Again on the way

hotel-748188_960_720I have traveled the whole day and now I try to write something, because lately I was not so active here. The reason was other than my laziness , because I was only involved with offline works and those works have taken all my time.

I am now in the hotel room and I would like to make a “review” of this hotel, since I have started to be upset here from the entrance. I can not complain of cleanliness, but the soap is completely missing. πŸ™‚ I have searched the towels, and I was ready to go down to the hotel reception to complain about, but I had a flash into my head when I have thrown a glance on the bed, and I have seen there the towels. πŸ™‚

Well, I have a chair here which I sat on, but I am scared to move myself too much due of the risk of falling down and breaking the chair too. Maybe I am now too tired, and I see only the negative things around but these are negative things, though. I have checked the refrigerator too, to take a little water from there, but I had another surprise. The refrigerator is empty, and now I do not find the reason of its existence here if it is not possible to be used. Only if I will store myself into the fridge if I will feel too warm around. Another amazing thing is the toilet. It is not nice talking about toilet, but a hotel review should containing this information too. I am in danger to be hit by the toilet’s lid therefore I have to hold it in hand till I manage there what I have to manage. LOL

Now I have changed my place on bed, because I am scared about that chair, and I think I will sleep till morning when I have to go to a contest.

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Personal thoughts…

boy-477013_960_720It is not a very happy day for me, and I have became meditative today after I have got some bad news about people living around me. I wonder if the happiness exists for real, and in the case the answer is one affirmative, I would like to know what could make a people to be happy. I know it is a very difficult thing to categorize the happiness and the things, which are making happy all people, since the people are very different and the needs and wishes of all of them are so different too. Even if someone looks to be happy for others, maybe his or her wishes were not came true, and in fact, under the surface of shown happiness, it could be covered a real unhappiness. Who knows what can be hidden into the humans’ hearts? I am actually very sad and I can feel others’ unhappiness at the moment. I have tried to rest for some time, but it is impossible for me to sleep, because something undefined compresses my heart and I feel an inexplicable pain while I am thinking to the news which I have received this evening.

I would like to be able to change something and to determine the things to go on the normal way, and to avoid so much pain around me, to avoid the break ups and the traumas caused by them. I would like to have enough power to change the people’s minds and to lead them on the right path. Unfortunately, I am not a god, and due of my past experiences, I am not sure that even a god could doing something in that sense.

Well, today is 13 of the month and even if some of my acquaintances are laughing at me that I am superstitious, in my case always through the date of 13, something wrong has happened. Today is not an exception, unfortunately. πŸ™

I hope only something good will take place tomorrow, and the happiness will be back again.

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The lesson of the day :)

girl-1098612_960_720I would not have thought that I will restart writing here with an unpleasant theme and a bitter taste of disappointment. Not regarding the virtual world, but the real world I am living in.

When the disappointment is caused by people we trust, the disappointment is bigger or, at least, it is felt so. But everyone has to take enough lessons till will stop to dream that all people are honest and trustworthy.:) I am upset at the moment and sad same time, because I have learned today a tough lesson, and now I know I will never trust somebody, and I will never help someone, because later my help will be turned against me. That is it!

I have managed the situation, but the bitter taste are persisting even now, and I can not find my interior peace. I have nobody’s shoulder to cry on, and really I do not want to cry expressing my weakness, but I decided to spread my thoughts here, and maybe I will feel myself better if I will not keep inside all this sadness and disappointment.

I face lately with some personal problems, and while some people, which I have thought will not help me, they have helped me unconditionally, others, which were helped before by me, those people have refused to help and, moreover, turned against me the whole help provided them by me. It is sad to wake up – literally speaking- with the reality about the real face of some so-called friends. Since this afternoon I stopped to talk to those people, and I am not sure if I will do it someday again. First, I have to heal my wounds, and, as I have said sometime in the past, it is easy to forget, but it is hard to forgive. Only the time will tell me which course will take this event.

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I dreamed long ago to Halwa

sweet-1222759_960_720The Halwa is a Pakistani sweet dish, at least I know the Pakistani recipe only. I use to prepare it during the holidays, but I dreamed too long ago to that to be able to stop myself yesterday to make it. πŸ™‚

Therefore, as I said I have done it.

The recipe is simple, but the preparation take some more time, because I had to blend the composition longer time in the saucepan, until became almost dry and the liquid was evaporated.

I used 2 kg carrots, cleaned and grated, 500 grams of sugar, 150 ml milk. All these ingredients I mixed and I placed into a saucepan, then I blended continue the mixture on low heat on the stove, until all liquid has been evaporated. In the meantime, I cut also dry fruits, such as almonds, nuts, peanuts and raisins. When I stopped the heat, a part of the dry fruits ( the whole quantity is about 100 grams) I poured in composition and I mixed again, but cold.

