Just Got Home and Really Tired

I just went home 20 minutes ago and able to share one blog already. I was typing this blog on my mobile and copy and paste it in my notes. I able to transfer to WordPress. As much as I want to blog earlier while taking care of my nephew I can’t because it requires a more focus to the baby. Taking care of a baby requires a big sacrifice. I also thought I will be able to read the novel on my mobile like I always dream of because I am always cancelling reading it. I have to cancelled it again because I need to focus on taking care of my nephew.

I remember while he was sleeping, he screamed very loud. I know he had a bad dream. The sound of the scream is like he was holding something and was stolen from him. Because of that, I made a big leap that rips my short. It left a big hole. I was laughing at how Teej made me rip my short. I was stunned hearing the sound of his voice. That was a very loud voice for a baby.

Then, when I went home, I was really tired and even up to this moment I am typing this one I feel sleepy. I want to eat food to add to my energy. I know I got tired because of taking care of my nephew. I want to drop blogging and sleep for the meantime. Let us see what happen after I eat my early dinner.

As much as possible I want to force myself to post some more but I am not definite on how many blogs I will able to share. I really want to sleep first to refresh my brain and will get back later on. Right now I keep on yawning just like the cat in the picture because I am really tired.

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Tired like this….

Look at the picture that is exactly how I feel after finishing 3 blogs for today. I am not sure if I will able to finish it all. I feel tired. My eyes are dropping. I know I had slept for 6 hours and now I feel the need to do it over again, lol. I am a person who has plans, I always have it with me. I am not putting it on writing but I have plans in my head and I am doing it. However, I do not set a time. That is the problem of not setting time because I do not wish to fulfill everything as quickly as possible.

I was doing my 4th blog when I opened YouTube and started crying, nope, of course, I am only joking. I opened YouTube to starts singing again. I started singing the song from Natalie Imbruglia Torn. That is what I certainly feel, “Nothings fine I’m torn, You are already late, I’m torn”. Sorry for doing the drama. The only thing that is real is my clothes has a lot of tear and cuts on the side, so that is what Torn is all about.

Now I am checking the next song on the playlists, it is Ironic. I cannot wait to sing it, yey! Then the next on the line is All the Love in the World from Corrs, A Thousand Miles from Vanessa Carlton, I will sing it all!!

That is exactly me when I am tired. I do things that I do not plan to do. I will look for the things that make me enjoy and it will shift my mood. I hope I able to grasp some positivity with the selection of songs in the playlists. Sometimes it is positive, but sometimes I enjoyed singing that I forget about blogging. Hopefully, I find topics that will able to share again.


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The Longest Sleep, Maybe?

My afternoon will not be a regular afternoon if I am not perspiring because of the hot weather. I really want to take a bath after taking care of my nephew when he visited our house but I remember I just had my bath when he arrived. I looked like exhausted after taking care of him and all I do was to lay down in bed and afterwards, I don’t know what happened. I know I was in a deep sleep.

I had my 6 hours of sleep. I started sleeping at 5 in the afternoon and I got up to bed before 11 in the evening. That was the longest sleep of mine in the afternoon, I must be very tired. Now I know another reason to get you to sleep, take care of 8 pounds baby that is always moving and very alert, you will be very tired after. I only have to take care of him in less than 2 hours and I felt like I was with him for the whole day.

I hardly remember if I had a dream. All I remember was I able to wake up little by little, checking the time at my mobile and get back to sleep. I even forgot that I need to wake at 7 in the morning because I need to start my online activity again. It was exactly that I remember I was awake at the beginning and then I am awake after. I don’t recall what happened in between. It is like it happened fast, in a snap,I already accumulated 6 hours of sleep, lol.

Because of that, there is no room for a nap again. My next sleep will be, later on, this afternoon, for sure. It is good if you do not have plans, but I have plans and I ruin it. No regrets, maybe it is enough for my body to sleep more because I had 3 hours of sleep in the morning. I started sleeping at 4 in the morning and woke to start my day today at 7 in the morning.


