Just Got Home and Really Tired

I just went home 20 minutes ago and able to share one blog already. I was typing this blog on my mobile and copy and paste it in my notes. I able to transfer to WordPress. As much as I want to blog earlier while taking care of my nephew I can’t because it requires a more focus to the baby. Taking care of a┬ábaby requires a big sacrifice. I also thought I will be able to read the novel on my mobile┬álike I always dream of because I am always cancelling reading it. I have to cancelled it again because I need to focus on taking care of my nephew.

I remember while he was sleeping, he screamed very loud. I know he had a bad dream. The sound of the scream is like he was holding something and was stolen from him. Because of that, I made a big leap that rips my short. It left a big hole. I was laughing at how Teej made me rip my short. I was stunned hearing the sound of his voice. That was a very loud voice for a baby.

Then, when I went home, I was really tired and even up to this moment I am typing this one I feel sleepy. I want to eat food to add to my energy. I know I got tired because of taking care of my nephew. I want to drop blogging and sleep for the meantime. Let us see what happen after I eat my early dinner.

As much as possible I want to force myself to post some more but I am not definite on how many blogs I will able to share. I really want to sleep first to refresh my brain and will get back later on. Right now I keep on yawning just like the cat in the picture because I am really tired.

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The Longest Sleep, Maybe?

My afternoon will not be a regular afternoon if I am not perspiring because of the hot weather. I really want to take a bath after taking care of my nephew when he visited our house but I remember I just had my bath when he arrived. I looked like exhausted after taking care of him and all I do was to lay down in bed and afterwards, I don’t know what happened. I know I was in a deep sleep.

I had my 6 hours of sleep. I started sleeping at 5 in the afternoon and I got up to bed before 11 in the evening. That was the longest sleep of mine in the afternoon, I must be very tired. Now I know another reason to get you to sleep, take care of 8 pounds baby that is always moving and very alert, you will be very tired after. I only have to take care of him in less than 2 hours and I felt like I was with him for the whole day.

I hardly remember if I had a dream. All I remember was I able to wake up little by little, checking the time at my mobile and get back to sleep. I even forgot that I need to wake at 7 in the morning because I need to start my online activity again. It was exactly that I remember I was awake at the beginning and then I am awake after. I don’t recall what happened in between. It is like it happened fast, in a snap,I already accumulated 6 hours of sleep, lol.

Because of that, there is no room for a nap again. My next sleep will be, later on, this afternoon, for sure. It is good if you do not have plans, but I have plans and I ruin it. No regrets, maybe it is enough for my body to sleep more because I had 3 hours of sleep in the morning. I started sleeping at 4 in the morning and woke to start my day today at 7 in the morning.


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To Sleepy to Start my Online Activity

Yes, you are reading it right. If you live the same country as mine you will be shock that it is 2 in the morning and right now, I am only starting on my call review. I have to admit that I enjoyed reading blogs, browsing the Internet, watching videos about pets and composing blogs about it. Now, I made myself a cold coffee (I don’t like it hot coffee because I don’t want to feel hot anymore) to avoid this feeling of being tired and sleepy, but it is not working. Let me wait till the caffeine has its effect. I think it will happen after 2 hours when I already gone for 2 hour nap.

I am now reviewing some calls, but on the part of audit. I stop from there because I think I can start my review while I am still creating this blog. My question is, how will I manage to start my online earning activity if I am sleepy? Has this became successful on you? I am trying. If only I can put a stick in between my eyes, I will do that. I am really sleepy. I want to take a nap and wake up at 4 in the morning, but I know I will not do that. Once the alarm buzzed, I will adjust it, until I total forgot, which leads me to blame myself in the morning and have a morning regrets.

I want to finish blogging first because as fast as I submitted my last blog of the day, I know I will be opening a lot of tabs for some of my slow earning sites which I usually opens while I am call reviewing. Also, just earlier, I promised to myself that not all the time I will have a free internet, so I need to take advantage of this one. I need to battle it out. Need to fight this sleepy head. *yawning, yawning, yawning *

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