I placed the composition into a bowl and I covered everything with the rest of dry fruits, then I put in fridge. We have eaten only today, but it is possible to eat it when the Halwa is cold, and then the composition is looking like a caramel, due of sugar, which sticks the carrots. It can not be eaten too much, because this dish is very sweet.

Well, I made my dream to come true, since my last dream was to eat Halwa. LOL And I made also my husband very happy, because I know he missed too this sweet whose recipe is originating from his country. In fact, he was taught me to prepare this sweet dish, because before marriage I have never eaten something so. A healthy, easy and tasty dessert, which are looking good too speaking about its aspect .

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Dispute with some neighbors

honeybee-24633_960_720I was not active several days on this website, because I did not find any subject to write about and, in addition, I was busy with some offline works, such as cleaning my home before the Easter that will be next week. I have taken the opportunity of few sunny days in my area, without the daily rain, which sent me almost to craziness, and I wanted to hang outside the laundries after washing them.Β  We have a common backyard behind of our building, and there we can hang the laundry out to dry. Last year one of my neighbors from the left building has cut my wire for drying clothes, I do not know for what reason. Maybe he did not like to see my laundry outside, but this is not my problem, as well is not my problem his own laundry.

Yesterday I went out to hang everything to dry, and another neighbor opened her windows, saying me to move my clothes, because those are her wires. She said me the greens are her. I said her OK, and she indicated me another row of laundry wires, where I hung up my clothes, then I came back in home. While I have struggled with other chores, going to my kitchen I have thrown a glance on windows, and I was surprised to see that someone has moved all my clothes to another row of drying wires. That was the moment when I started to be really nervous, and I said to my husband that I will go fast to supermarket to buy new drying wires, and I will write our name on those new wires. If someone will hang up its laundry on our drying wires I will take them down and I will place on the ground. I will pay them with the same coin as their attitude was. And that is it!

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Feeling confused

keyboard-690066_960_720Today was a day of total confusion for me. Navigating through websites and trying to reach my goals, it seems I didΒ  not reach something at all. πŸ™‚ Day by day I feel as it is harder for me to work online and the feeling of losing only time surrounds me. Maybe because I have settled my goals to a too high level, and when I do not achieve my targets I feel only disappointment.

Sometimes even my brain stops to accept to be controlled, and all ideas fly away from me. It is a long time since I have redeemed and I have planned to involve my work on online websites, but the home reckoning does not match with that of fair. πŸ™‚ And I am still struggling to complete my limits and to be able, finally, to ask my redemption. Writing on forums, posting articles, interacting, clicking, testing, answering to surveys would be too much for everyone, and the limit- the mental limit- should be exceeded someday, moreover all these task are done after an offline job thatΒ  requires concentration and creative work.Β  When I am looking to the watcher I am always amazed how the time has flown so fast and I did not yet finish my tasks.

However, even I am working on so many earning websites I have gotten the conclusion that I would not survive only with those earnings. In fact, it is a hard work and not always well paid. It is true that is our choice if we want or not to work online, and nobody force us to do it. Sometimes I am thinking that if I would have to choose again if I want or not to work online, I am tempted to give the negative answer. But since I am already involved into the online work I could not leave it, because it is felt like a drug, and I feel I became dependent of it. πŸ™‚

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Interesting posts

glasses-1198644_960_720I wondered several days ago through a visit on this site and on others finding some very interesting posts, about…how to search on Google. LOL It is only an example, and until now I can not to recover myself from …astonishment. Really, I am not sure now if I know how to search something on Google. That post was very “helpful” and categorized as…tutorial. Oh, my God! After so many years of using the Internet I do not believe that I could find something so helpful for my improvement. πŸ™‚Β  Soon I will find surely a post about how to type on keyboard. With fingers, my dear! Only with fingers. And I can assure you that is not necessary a tutorial for that. πŸ™‚

I tend to believe now the quote: “Lord, big is your Kingdom!” πŸ™‚

Regarding to the strange posts, I have just read a news from an online newspaper about a woman that, being upset because her husband did not bring her flowers for the Women’s Day celebration, has cut his…genital organs. The man has been transported with ambulance to emergency. Determined woman, no doubt. I think she needs to be transported to a mental hospital, before she will catch another victim. And again I say… “Lord, big is your Kingdom!” πŸ™‚

I could write a post about the neighbors’ child, who makes felt his presence from the building door, screaming like a mad. I am tempted to go out and to shake him like a tree. When he starts screaming I remember the chimpanzeeΒ  Cheetah from the 60s TV series Daktari. What I can do? I can not choose my neighbors, but this kid sends me to a mental hospital soon, although he is only 5 or 6 years old. It is better to close my ears when I hear him being brought home by his parents, and so I will avoid an imminent conflict. πŸ™‚ Because… “Lord, big is your Kingdom!” πŸ™‚

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Google celebrates the International Women’s Day

roses-1198275_960_720Today, 8th of March, is the International Women’s Day, called originally International Working Women’s Day. Google is celebrating the International Women’s Day with a special doodle, which represents several ladies belonging to different countries, nationalities and ethnicity, who are practicing or they want to practice a job in different domains.

