How my Faith Helping me with my Illness?

A good friend said “You might not have funds, but you have another F and that is Faith. Faith will bring you to solving your problem”

The one that told me the exact message above is one of my good friend and online earner too. She said she have no funds to help me back up and she is worrying too on how can she helped me. I told her to always pray. She always send me a message on Facebook, asking about my condition. She wants to be always updated. I told her everything that is happening to me and we have a daily conversation. I told her that everyday and everyday, there are different people that is helping me with prayers, concern, on how to get helped and sending me little of their money through gold points, tips, Paypal etc. And then she told me that lines, that my faith is very powerful, my prayers are moving mountains that I always find people to help me, in everyday of my life.

I always ask, “Please pray for me, please continue to pray for me” because I always pray.I always pray for myself, for the personal request of other people, for other people to continue praying for me, I have all the time to pray. I guess this thing that I consistently do made my faith become so powerful that even without that big funds in front of me, people are accumulating whatever they have and giving it to me. All help counts, everything counts!

My faith became my full medicine. Early in the morning I am talking to God already. I am asking him what will happen to me for today. That if ever it will be a full bleeding I able to be awake to get some help. I am praying that one day the bleeding will stop and there are days that I do not have bleeding at all. I am asking Wisdom will be given to me, to fully understand what is happening and to accept that everything is for temporary. My faith is being tested at the moment but I choose to fight and believe in my faith because I know I will collapse if I don’t. I am strong now because of my faith. There will be days I find myself weak because I am crying but still I consider myself strong for I will wipe this tears and move on. It makes me braver, it makes me know the people who will stand by me, who will pray for me and will be forever concerned. With my faith I learned to know people around me and who will be sticking on me. Now I am loving life with this faith and will not give up to my invested faith because it is my bullet to survive.

Again, please pray for me!! I learned that I have a lot of friends that are truly concerned, thanks for this illness for I had come to know all the loving online earners/people!!


Image is mine. Adoration Chapel Landmark Mall Chapel,  Makati. Philippines

The UTI is still there

I went out this afternoon to visit certain Lying In in front of Our Lady of Sorrow. My sister said that it is cheaper there. I only have Php500 so I need a cheaper hospital that will take care of urinalysis. I found out that I still have UTI, though it lessens. I was not under medication last week because we already stop it as advised by the doctor. I only do a self medication and it is called “The Baking Soda”. You can find some Baking Soda experiences stories on my previous blog.

From 15 last March 29, it went to become 10 this week, April 6. The numbers are the quantity of bacteria present in my urine. I think this UTI is a serious battle as it is already a month since I started medication and now I am still under medication or again under medication. I also need to have Urine C&S according to the Oby Gyne. Urine C&S is Urine culture. It is done to identify the right antibiotics for the bacteria present on my urine. I will be doing that on Friday. I will visit Healthway Greenbelt since it is not available in the hospital near my place.

I feel little frustrated from the way it turned out but all I can do now is to move on and accept it. I will try my best to remember I am under medication again, drink a lot of water, continue the baking soda, add Apple Cider. My sister said to drink Sambong, okay I will add that too. The only thing I could not do is enough rest because for sure I will be waking up during the night to work on my sites since I need extra earning as I don’t have any source of earning right now but online earnings.

Prayers, I need prayers too. I hope the new antibiotics I have now will able kill the bacteria present on me.


Photo is mine