What if your Parents are Not Proud of You?

Are there parents who are not proud of their children? I guess the answer is yes and I find it ridiculous. Part of being a parent is having unconditional love. Even if people turn down your child, parents are the first people who lift them up and every parent should know this, every parent are doing this. Even if your child is the ugliest as bashers say, you will be the one that proves them wrong, not join them in bashing your child.

I learned this story about someone. It was just a story that I overheard. I find it very serious disheartening if that is true, but I have this feeling that it is true as the person who was sharing the story could not believe that there are parents, parents means father and mother, are not proud of their child. Imagine, this child’s genes came from the parents. The child did not decide if he or she wants to be born. The child was born because the parents produced it. How could the parents failed to make a child be comfortable with himself/herself when it is their job to make their child be the most special child in the world.

From what I heard, this young child, not sure if girl or boy have been bullied at school for being lame. The child told his or her parents what happened. The parents don’t mind it until the time that they were called to the Principal’s office as their child pushed someone in the stairs. He or she was under detention. Of course, the child’s parents apologize to the parent’s of the other child, and to the child too. Then they even added that they feel sorry for their child as he or she is useless for being lame and weak. They really hate their child because of that and they wished they had someone better than him or her. The lady that was sharing the story was the advisor of that child and she was shocked. She talked to the parents of that child and advised them to be supportive of their child but they seem not to listen because they do know what to do with their child as it is their child.

I don’t want to make this long. If you will ask meif they can describe how lame and weak their child is, aren’t they describing themselves as that child came from them?


Photo from Pixabay