Through the years, Google has celebrated this day, bringing a homage to the women who have changed the history or they have brought their contribution to the world’s development.Β  For this year, Google planned to celebrate the future’s women, and for doing it, the representatives of Google have visited 13 countries and have interviewed 337 women, asking them to complete the affirmation “One day I will…”

In this video could be seen the British anthropologist Jane Goodall, the Pakistani Nobel Prize awarded for peace Malala Yousafzai, the Syrian activist Muzoon Almellehan and many other women who have expressed their wish about what would like doing in the future.

In the past, the Women’s Day was a political celebration, for asserting the women’s rights, and after it was adopted by the Socialist International became a celebration in the communist countries. Nowadays, losing the political influence, the International Women’s Day is a simple celebration like the Valentine’s Day or the Mother’s Day, trying to bring an homage for women worldwide for their daily struggle as mothers, wives, girlfriends, career women.

Today, I have seen on Facebook a lot of messages with wishes and greetings for women, accompanied by pictures with flowers or poetry. πŸ™‚Β  I remember always this day of 8 March in my originating country, where it were organized parties to celebrate the women’s day, and we met to restaurants with friends and colleagues. Memories… πŸ™‚

Well, it is an opportunity to wish also the all ladies from this site a Happy Women’s Day if they are celebrating it, and best wishes and happiness anyhow to everybody. πŸ™‚

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Rain rain go away :)

tulip-341677_960_720Today was a boring Sunday, spent most of the time in front of computer working online, and just a little time in my kitchen preparing some foods. Although till evening it was a sunny day, I have noticed few minutes ago that a rain has started again. I will get crazy because of rain, since every day I met for longer or shorter time a rain. That is why I will start singing: rain, rain go away. LOL Surely it will be not an international hit, but at least I will try to release it on international music charts. Who knows? maybe I will be lucky and someday my name will be found through Google search engine on Internet as a famous singer. Oh! And songwriter, of course. LOL

Leaving the joke behind, I am tired already due of continue rain in my area. I know I live around the North Sea, but what is too much is really too much.

Being nervous due of rain, I have searched on YouTube a song to calm myself, and I have found it. A beautiful song played to piano by the Korean pianist and composer Yiruma – Kiss the Rain.

Only close the eyes and listen. πŸ™‚ The peace and the contentment will be installed in your soul listening the magic music. It seems the rain is no more so catastrophic and the life looks better now.:)

Well, a song could change our mood and it able to take action on our feelings. A simple song has made me to feel better, although before I was really upset when I have seen the rain starting. Someone in my nearby just asked me if I want to learn kissing the rain. LOLΒ  Maybe I know it already. πŸ™‚

I hope everybody will spend an evening like a warm raindrop. πŸ™‚

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My dream destinations to visit

palace-1000419_960_720I think everybody had a dream sometime, even once in a life, to visit some places through a lifetime. As everybody I am not an exception regarding this dream, and I hope someday I will get my dreams. Since childhood I was fascinated by India and the Indian culture. Excepting the fact that I am watching every time Indian movies – older or newer, no matter which one- I like also to read about India. I am not talking now about political news, those are not my favorites regardless of whose country are those political news. I like to read about the Indian culture, about traditions, about beliefs. I was a child when I have read first time a book written by Mircea Eliade, a Romanian- born writer, historian of religion, philosopher, professor at the University of Chicago and one of the best interpreters of the world’s religion of the last century, who has lived many years in India. That book, entitled Maitreyi as original published in Romanian language in 1933, and Bengali Nights on English, has awaken my curiosity and my fascination for India. I have read later the Rabindranath Tagore’s Gora, and I have still fascinated, and the Taj Mahal’ s story left me speechless. There is my dream destination to visit through this life. I do not know if it will be possible, but I am still hoping for that. And one more is my husband’s country. I was never in Pakistan, although our marriage is already one old. LOL

I was in many countries through my life, but I was never to visit my dreamed destination, due of different reasons. I think it is time now to take a decision and to make my dreams to come true. I have only to be firmly into place. πŸ™‚ And to give enough clicks online to reach the air tickets amount. LOL

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