Afternoon with Teej

I need to replace my mother this afternoon because she needs to attend to many things and my brother went out as well to process his requirements. Since I just at home, I took care of my baby nephew the whole afternoon. I went to their house.  At first,it was good because he was sleeping. I said myself I can continue reading the novel on my mobile, but as soon as he wakes up, That is the start of sacrifice. He loves to move a lot. Once he holds on something, he will bring it to his mouth. I stop reading and play some music instead.
He loves to be carried so most of the afternoon I was carrying him. Imagine i am carrying a more than 9 pounds baby for 30 minutes, it makes my shoulder complaining from pain. My arms were well stretch and the worst is the pain at my back. I told to myself that for sure, instead of blogging, I will be sleeping later tonight. Good thing my mother came back past 5. She went to the market and prepare it for my father to cook it. After a little while, my brother went home too and we all had a little chit-chat.
Before I forgot, there was something happened later that I accidentally entered my ring finger inside the electric fan because I was adjusting it. I left me wounded and bleeding, Teej enjoyed seeing me in pain. I almost dropped him on the floor because of pain and he was laughing at me. He seems enjoyed me suffering from pain.
Also, he enjoys listening to my voice. As I was making him sleep, I was singing along with my background music, he loves it. Once I stop singing, since I don’t know some parts of the lyrics, he will look at me and looks like saying “continue singing”. I successfully put him to sleep that when my mother went back, he was sleeping. He only wakes up with some movements from my mother.
Photos are mine

Taking Advantage of the Maintenance

I am taking advantage of the maintenance. I am now creating some drafts and saving it for the meantime. When the site is okay again, you will see me posting like addict, like I am always running out of time. Please bear with me because I always missed the site and I am always on the limit points. Of course, this is only my source of income, I should be taking advantage.

I will be awake today, for the rest of the night. Early this morning, I slept passed 9. I took advantage of the free internet. Right now, I have internet but it is now have payment. My friend advised me of his technique to have internet and sometimes there are freebies, that you will gain access a free internet. I did last night. I even review some calls. When I woke up, it is already 1 in the afternoon.

I was a yaya mode. “Yaya” is our term for the person who takes care of babies and children. I take over in taking care of Teej, my nephew. I will have a separate story for it. Let me share the recap first, lol.

Last night, I drank water. I did the 8 glasses of drinking water. My alarm was set and every hour it tells me to drink water, I did. I even drank my medicine on time, baking soda, apple cider, I did all my plans. I just wish this UTI will be cleared soon or I will be having periods again that will cause its delay.

Why do I have the feeling that I will never get started working? Should I look for other job that does not require holding you for medical condition that is not contagious? I am getting tired of all of this. When the time comes, for sure I am not excited anymore.


Photo from Pixabay