Hello Everyone from my Nephew

I felt sleepy earlier, I really wanted to sleep but I just started my activity so it is a wrong timing for me. As I was decided to shut down my laptop, my nephew Teej arrived with my mother. He is delighted to see us. My mother gave him to my father and his legs were moving again. That is the part when he says he is happy and excited. He looked at me and smiled. I was about to shut down the laptop but I decided not because I will surely check my emails while I am taking care of him. Immediately after I moved away from my laptop, my father hands over Teej to me.

He is curious this time. He was curious looking at every dog, everything he sees. He wants to touch everything. He moved a lot. From time to time he got irritated surely because of the weather. He only became silent when I opened YouTube and click on Spongebob Squarepants. We watched it. I love when he is becoming quiet. It means he is busy over something. I am right, he became busy watching Spongebob. He is busy to the point that his eyes were glued on it. He always loves when he is hearing loud sound or shout. I find it weird. He will be moving his body once he heard a loud sound.

After that he made tantrums again, I know because of the weather. I put a pillow on my lap and I let him lay down there while I am feeding him with a milk from his bottle. Then he wants to be carried so I carry him. I saw that he still watching Spongebob. For sure on his next visits, he will look for Spongebob. Before we got separated I took a picture of him as a remembrance for today. Sooner he will be growing up, it good that he is part of my memories in Blogjob.

Photo from Pixabay


Teej Visits Us Today

I thought I will able to blog as early as 5 in the afternoon, but Teej, my ever cute nephew was carried by my mother. My mother went home to prepare foods for the pets. She left Teej with me and I took care of him in less than 2 hours. He was moving all the time. At first, my father was the one holding him and then he saw me and my mobile, he was moving his legs all the time, also, his arms are moving, he wants to go with me. He cried when he saw me not taking attention. When he cried, I carried him and then the start of the Selfie.

Teej already knew what to do once he saw my mobile. He will sit on my lap and focus on the mobile. Sometimes he is even the one who is clicking the timer and we will start posing in the camera. He loves Selfie and I think he is really good at it. These are some of the pictures.

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Sorry for the quality of the picture because we were taking it against the light. Look how his eyes are always focusing on my mobile. He is photogenic. How cute angel he is! I still enjoyed his today. Even if he likes to stand and wants to grab the tail of the dogs, I make sure to avoid him from doing it. The dogs are curious about him and so is he. Sometimes the dogs try to kiss him but I don’t allow them to get near. It is much safer. My dogs are nice, though, they do not scratch him or do anything that could harm the baby. The also avoid him when he starts moving his arms. When the dogs avoid him, Teej will get irritated and cry. I will show him my mobile and he will start posing once again.

Isn’t he good at Selfie? I should learn from him.


Photos are mine



Teej Again

I became a yaya for the day for my nephew. Yaya is a person who takes care of babies, toddler and kids while their parents are out. There are those who get a job as Yaya and they are getting money from it. While, me as a Yaya, means I will just need to take care of my nephew for today and I love it.  I able to took a picture of him. When he saw me, I know he was looking for my mobile because he loves to take pictures. I put it out immediately and he stops moving. He wants a nice picture taken. I will be sharing it again, of course.

He loves to move a lot. I have a pain at my back right now because I was holding him for long and he kept on moving. He loves to push his back on me, getting portion on my hair and pull it strong. Yes it was strong. He even pinched me again. I am getting harassed by him, lol.

I love his laugh. His laugh sounds like a very happy baby. He sound really satisfied by the care that he was receiving. I love when his eyebrow move. He knows how to flirt. There were times that he was silent and looking at the ceiling. I call it “kuliglig moments”. Kuliglig moment means, you will hear the sound of the grasshopper and everything is silent. I am not sure if he is thinking about something or he is seeing something in the ceiling.

I love his eyes, it is lovely. When he smiles, it shows on his eyes. Sometimes when he is putting his towel on his mouth, I know he was smiling because I can see it in his eyes. He loves eye contact. I also observed that he loves hearing a shout. When someone is shouting, he enjoys it. I was really laughing at him. What kind of baby that enjoys a scream or a shout? He is the only one.


Photo is mine

Teej Visited Again

Teej is my favorite nephew, why? It is because he is my first nephew inside our family. When I arrived home this afternoon I saw Teej being carried by my father. He was smiling when he saw me. He was giving an impression that he was looking for me most of the time but I was not there at home. When he saw me his face exactly says “There you are!” I tried my best to quickly change my outfit since I need to carry the baby as my father will not able to hold him for long. As soon as I change my home clothes, I went to carrying him and he was holding my hands tightly again.

He saw my mobile and telling me that we should use it for Selfie right away. I love his eyebrow. He is very flirty. He loves laughing and he loves when he will able to see a lot of people. I guess the baby is getting used with our faces and he is now familiar with all of us. I started to get closer to him and I love it. Besides moving a lot of times, kicking and stretching, I was hearing some voices. I love his laugh; you cannot hear that kind of laugh with stress people. His laugh is music to my ears. I love to hear more of it. It literally cleans the dirt on my ears, lol. Truly, babies are like angels. They make you feel relax and forget about your problem when they are there. I guess that is their objective that is why a lot of people love babies.

I, myself is not a fan of babies. I don’t like babies, not until Teej came out of this world. I love Teej and I am putting all my effort while he is there. I want to be the best Auntie! I will do it.


Photo is mine