made progress. If we find out that we’re headed in the wrong direction then we need to make changes to get on the “right path.” Love yourself enough to forgive yourself. The past is just that. What ever you’ve done before has been washed away.

Tell yourself that “you’re special.” You have a heart and despite what others may say or have said about you. You have given

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to your brother. You embraced others in your own special way and your heart is as big as Texas. Every emotion is “real.” Allow yourself to be happy and ease your mind. Don’t think too much. Don’t allow anger to get the best of you. Learn to wait and be patient.

A tear drop doesn’t mean that there’s sadness, it means that there’s joy, joy to know that you’re unforgettable. If no one ever told you, “thank you,” here it is. Sometimes it takes something drastic to figure who our “real friends” are. Those who never were will make their way out of our lives. The tears that were shed are for a reason. Strong emotions is what makes it real. Keep your head up. Love Always.

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Pass Them on by

When you find that some people want to dump on you, pass them by, don’t waste your time on it. Have fun and do what you love. We only live on this earth once and why should we waste our time trying to get through to negative people.

They’re doing is testing the positive people. Keep moving and help those who really want to see you soar. There’s so much that we can be apart of and we should want to be apart of “growth.” For those that don’t, well, they can stay far away.

We have to learn to do what we can and make a difference but understand that “no one can help all” and I won’t try. There’s no way anyone can do it all and absolutely no one should expect it. Time to keep it moving. It’s time to use a different pathway.

Help those that want to be helped. Try to be with people who want the best for you and all others “pass them by.” Love them but move away from them. It’s possible that some can be preceived to be negative but they really want to push you in a different direction.

Find the Right Spot

It’s time to find your place. Looking out for others is great but we must learn to look out for ourselves as well. One can become fatigued trying to help everyone so help you and your family. Helping at least one person makes a difference.

Move in the direction that will offer you the most. Sometimes a person comes to the realization that they have to leave a lot of people behind. If people are trying to weigh you down then take that flight elsewhere and find your destination. It’s time that we look at for ourselves. That doesn’t mean we’re being selfish but if we don’t look out for ourselves then we will flop.

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Don’t be a Downer

It’s kind of a downer when we’re surrounded by people who just can’t stand seeing others “happy.” Shouldn’t we want to see people do better, gain more, and help others? Unfortunately not everyone feels that way. If people are trying to being you down then it’s time to kick them to the curb. I know that sounds a bit harsh but there’s some people who don’t want your help. They want things handed to them but they don’t want to accept help.

I don’t think people really understand that trying to bring others down will only get them down. They won’t gain a thing and then everyone will wonder what happened to them. Some are in a mess and they may not know how to come out of it. They will go through hoops to try to avoid the “real problem.” Isn’t that something? They could be kind hearts but for some reason they become miserable and then they became corrupt. Sometimes they are close but their minds are so far.

How can you help them? Sometimes you can reach them and others times they’re too far gone so no one can help them. Perhaps people are just tired of their corruption. I hope they calm down and understand that no one is going to give in to their foolishness. Perhaps they will find better solutions to their problems. We never know what people are going through and there’s a lot of people that need some professional help but it’s up to them to obtain it.

Don’t try to bring others down in order to try to gain something that you will end up losing. You may lose more than you could imagine. It’s just not worth it. Try to be “uplifting.” That works better and more people become happier. It makes sense to reach out instead of doing a slam dunk on someone. Some people don’t deserve to be in our lives because they just don’t know about compassion.

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Keep on That Track

Who said it would be easy? Someone probably did but they were wrong. It’s not easy trying to follow your dreams and traveling on your journey. You’ll come across some wolves and they will want to devour you. You may meet people who want to guide you in another direction so that you don’t meet your goals. You’ll face envious people, who would rather see you fall on your face, and they may pretend to be a friend.

When traveling on your journey. You will face all sorts of challenges but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. If following your dreams was easy then everyone would be trying to pursue it. It’s not easy and someday’s it will be downright tiring. Yes, you will feel fatigued, the fatigue is just an example on the toughness. It’s well worth it. You will receive rewards along the way so don’t think that there’s nothing but challenges. There’s more to your journey.

You will find those who want to grab your attention and there’s nothing wrong with communicating a bit but if they aren’t willing to lift you up then it’s a waste of time. There’s a lot of people in the world who gave up because they faced adversity. Adversity is something that we all should face. If we didn’t then we wouldn’t learn and grow. Don’t feel bad when people don’t understand the travel. It’s not for everyone.

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You will have to let some off and you’ll pick some up. Pick up those who are willing to add and not subtract. If they’re full of negativity then they’re not the ones you need to have traveling with you. There will be those alone times. You may feel as if you’re the only one in the world. You’re not but it could feel that way. Keep pushing your way through the bumps. You were made to “soar.”

“Dream and Live it”

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Relax and Live

Life can be complicated sometimes. We’ll face challenges and if we allow those challenges to get the best of us Although we shouldn’t, it happens, we have to learn to take things easy. Our bodies and minds can’t handle long periods of stress. Sometimes we have to put those problems aside and find something positive to be apart of.

There’s so many ways to relax. We can take a vacation, go to the movies, or we can read a good book. Some may choose relaxing in a hot tub. That sounds nice. I will get a chance to relax in a jacuzzi next month. Boy, oh boy. jacuzzis are #1. Make your relaxation events positive. Sometimes you will need to power down the phone.

We should enjoy life. There’s no sense in being consumed with troubles. Of course troubles are in the world but we don’t have to think of them every minuet of the day. Setting aside some peaceful time helps. You’ll feel more relaxed and your overall health will approve. If we allow positive thoughts to enter our minds then we will feel a whole lot better.

Sometimes we over do it. We allow issues in our lives that could be avoided. We can’t solve every issue. We have to learn to say, “no.” There’s no way that we can help everyone. If we try to do so then we will become fatigued and restless. That won’t create “relaxation.” Everyone needs to settle down from “hard work.” We can’t work all of the time. We must rest.

Some of us have a hard time relaxing because we’re always trying to do something for someone else. We have to learn to look out for ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with being helpful but trying to save the world will wear anyone out.

Take some time to relax. Go somewhere nice and enjoy yourself. Feel good about life. Love the good and bad days. Don’t be consumed with stress. I know it’s sometimes easier said than done but stress will cause our health to decline. That will produce more problems.

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