Taking Advantage of the Maintenance

I am taking advantage of the maintenance. I am now creating some drafts and saving it for the meantime. When the site is okay again, you will see me posting like addict, like I am always running out of time. Please bear with me because I always missed the site and I am always on the limit points. Of course, this is only my source of income, I should be taking advantage.

I will be awake today, for the rest of the night. Early this morning, I slept passed 9. I took advantage of the free internet. Right now, I have internet but it is now have payment. My friend advised me of his technique to have internet and sometimes there are freebies, that you will gain access a free internet. I did last night. I even review some calls. When I woke up, it is already 1 in the afternoon.

I was a yaya mode. “Yaya” is our term for the person who takes care of babies and children. I take over in taking care of Teej, my nephew. I will have a separate story for it. Let me share the recap first, lol.

Last night, I drank water. I did the 8 glasses of drinking water. My alarm was set and every hour it tells me to drink water, I did. I even drank my medicine on time, baking soda, apple cider, I did all my plans. I just wish this UTI will be cleared soon or I will be having periods again that will cause its delay.

Why do I have the feeling that I will never get started working? Should I look for other job that does not require holding you for medical condition that is not contagious? I am getting tired of all of this. When the time comes, for sure I am not excited anymore.


Photo from Pixabay