That’s my Typical Saturday

My typical Saturday is waking up early. I will go to the kitchen to check if my mother prepare a breakfast, if not, then I will prepare for myself. When my father is already awake, I will prepare his food too. After eating breakfast, I will go and play with my kittens. There is this one kitten that is longing for my attention almost every minute. I am regularly carrying him out of his cage and hug him. Even before I go to work I need to do it because he knows I will be away for longer hours. After it, I will have a little stretching. If I am not doing a stretch, I will start working on the dishes and cleaning the house. I will clean the bathroom as well. After it, I will wash my hand carefully and look for clothes. I will be preparing myself to take a bath. I will make sure I already change the water bin of my pets first.

I will take a bath for more than 30 minutes. I used to pampering myself with my favorite soap and shampoo. I make sure I will wash my hair carefully as I can’t do this during the week days as I am always rushing to finish bathing. I make sure I will put powder all over me. My bath will never be complete without a powder finish, lol. After it, I will open the Wifi Router and pass time by checking Instagram. I will stay on the site for 30 minutes and more and then I will be back working online if I have a site to work with. If not, I will be watching some movies or YouTube videos or might be sleeping to have some rest. Sometimes when I am sleeping, I forgot to eat lunch as I will wake up in the afternoon already. My parents do not bother me waking up when I am sleeping because they know I will not like that, though it is not good so do not be like that.

Unfortunately, I can’t do it today as I am sick….


Photo from Pixabay