Better than Nothing

Earlier, the site had a series of maintenance. I stop blogging to avoid getting problems. Then the site came back, I posted 2 topics, one is not credited. I submitted missing points forum to let Sheridan know. Then I even mentioned him. The site went maintenance again. I checked later on  when the site came back. As I was checking my newsfeed I saw the post of Sheridan about the limit points decreasing. From what I understand, I thought it was only referring to newbies, to encourage them to post a quality one and share it on social media, to make them encourage more to try to meet a certain project. But as I read my feed, I started to understand everything.

The site had a brute attack that is why they had series of maintenance earlier. Brute means, savagely violent. There is something bad happened to the site. I feel bad for it. I am more on concern on the site and not for myself, but too late, I already had lots of series of mention to Sheridan about what is happening where in if you try to analyze the update he did on the forum, it should say something about it. I try to absorb everything.

I looked at my limit points now and it is down to 400. I feel sad but at least there is something left. Better than nothing. If you think about it, we still have the site, we still have the ways to earn, the chance to earn, the site is still here and I hope the brute attack will get solved. It is all good. Better than nothing.

I guess if you really love a site you will be flexible enough to understand the changes and be open-minded because it happens, even in real life. Online and offline life all have discouragement and we always try to move on from that. The right time will come that we brush it off.

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Maintenance Time

I was posting a picture on my post about my cat when I can’t post it. I thought there is something to do with my Internet so I turned it off and on it. When I checked the site again, it is on Maintenance. I guess that is the reason why I can’t post a picture. That is okay, I just need to wait till the site comes back. I need to post 4 and already have some ready topics to share that I am doing right now at Microsoft word and saving it later. Once the site gets back, I will keep on posting the 4 remaining blogs I need for today.

I think this is the best time to focus on my call review site as I am just starting today. I will just finish the remaining blog and will come back at the site before the reset time to post it. Sometimes maintenance time gives me the time to focus on some other things. Actually, during those times that we have 3-day maintenance, I learned about Chatabout more and I was curious if I will be trying the site once again. With all the encouragements of my dear friends, I tried to come back and I need 300+ comments on my way to my first payment. I can do that for a day actually if I really want too, but the problem is that for sure I will be having a sprain fingers. I tried it with more than a hundred comments of more than 40 words, I sprained my finger. I am glad that I able to keep it rested for a day because if not, I will be wearing a splint again.

I also able to analyze things with my life since the time of Blogjob maintenance. It is good that it serves as a break from having a focus and being dedicated to blogging.


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While the Site was Down

I cannot access the site. Whenever I clicked the bookmarked link, it gives me the note that it is under maintenance. It makes me frown. I feel like I am losing a lot of earnings already. But I understand no problem with that. I think I am learning to adjust. I just made a draft and it will serve good. Surely, I will appreciate this blog when the site returns.

While the site is down, I have all the time to take care of my nephew. I also have the time to sleep and work on my call review site. I worked last night. I used my load. I spend a lot of money just for reviewing. If I will not review while Blogjob is out, then I will not earn anything next week. I am not earning anything right now. I guess I need to double time with my call review sites.

I am glad to see a site that is giving me free euro. It is Aklamio. I think it is a German Site and you need to set up your Google Translate in order to understand. I used my friend’s link. I received my 5 euro but it is pending. I think it will take 2 weeks less before it gets approved. I also saw two sites that is similar to Claim BTC. While working with UH and Ayuwage, I am clicking Satoshi.

I am planning to visits Indya Forum some Question and answer site when the site will get down still tomorrow. I used Incognito to check the site’s update and I saw Sheridan updated that it will take few days. I hope it will be up and running today because when it is not, I think I lost 2 days already. I missed posting in the site as well. I need to always have an internet connection in order to check the site daily.


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The Longest Maintenance

I was wondering the whole time last night, our time, what happened to the site. It is the longest maintenance experienced I had here in Blogjob. I get scared too but I have the strong feeling whatever it is happening is for the best of the site. I became excited after thinking about it. I love to see the new face of Blogjob, of it this is something to do with the server alone, and then I don’t know what it is. Maybe they are increasing the size of the site.

I miss the site, I have to admit. I miss interacting with my friends here. I think I will start to get their Facebook account so that I will able to still interact with them while we are on Facebook. I want to keep them as I am enjoying the friendship building in here. For sure some of them are not active in Facebook like me, but to be able to still have a communication with them is what I am up to. I hope they will add me as friends.

Back to the maintenance, I wonder what changes that I will see when the site comes back. As I was doing this draft it is 4 in the morning in my place. I am waiting for the site because I want to take advantage of the limit points. Now I am planning to just sleep for now and just wake up after 3 hours to see if the site comes back. I hope it comes back before the reset time in my place because if not, I will be losing a day of posting. I am targeting next week for cashing out again. I am planning to finish my draft all together at this moment so that I will do a copy paste once the site comes back. I hope the site return now and just continue the maintenance the next day, lol.


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Taking Advantage of the Maintenance

I am taking advantage of the maintenance. I am now creating some drafts and saving it for the meantime. When the site is okay again, you will see me posting like addict, like I am always running out of time. Please bear with me because I always missed the site and I am always on the limit points. Of course, this is only my source of income, I should be taking advantage.

I will be awake today, for the rest of the night. Early this morning, I slept passed 9. I took advantage of the free internet. Right now, I have internet but it is now have payment. My friend advised me of his technique to have internet and sometimes there are freebies, that you will gain access a free internet. I did last night. I even review some calls. When I woke up, it is already 1 in the afternoon.

I was a yaya mode. “Yaya” is our term for the person who takes care of babies and children. I take over in taking care of Teej, my nephew. I will have a separate story for it. Let me share the recap first, lol.

Last night, I drank water. I did the 8 glasses of drinking water. My alarm was set and every hour it tells me to drink water, I did. I even drank my medicine on time, baking soda, apple cider, I did all my plans. I just wish this UTI will be cleared soon or I will be having periods again that will cause its delay.

Why do I have the feeling that I will never get started working? Should I look for other job that does not require holding you for medical condition that is not contagious? I am getting tired of all of this. When the time comes, for sure I am not excited anymore.


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While the site is On-Maintenance

I was startled to know that it is Maintenance again at Blogjob. I planned to start my blogging activity while reviewing some calls. I get a bonus Internet connection and it is moving just fair enough. I missed to know the schedule of Maintenance. I should be checking it every day because Sheridan started a thread about it which everyone could be notified before it happens. I am not visiting that thread, my mistake. Now, I am creating my blog and saving it to MS Word. I will do copy pasting when the site is up and running again.

After visiting the lying-in center early this afternoon I feel tired. I accepted the result but I feel tired. I took a nap after my nephew went out of the house. He visited again and I will share the story on my other blog. While I was sleeping, I can feel how tired I was, I don’t want to move at all. I told my brother to massage my feet and he did. I know at one time I was sleeping but sometimes I was aware and awake but only shutting my eyes. I kept thinking but I don’t remember.

When I woke up, I was still tired. I drink baking soda in the water, my favorite!! Yey! Then took a bath and drink water again. This is getting boring. Even telling you this is getting boring. If only I could open my stomach and spoon out all the bacteria, like pooping a pimple on my cheek, I will do it, however, it is literally disgusting, sorry.

So I am here, left with a troubling spirit about this kind of illness that I never anticipate to be giving me so much pain and hoping that I will get cleared. I do not want this kind of topic again but I can’t help sharing since it is all in my brain.


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