Hello! Life is Still Beautiful


Yes, I am asking Hello?

I had not been here for quite a long time because I became busy with new site, though I am posting a few. I also on the search for new sites, sadly I haven’t found one. I started my new job too and finished my week. I thought I will not survive. The feeling of “Thank God is Friday” had me last night, I was so excited to get out of the office.

However, before anything else, hello everyone? Hello from the outside and the inside of the site? How’s everyone is doing? What are you busy at? I hope you are also giving yourself a break from all the challenges we had last week, or maybe last month. I hope you had found a good site as an additional earning site, if not, I hope you never stop looking and praying that you will able to find it. I hope you keep yourself busy with things that will benefit you. I really hope you continue earning some money.

This week was a big change for me. I failed to have Blogjob to help me with my earning but I understand it. Then, I found a new site but it doesn’t keep me up with my earnings. Good thing that before the bad news I able to receive a good news. My only partial or little bad news was that I don’t have a transportation allowance. It was quite a struggle and I am still struggling to look for some money to borrow.

At work, it was quite boring since everyone is busy and they do not have any time for us to for orientation, though we had a proper orientation initiated by the admin. The turnover of work is still not happening. It will happen next week for sure. Again, another struggle when you were just waiting there, finding people that will teach you something, talk to you, make friends with you. On the other hand, I have friends there and I am glad I get used to be with them. We are happy when we are together during break times.

I hope everyone is okay. Let us all survive this life. Life is still beautiful.


Photo from Pixabay