Buyer Beware

Don’t get tricked by some Internet sharpie trying to make a buck.  I was!!  Trying to save some money on flea treatments for my cat, I purchased Frontline Plus from a guy that advertized it could be used for dogs and cats.  That is a NO NO!! Cats and dogs are different, right.  He was bold enough to label the mailing envelope to the effect that the formula could be divided to accomodate my cat and we finally wound up with fleas…I have been fighting these ugly critters for seven weeks and I am probably one of the lucky one (investations can lasts for months.  The seller is unethical to say the least!!!


Ave Yarrum is Eva Murray!

Yes, I am confused at this point as well!  It all began with wanting to remain anonymous so nothing ever came back to haunt my family as if I were some big author with a worldwide reputation.  It probably seems like a strange idea, but it has been is a solid idea and worthwhile effort for me.

I write for myself and not for the glory of fame and wealth. There are so many ideas running around in my head that I must tell my computer and hope it is of worth to someone out there in cyberspace. Many people listen to me, but they are easily distracted with the first opportunity to get away from me.  Do you know a boring person who wants to help you with your doctor’s diagnosis?  That’s me. That is why it became necessary to be anonymous and confide in my computer. It isn’t necessary for me to embarrass my family with my imaginary degree in medicine or my unprofessional treatment of the mentally ill.  I know little, but what I do know helps me.

Opinions are a dime a dozen and I am so wealthy that it’s unbelievable. In mixed company, those opinions are best left unsaid.  Who am I to criticize someone’s weight or looks!  When I hear people doing that, I cringe. It does sound cruel….But for the grace of God, I might be an overweight person with less than perfect features.

Each day I want to do the next right thing! Be kind and considerate…be compassionate and honest…these are my goals and this is what you will hear from me in Potpourri. Who cares whether I am Ave Yarrum or Eva Murray?  You know who I am trying to be. Just keep coming back because something here just might interest you!