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It doesn’t matter the time I had a sleep, but surely I am Tired when I woke up

The feeling of being tired has become a household name in my system, lol. To be honest, as soon as I wake up in the morning, oops, nope, in the afternoon, I will feel tired. As soon as get up in bed, I am tired. I always have the thinking that there is nothing meaningful that will happen. I know I have goals and my goal achieving activity starts during the night till morning. As soon as I woke up, I don’t have any sense of energy or looking forward situation, maybe, because I am tired already.

Am I tired with life already? I am not sure.

This week will be a transformation. I know there is always a reason to wake up in the morning and in the morning, not in the afternoon. I need to adjust my sleeping pattern. One thing is for sure, it will be hard. It will be hard because I feel tired. I am always tired. I am thinking thyroid problem, but nope I am cleared with that. This is something Psychological and it could be caused by my wrong thinking about life. I know I have the right goal, but maybe the planning is not based on reality. I know I did my best on that one, there will come a time I will re-adjust the plan again. It depends on what will happen this week.

Just to be exact, I think I need to pamper myself. All I do for the rest of the days I have no job is to work online, earn money, be frustrated when the money expected did not arrive, worry about someone’s problem, praying and praying, then worry about the problems at home. I already forgot that I exists. That I should exists more than of a problem. Now I can’t decide what I really want, is that a cup of coffee, a big hug from someone or a year of sleeping.

Tired, i feel tired.


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Tired Already? Too Early

I had a long sleep last night, or morning earlier till afternoon. When I woke up this afternoon, I took a bath, went out and just got back. I tired already when I started working online. I know I will not able to continue blogging. I can hardly blog for solid of 4 hours now because I have to take a nap in between. I am always tired about everything even to those who could help me financially.

Right now I feel tired. My eyes want to get close, it doesn’t want to check my mobile anymore. I am lying in bed as I am creating this and I am stopping when my eyes can no longer handle the reading. I wanted to sit down and hold the mobile, but my hands are tired too. It only allows me to blog while I am lying in bed. The worst part is that my father focused me the electric fan. The air coming out of the electric fan makes me more tired. I am not sure if I am liking or annoyed because I am just starting to blog, but anyway, I will stop for now and take a nap for an hour. I hope after an hour I get refreshed and enjoy my blogging.

Another thing, my call review site seems okay now. I should be reviewing while blogging, but since I feel tired, I rather sleep and be back later on. I keep on yawning. The picture attach is a cat and that is the exact me right now. I am tired, I will just keep the mobile on as I am charging it as well. I set an alarm and get back in an hour. I think I need to take advantage of sleeping because I really need it. I hope I able to lessen my temperature too. It is hard in this situation.


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Sleep All Day

Is there a song titled Sleep All Day by Jason Mraz? I know there is. A close friend gave me an idea to posts. She posted at Facebook this quote “You know you are getting old when you barely do anything all day, but still need to have a nap to do barely anything”. That is exactly my normal self, especially during day time. Maybe because I am not sleeping at night. Sometimes in the middle of the day, I rather choose to sleep than to eat. My mother is waking me up during lunch and I will give her tantrums so she rather not touch me when I am sleeping, lol.

I feel like a snake after eating an animal. Sleeping is my first love. It is hard to sleep actually because of the hot weather, that is why I can have a sleep in the middle of the day and I need to continue sleeping because 4 hours is not always enough since my waking hours are longer. I have the abnormal schedule of sleeping because I am a natural vampire. Yep, even on some days that I have not been doing anything, I still need to take a nap in between because I guess that is what my body get used to be doing during those times. If I am not obliging to the call of my body clock, then I will find myself yawning while doing something. Later on, you will find me drooling in bed having a deep sleep.

They said that when you get old, you really need a much longer sleep. It is earlier for me as I am not that old, but I love sleeping. I feel that my body is lacking it and even if I have it for longers hours, there is always a need to stay in bed much longer, or another hours. Is this being sleepy or being normally lazy? Lol.


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