Still Reviewing Some Calls

Up to this time, there is still calls remaining on Humanatic. I never thought that it is 2 already and I am still there. I only took a break to eat lunch and took a bath. I make it quick because I am taking advantage of the number of calls available. I failed to review last night because I thought I will able to get out of the house today, but I did not get out because I need to collect stool and it is hard to do that when you are not into…whatever. I woke up at 7 in the morning and started reviewing calls. I was not serious earlier because I was checking out on something and also I thought I will be getting out at 10 in the morning. Plan fail again. I hope tomorrow it will be the real one, but not promising.

Right now there are numbers of calls available, yet actually, it is only a few. I am still reviewing. I am blogging this one while listening to some calls. I am glad that even though I failed to get out of the house I am still earning at home, though I only earn less that I expected if only I am seriously listening to calls. I guess I will take advantage of this one for the meantime and will just continue my blogging activity after this one.

I noticed myself that if I will be focusing on reviewing calls I am more included on the list of people who got audited. I wonder why? I know I am tagging the right category. I had a lot of audits earlier and it discourages me. That is the reason I find something interesting instead of being focus on it because if not I will feel irritated and exited the site. I thought being focus will able to earn me more, but I am wrong. It leads me a lot of audit, I think it happens even before.


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I am Ready but NO Calls Available

I am ready to start reviewing calls right now while I am doing this blog at MS Word but when I checked on the availability, it is zero. I checked on Google what would be the reason, if it is a Holiday or something and it says it is National Tartan’s Day. I haven’t done reviewing some calls recently due to Internet problem. I cannot access the site and my online activities were limited. This is only the chance I will be working again and the site is having zero calls. I hope that at 12 in the morning there will be some calls available.

I am ready to earn money. I need to earn more because I don’t have other source of income but these online stuffs. I am using all of my time and effort to earn. I am willing to do not sleep also but then, I guess I will be starting with little delays as there are no calls. I hope that the National Tartan Day will not be an issue for some business establishment to be close in the US today. What is National Tartan Day anyway? I found out through Google that today, April 6 in the US is the commemoration of Scottish National Independence. It will be a lot of parades in the streets of New York. I guess the road will be busy but not some business establishment is it? Sorry for conditioning myself. I only wish that I will be receiving some calls later on because I need to meet the threshold today or I will try my luck the next day.

I know some categories are working and with lots of calls, however, I am sticking to the category that I can work with while doing other things because I already memorized it. Other categories make me lose my money. I guess I need to wait for it.

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