Teej Again

I became a yaya for the day for my nephew. Yaya is a person who takes care of babies, toddler and kids while their parents are out. There are those who get a job as Yaya and they are getting money from it. While, me as a Yaya, means I will just need to take care of my nephew for today and I love it.  I able to took a picture of him. When he saw me, I know he was looking for my mobile because he loves to take pictures. I put it out immediately and he stops moving. He wants a nice picture taken. I will be sharing it again, of course.

He loves to move a lot. I have a pain at my back right now because I was holding him for long and he kept on moving. He loves to push his back on me, getting portion on my hair and pull it strong. Yes it was strong. He even pinched me again. I am getting harassed by him, lol.

I love his laugh. His laugh sounds like a very happy baby. He sound really satisfied by the care that he was receiving. I love when his eyebrow move. He knows how to flirt. There were times that he was silent and looking at the ceiling. I call it “kuliglig moments”. Kuliglig moment means, you will hear the sound of the grasshopper and everything is silent. I am not sure if he is thinking about something or he is seeing something in the ceiling.

I love his eyes, it is lovely. When he smiles, it shows on his eyes. Sometimes when he is putting his towel on his mouth, I know he was smiling because I can see it in his eyes. He loves eye contact. I also observed that he loves hearing a shout. When someone is shouting, he enjoys it. I was really laughing at him. What kind of baby that enjoys a scream or a shout? He is the only one.


Photo is mine