Fall Short of a Goal

Because I have fever since last Friday, like June 3 to be exact, I was staying home the whole time. I decided to have a goal at my call review site and my goal is to reach $70 this week, just to make up to the salary I should be completing for the next week. However, because I am not feeling well, I fall short. I am half of it, but not near the amount. I can only work for 6 hours a day because my head is aching every time I look at the computer screen. Most of the time while reviewing calls, I close my eyes. Take note, I was reviewing calls while lying in bed, that is why I will just find myself waking up while the laptop is on and there is a call waiting for my tag. Also, another disadvantage is that, when you are ill, you cannot comprehend easily. I felt I lost my hearing or maybe I really can’t understand the conversation because of high temperature.

Now, I only have $43.79 as I am doing this blog. I know it will increase a little later on tonight but I am sure a dollar will only be added that I could consider I fall short to my $70 goal. I am not feeling bad about this as I am avoiding to feel that way. I rather look on the good things that I realized while doing this goal and I will truly save that experienced.

First, I learned that on my favorite Category, the volume of calls is high during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Philippine Time. I remember reviewing calls, not consistently though, up until 7 in the evening, last Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, the calls are there up until 4 in the afternoon. Friday, at 1 in the afternoon and today, Saturday, I think it will be for 10 am. Later on tonight, I know the calls will start at 11 in the evening based on my experiences. I will be staying up in the morning, until my body can handle to add to my earnings.

I also keep tracking of my earnings per hour. My highest earnings is $1.49 and my lowest is $0.64. I am averaging $1.065 an hour. If I will consistently working for 10 hours, with accuracy I will be getting $10.60. For a week, with consistency still, I could get $53, not counted the reviews on Saturday night and Sunday, if there is.

Now, I realized, I need to adjust my goal because $70 is unrealistic to what I am earning on the average. That is good to know. I appreciate the experience.

Humanatic Earning June 11, Sat morning
Humanatic Earning June 11, Sat morning



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Still Reviewing Some Calls

Up to this time, there is still calls remaining on Humanatic. I never thought that it is 2 already and I am still there. I only took a break to eat lunch and took a bath. I make it quick because I am taking advantage of the number of calls available. I failed to review last night because I thought I will able to get out of the house today, but I did not get out because I need to collect stool and it is hard to do that when you are not into…whatever. I woke up at 7 in the morning and started reviewing calls. I was not serious earlier because I was checking out on something and also I thought I will be getting out at 10 in the morning. Plan fail again. I hope tomorrow it will be the real one, but not promising.

Right now there are numbers of calls available, yet actually, it is only a few. I am still reviewing. I am blogging this one while listening to some calls. I am glad that even though I failed to get out of the house I am still earning at home, though I only earn less that I expected if only I am seriously listening to calls. I guess I will take advantage of this one for the meantime and will just continue my blogging activity after this one.

I noticed myself that if I will be focusing on reviewing calls I am more included on the list of people who got audited. I wonder why? I know I am tagging the right category. I had a lot of audits earlier and it discourages me. That is the reason I find something interesting instead of being focus on it because if not I will feel irritated and exited the site. I thought being focus will able to earn me more, but I am wrong. It leads me a lot of audit, I think it happens even before.


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Does Humanatic Pays Every Tuesday now?

That is my question and I love to know the answer if the answer is yes. I was praying ever since Friday that Humanatic will pay its members Tuesday this week. It is Monday afternoon in the US. It happened last week. I received the money on Tuesday morning, 3 am I guess. I withdraw this to my bank and I received the money, Wednesday. Supposedly, once I withdraw from the bank, it will take 2-4 days before it reached my bank. For example, I received the money at Wednesday morning and starts withdrawing it to my bank. I will receive the money for sure Monday, next week. But whenever I am withdrawing money Tuesday morning, the money will be there in my bank, Wednesday. That is exactly what happened to me last week.

The question again is, does Humanatic pays every Tuesday now? Or Monday afternoon US Time? I really don’t know the answer, but based on experienced, it has been two Tuesday that it is happening. I need to assume that it will happen Wednesday morning next week. I also note some experiences before that when I received the money at Tuesday, the next week will be Wednesday before I get paid. It was always happening like that. I wish the Tuesday payment will be consistent now as it leads me to have my little earnings during Wednesday. It will be a big help for transportation.

However, let me make sure I will able to see the money on my bank and have it withdraw tomorrow. If only I could earn a bigger amount at Humanatic now, I will be very happy, yet since the problem is the Internet supply, I can’t hardly review some calls now.

If you have the same experience, feel free to leave a comment below. I love to know your experience. I hope it will continue this way.


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