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There are several fruits in the market that gives us a lot of nutrients, apple is one of the fruit that can give us nutrients and even help us to have a balanced diet.
For some of us, apple is just an ordinary fruit. In our country apple is a little bit expensive and yet a lot of us love this fruit because of its benefits. There are benefits that we might already know but some of these are not that popular.
Do you always visit the dentist every month or every three months? Are you afraid that your brain might be aging too fast? Are you afraid of cancer and diabetes? Are you getting fat? There are things that we are afraid of and things we always think. Well, let us cut to the chase. Let me share some of the uncommon benefits from apples.

 Healthy Teeth. If you chew or eat an apple, you are helping your mouth to stimulate the right amount or level of saliva that reduces tooth decay by lowering the level of bacteria. Oh! I almost forgot, it makes your teeth whiter too.
Feeling Full. You want to feel full even you do not eat much? This fruit has many fibers that our body takes longer to digest compared to refined sugars or refined grains and it keeps you full. Any fruit or anything that provides at least three grams of fiber is a very good source of nutrients, we should also aim to get at least 25 to 40 grams of fibers a day.
Energizer. I am not talking about batteries, but I am talking about the energy drinks. Do you ever wonder if there is a natural way to extend your energy? This is for you, do you know that apple has an antioxidant called quercetin found in the skin of apples, which aids endurance by making oxygen available to the lungs but you have to take it in supplement form. If you want to get this benefit without any supplements, you have to eat at least four to five apples a day. They can also help people with breathing problems. According to a study, a woman is likely to have children with asthma who eats plenty of fruits particularly apples.
Immune System Booster. Quercetin from the apples can help boost our immune system. Are you worn out or stressed from work? Get an apple to help you feel better. Aside from oranges, apples are good source of Vitamin C too.
Bone Protector. Parents always think about their baby’s good health and their little bones while growing up. They always tend to ask their doctors what is the best milk out there. Apples can take care of our bones too so start giving it to your child at the age of six months. Boron ingredient from the apple helps the bones to be stronger even you are getting older. Researchers also believe that post-menopausal women can be protected from osteoporosis and may also increase bone density because of apples. Why? There is a flavanoid called ploridzin that only be found in apples, that gives us the benefit of having healthy bones.
These are just few of the uncommon benefits that I wanted to share to you. Now days, people are going back to all veggies and fruits meal like the Bible times. Why do not we start our day with a medium sized apple to make your day?

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