Sheridan, It Means a Lot to Me!!! Thank you!!

Last night I visited the site because I missed it. I missed it a lot. A lot of members are missing it. We are all like a stray cats right now because we do not have a second home. As I was in the hospital I was blogging, it is because I used to used up my time in doing blog draft when I was waiting for results before. Then I remember, Blogjob already suspends the rewards…

You can read my post about it on this posts

I Miss You Blogjob!

Then when I checked my email tonight, I saw an email from Sheridan. I was not blinking because it goes with the amount. I thought I have pending payment, but the amount is bigger that an expected pay for minimum threshold. I can’t figure out why I am receiving such amount from Sheridan and then I remember, maybe he read about my recent blog and that amount is his way to help me.

I cried.

I really cried.

It is hard for me to ask for people to help me, to ask them to transfer their money to me, to transfer their gold points, to ask for tips, and everything happening in the online world. Friends and strangers begin helping me without a doubt. I can’t really explain how I am happy and proud to be an online earner because of everything that is happening. Without this help, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Then an email with Sheridan. He transferred me money. Without a word, without any message, he sends helped. I couldn’t believe that even up to now he extends his kindness. I never expected this. Up to now, I am not sure of the right words to thank him!! He is a person with a great heart. He is very kind. Everyone can testify about that. I am really shaking right now. I am touched. I feel I am loved. It makes me feel I have a lot of people backing me now.

This big storm in my life really change me as a person. I never thought I have a lot of friends. I thought I was alone in this battle, but no, I am wrong. I cannot measure the help because every comments on my posts, every prayers, every concern, every private messages, every tips, every transfer of gold points, every transfer of Paypal money, really counts as a HUMONGOUS HELP. You are letting me live long. I owe my life to you all.

Sheridan, God Bless you and your family. Because of you I will remain positive. I will fight this battle. Thank you! You will be always in my prayers. I hope Blogjob will come back. I will let everyone knows that the person who build Blogjob is an angel!!



Photo is mine, my own writing thanking an angel, Sheridan Corey!


The Choice of Helping or the Options?

During the night, of course, I am overthinking. I am thinking about what happened in the past. I started to think about my life, then other’s life and then I will realize something. This is what I realized early morning. There are people who will help you when you start kneeling because you can’t breathe anymore. I have lots of people that I asked the help before. Help is something not only because you give money, it has a lot of meaning. Help can come out with being concerned on what happened, giving advises, hugging the person, smiling at them and giving them inspiring words, praying for them, being always there because your presence counts. When a person ask for money because they need it, it is enough for them to received a response, even a response that you feel sorry that you cannot give anything. It is painful when you ask for help and they just ignore your message. You know the feeling that when you give them a message a Facebook and you know they are online, being busy commenting on some friend’s post but since you are asking for help and there is a money involved they will just ignore. It is even painful when you see that they saw your posts as it is “seen” but then they do not bother themselves to give any reply.

I understand them, maybe it is not easy for them to say No to you, or maybe they are still haggling for money, but nope, the situation on mine was not that kind. I was just being ignored. I appreciate those who find time to reply. I don’t care if the answer is yes or no, but the replies mean┬áso much to me. They still care, that is the impression they are giving to me. However, others are not like that and they will have time to comment on my post to say that I can always count on them.

Then one day they will find out that you kneeling and grasping for breathe. This is about you struggling, seriously struggling. You are not asking for help anymore because they gave you an impression already. They start giving you message and feel concern about your situation. You are torn if you will able to accept the help even though you are struggling, because you know what kind of people are them, but then you still reply and appreciate the effort.

My question is, why not helped me the first time. Do I need to prove it to you? A response of no and I am sorry should ended this in the first place. But anyway, I do not blame you for that. It is just that I did not deserve that kind of friendship anymore. I can still understand you and I don’t have any choice. You cannot blame a person if they choice to not help you, they have reasons but they cannot blame you to feel bad about that choice.


Photo from Pixabay