Still Not in the Work Mode

I am still suffering from Still Not in the Work Mode attitude. I start working offline now in this company and up until now, on my second, I am still not seeing myself being there. I did not even wish to be regularized. I guess with this kind of attitude I will not be regularized anyway. I lost the kind of feeling I have before. I was hardworking and full of dreams whenever I have a new job. I am always inspired and love making a good impression. Right now, I feelĀ little laid back and I don’t care if they will like me or not.

If there is something wrong with the company, it doesn’t matter anymore. What I think more is that there is something wrong on me and my attitude. I keep on praying, actually, I do it every morning before I fix myself. I guess the prayer is not working. I don’t want to regret everything in the end so I am trying to change my attitude over work. There is something wrong with my attitude and this will not be helping me.

I know God gave me this work so I should appreciate it. Maybe because it has been a long time since I am not working, that I lose the old me. I just need a little more time to realized this for me to get improve. I am a good employee. I could be the best person a company can have, however, I am like an internet connection in the Philippines that is slow to respond to what is happening in my surrounding. I don’t want a terrible reason to push myself as I need to push myself now. The best reason will be the loan and debt to pay and of course the dreams that has been delay.

Please God make me a person that is helpful to the company, just like the old me when I was working before.


Photo from Pixaba