Just Got Home and Really Tired

I just went home 20 minutes ago and able to share one blog already. I was typing this blog on my mobile and copy and paste it in my notes. I able to transfer to WordPress. As much as I want to blog earlier while taking care of my nephew I can’t because it requires a more focus to the baby. Taking care of a┬ábaby requires a big sacrifice. I also thought I will be able to read the novel on my mobile┬álike I always dream of because I am always cancelling reading it. I have to cancelled it again because I need to focus on taking care of my nephew.

I remember while he was sleeping, he screamed very loud. I know he had a bad dream. The sound of the scream is like he was holding something and was stolen from him. Because of that, I made a big leap that rips my short. It left a big hole. I was laughing at how Teej made me rip my short. I was stunned hearing the sound of his voice. That was a very loud voice for a baby.

Then, when I went home, I was really tired and even up to this moment I am typing this one I feel sleepy. I want to eat food to add to my energy. I know I got tired because of taking care of my nephew. I want to drop blogging and sleep for the meantime. Let us see what happen after I eat my early dinner.

As much as possible I want to force myself to post some more but I am not definite on how many blogs I will able to share. I really want to sleep first to refresh my brain and will get back later on. Right now I keep on yawning just like the cat in the picture because I am really tired.

Photo from Pixabay