I Miss You Blogjob!

I miss you. I went to the hospital earlier. I was blogging on my phone and then I cried. I was blogging because I thought I will able to post it on it, but then I realized it suspends the rewards. I really and literally shook my head from doing that. I never thought this one will happen to me.

I am sad, I want to blog this but I choose to have it in here so that everyone online will able to see. You had helped me a lot of times from my medicine. If you are up, I should not be asking everyone to donate me their points, their gold points, I don’t have to have an account at some crowdfunding sites to ask for people to please donate money. I don’t have to ask for help to other people to accompany me to go to Philippine charity sweepstakes office to ask for money. I will be needing that money next week for surgery. I have liver laceration and internal bleeding because of the laceration. I will be losing blood if the laceration will not be fix, so I need the surgery.

I am not blaming this site. I am just here because I miss it and everything that we do here. I know Sheridan and company are doing their best about the site, that is why we need not to give up. Even we have not heard anything from you guys, any updates whatsoever, we are still hoping the site will come back. We love the site, I miss the site and I miss the earnings too. I know if it will come back, things will change, but I just pray that it will come back once again.

This site had helped me with life. I have a lot of rants in my blog. If this site was not around during that time, I do not have any idea how to survived it. I had a lot of problems and the site is my online site that I could turn too, that I know there are lots of people will able to understand me because they were facing the same problem before or maybe at present. I meet a lot of wonderful individual, i put lots of my best friends in here, I met wonderful individual, I met the smartest one, the most helpful, the friendly, the goofy, this become my everything.

I understand what happened. I accepted it. I will also accept whatever decision the owner want on the site, but it will not change what I know about it. This site became a friend, a savior, a second home, a critique, a learning path and experience path as well. It became my guidance with life, it helps me to accept decision, change decision, it makes me strong, it makes me know more about myself. It is truly part of my whole life right now and so as you I know.

Sorry for this long post. I just went to the hospital and got to received a bad news, please pray for me and then I missed it. I really miss it. I missed Sheridan’s kindness, him for always being helpful and approachable. I give all my respect to the site, even to the last days of my life… no I am not dying. I will survive this, I will fight for my life and you will help me with your prayers.

I love this site so much and Sheridan as well. Just want to say this now. I don’t have any one to talk too, so I am writing…. see you back, I hope it is SOON….

Please pray for me!!! Thank you!!

I am Ready but NO Calls Available

I am ready to start reviewing calls right now while I am doing this blog at MS Word but when I checked on the availability, it is zero. I checked on Google what would be the reason, if it is a Holiday or something and it says it is National Tartan’s Day. I haven’t done reviewing some calls recently due to Internet problem. I cannot access the site and my online activities were limited. This is only the chance I will be working again and the site is having zero calls. I hope that at 12 in the morning there will be some calls available.

I am ready to earn money. I need to earn more because I don’t have other source of income but these online stuffs. I am using all of my time and effort to earn. I am willing to do not sleep also but then, I guess I will be starting with little delays as there are no calls. I hope that the National Tartan Day will not be an issue for some business establishment to be close in the US today. What is National Tartan Day anyway? I found out through Google that today, April 6 in the US is the commemoration of Scottish National Independence. It will be a lot of parades in the streets of New York. I guess the road will be busy but not some business establishment is it? Sorry for conditioning myself. I only wish that I will be receiving some calls later on because I need to meet the threshold today or I will try my luck the next day.

I know some categories are working and with lots of calls, however, I am sticking to the category that I can work with while doing other things because I already memorized it. Other categories make me lose my money. I guess I need to wait for it.

Note: this blog was prepared during the Maintenance of Blogjob.


Photo from Pixabay